Friday, May 14, 2021

What Are Ya Gonna Do, Shave My Head And Send Me To 'Nam?



Charlie said...

Yeah, I have been getting this annoying pop up on anything related.

Seems we are getting close to the time for doing things we don't wanna do

The Old Man said...

Has been a saying I've used since I got back from my second tour in '71. BTDT. If y'all wanta play, either do a jump ball or kick off. But be not just good, but better than we are. Most of us are real old, but all of us are survivors of the crucible of combat.
Our country is at stake. Bring your 'A' game.

John said...

Lots of "red warnings" on blogger for a few days, after a string of "do six captchas" to leave a comment.

Some jimmies have been rustled.

vanderleun said...

Don't move this off of blogspot
Prepare to lose it on Blogspot
All those years gone
If you don't move on.