Monday, November 29, 2021

It's This Simple

 h/t John Wilder

They imagine if they just put it in "the rules" that only they can buy property and have money, you'll never win against them at Monopoly.

They forget that you can bring a crowbar to Game Night, and suddenly, their rules don't work anymore.

They think they can win at COVID Club just by making the Vaxx mandatory.

And then you show up as Tyler Durden, and after a few barrels of ANFO, it turns out that isn't going to work out so much the way they imagined.

And every single time, they realize, far too late, that the game is actually called Leave Us The F**k Alone ©.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately LUTFA is not a game they're willing to play. They'll continue to push and then faster than they can deal with; life will get brutish, hard and short with each of those in abundance. Lotta pent-up anger on our side; they on the other hand have been venting some here and there. They have NO clue of the whirlwind they will release.
Boat Guy

David said...

A mild but more contagious version could spread and end up conferring immunity from COVID in general on the entire population. This could put a stop to the whole agenda. They must stop its spread at all costs.

BILL said...

I love the abbreviation ANFO. It's 4 letters,I can spell it, and means so much mayhem.

5stonegames said...

A free tip from a history buff.

You break it, you bought it.

If things actually get that hot and you win your guys are going to have to pick up the pieces and if the system is at all intact, fill in the gaps. All of them

No "leave me alone" no "toodle off to Monticello 2.0" no "Cinnicinatus Larping" Your guys are now the government, the schools including the Universities, the media and all the things so called Conservatives succeeded to the Left.

If you don't do this? Communists are like termites and rust , they never sleep. You will get a counter revolution probably funded by the various globalists overseas or heck maybe just China who see the US as a rival.

This doesn't mean tyranny forever but it almost mandates an interregnum of at least 20 years, possibly 40.

Adults are 21, Institutions are required to be Right Wing no exceptions,almost no immigration , heavy import controls all the pushing water uphill that changing a comfy society from Left to Right entails.

If you fail to do this, best case scenario, you are yours are removed and there is nowhere to run too.

Aesop said...

1) Not-Communism has been the default hereabouts for 4 centuries. Doing without it won't prove that hard, and the mass die off of those who cannot cope with that paradigm is a feature, not a bug.
2) YOYO is a brilliant government policy on so many things.
3) You assume there will be any communists whatsoever left after the dust settles. I wouldn't put any chips of mine on that square.
4) "You break it, you bought it" is a government philosophy of affirmative action SecStates, and clerks at Pottery Barn. it is not a serious policy for a system of government, nor intervention in one.
5) Try the "We broke it, and if you don't pull your heads out and stop fucking it up, we're going to come back and break it off in your ass, followed by some pipe-hitting guys with pliers and blowtorches coming to your houses to get medieval on your asses" as a policy, and compare and contrast.

5stonegames said...

1- that isn't really the case, The US has been into various sorts of proto communism and socialism since the Puritans maybe before and its not going anywhere, Our Puritan forbears , the bloodline of a lot of White people were exiled for well being Puritans and at one starved for trying Comnmunism. They didn't learn much

As soon as we went industrial age Americans were just as into big government as Europeans are. FDR got just under 60% of the votes the first time and nearly 90% after! If he had been in better health, he'd have been President well into the 50's. This hasn't changed, if anything small State people are so few in number , they could maybe make a small country or two.

If you don't figure out how to deal with this besides a resounding NO! and note non Whites are even more into big government, you are done and gone.

3- The Reds also get a say in this and they are way better as mass action than organization than we are .I suspect the Right can win but expect most of your side to die as well or be pushed into areas you control. Also megadeath just means that some other nations gets to take over. Kill 70% of the population and the US get taken by Latin American migrants or China or somebody since you have too much land to hold

4- Fair point. The real juicy policy is "Anything that interferes with family formation must go." Bluntly if you don't force the culture back to say 1950 maybe earlier and get to the default family formation with kids you lose. Mass slaughter and warfare can result in fertility blooms but it can also result in the slow death of the culture . 1.7 forever is an endgame

5- Again the other side gets a say. They have already shown a willingness to kill, maim and torture for the cause. We are better fighters, even some of our kids bad judgement or no are proficient, c.f Kyle R. but the other people can learn that skill faster than our side can learn to cooperate.

Problem with the Right is that they while honest are ultra individualistic and short sighted. The other people are good at group think, subversion and long term thinking Our side is so applied by this dishonesty we can't even easily counter it.

Set some moral rules, make sure the economy supports and society defaults to family formation and children , don't teach or promote Commie crap to anyone under 21 but your own kids (En Loco Parentis rides again) and up in your wheelhouse , be the media. Make movies. make TV, make sure YouTube doesn't get to censor our guys (if anything like that is still alive)

We probably can't do that now but if our side gets power and fails to do things, it will be all for nothing. Don't vax me with questionbale vaccines Bro is not the same as minarchy , not even close.

MagisterGreen said...

Ubi solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant. It worked for the Romans for centuries, it will work for us too. Read more history, buff.

Charlie said...

Number 5 is my choice.

C said...

"It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything."

pyrrhus said...

I think the Indonesian solution to the communist infection is best, and will be implemented in most places....

Aesop said...


1 - Yes, it is the case. Leaping from the Pilgrims to the industrial Age covers a span of a mere 260 years, during which time anything like communism ranged from a cult to a joke, and frequently both at the same time. Every experiment with it failed, spectacularly, up through five seconds ago. Americans, first and foremost, are pragmatists, not socialists.
2 - FDR was chosen when the [R] alternatives, like Hoover, were both spectacular failures, and big government Republicans. Given the choice between the genuine article, and an ersatz brew, most folks go for the real deal. Currently, so-called "small" state people run 40+ states, each the equal of any number of other countries. You could look it up.
3 - The commies excel at mass gatherings, not mass tactics, and exactly none where their own skin is in doubt. They are, as ever, cowards and mob bullies. And until America allied with Russia, they were getting their asses handed to them hand over fist. Their natural state is the longevity of the Soviet Union, because of inherent flaws in the whole lash-up.
And anyone invading CONUS becomes the common enemy of all. Trying that while armed conflict is already in progress here is a microwave recipe for multiple charred spots where continents used to be.
5- The other side has never proven willing to die, be maimed, or obliterated for their cause, and failure to understand those table stakes is why they're going to go all in, and then be busted out, once and for all. Learning to fight, for them, would be a naked admission that they're not the people's choice, and that's when the whole house of cards comes down. Few people fight for naked tyranny, and the ones that do aren't loyal unto death for the greater good. Look how fast the whole Soviet bloc collapsed in 1990ff. One minute they were there, and a blink later it was all one long departed nightmare gone in the span of a yawn.

And the position isn't "Don't vax me with questionable vaccines", unless you add "or I'll burn your whole world to the ground, and then go after your families, and turn your entire plan into one huge plain of ashes that will live in history and legend for a thousand years."

The left holds a rally, and they burn a neighborhood.
The right holds a rally, and they burn a continent.
That's what's on the table currently, and that switch is going to get flipped, almost inevitably.

John Wilder said...

They don't realize that we're very nice. Until we're not. It's the Rittenhouse equation.