Monday, May 3, 2021

Bad News, Good News


So solly.


Greg said...

So what does it mean beyond the incident itself? Via Bob Z., there's this:
"This is a direct violation of the Outer Space Treaty, which China is a signatory. The treaty makes signatories liable for any damage from an uncontrolled re-entry, and requires them to take action to prevent such events from occurring.

China it appears doesn’t care much about the treaties it signs. The first time could be rung up to a mistake. The second time is intentional and tells us that this country will not honor any of its obligations anywhere else, if it decides it can get away with it."

SiGraybeard said...

China drops boosters on its own citizens because they launch from very far inland, not over the ocean. If they don't care about dropping boosters (that still contain insanely toxic hydrazine and nitrogen tetroxide) on little Chinese kids in elementary schools, why would anyone think they care about dropping it on another country?

Now calculate the surface area of the earth, subtract out the oceans and lakes which are over 70%, and calculate the odds a piece will hit any particular square mile. Makes winning the lotto sound absolutely easy.