Saturday, May 8, 2021

Ouch! That'll Leave A Mark

 h/t ASM @ Borepatch

Good on this guy from Oz for calling it like it is.

Our so-called "news reporting" on ABCNNBCBS looks like 24/7 press release tongue baths and pasteurized horsepiss by comparison (because that's what it is) with actual journalism once you see 5 minutes' worth of the genuine 86-proof article.

If Biden is alive and semi-coherent at Christmas this year, I'll be astounded.

I'm still betting on Kneepads, in the Lincoln Bedroom, with Scalia's Pillow.

[BTW, for those of you into Deep Inside Baseball:

The DemoCommunist Party (both wings: Liberal Moonbat and Anarcho-Communist Moonbat) hates Kneepads almost as much as they despise Shrillary. So before anyone makes a move on Gropey Dopey, they'll have to ease her out first. When you see a conspicuous impeachable scandal crop up out of nowhere for Kneepads, resulting in her removal and replacement with someone more palatable by TPTB, you can safely add Gropey Dopey to your next Ghoul Pool. Mirabile dictu!]


ga6 said...

The line of succession will give you nightmares:
Nan P
John Roberts

Aesop said...


Nancy Alzheimer's
Patrick Leahy (pres. pro tem of the Senate, i.e. the longest serving member)
Then SecState, and the rest of the cabinet in order.

Then the Senate, then the House, IIRC.

SCOTUS is nowhere in the list of succession.

T-Rav said...

Sky News Australia is increasingly one of my go-to places for news. Alan Jones in particular knocks it out of the park on a regular basis.

They also have a lot of coverage of things on that side of the world, such as China putting the screws to Oz and the western Pacific the past few weeks; which to be honest, I wouldn't have known about otherwise.

John said...

Hmmm, didn't think of her as an insurance policy.