Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Weather Report

h/t Peter 


From Bayou Renaissance Man today:

"Recognize the signs of the times, and be prepared.  I see no peaceful way out of this, and no way in which a democratic solution may be found."


The time for reasonable people, seeking peaceful solutions, is past. Anyone still preaching that line of nonsense now is either captured and propagandizing for Enemedia, or in delusional denial. Either way, abandon them. You can't save people who won't realize they're in a burning building, and don't want to get out of it.

Nota bene: The people waiting for a Fort Sumter moment forget, to their peril, that history echoes and rhymes, but it does not repeat.

Your first real notice may not be Fort Sumter; it may be Antietam or Gettysburg.

The current era is more akin to the Phony War from fall and winter of 1939, through early spring of 1940.

When weather conditions are right, it will be springtime for Hitler again, and you'll be facing blitzkrieg conditions.

Prepare yourselves accordingly.

The takeaway lesson?


Old NFO said...

Yep, nuff said...

John said...

I left the same comment over at BRM:

This is the 24th month I've been posting the Weather Report.

It has gotten worse (nearly) every single month. The economic conditions mirror a certain European nation in the 1920s. The polarization continues unabated.

We live in exceptionally difficult times, masked (I think) mainly by inertia from printing masses of cash and a belief by overseas nations in the strength of the United States.

Be prepared.

matism said...

Not "Springtime for Hitler" but instead Springtime for Stalin.

Those behind this evil despise Hitler. But they love their Messiahs - Lenin and Stalin. Bernie's campaign even claimed the gulags "paid a living wage". And Bernie never repudiated that!!!

Matt Bracken said...

Weimar X Yugoslavia X Rwanda

Mark said...

This has been on my mind for the last few years:

"'The measure of our damnation is that everyone of us with any intelligence - and there are some - every one sees the Long Night coming. We've grown too wise; we've studied a little psychodynamics, or perhaps only read a lot of history, and we can see that Manuel's Empire was not a glorious resurgence. It was the Indian summer of Terran civilization. (But you've never seen Indian summer, I suppose. A pity: no planet has anything more beautiful and full of old magics.) Now even that short season is past. Autumn is far along; the nights are cold and the leaves are fallen and the last escaping birds call through a sky which has lost all colour. And yet, we who see winter coming can also see it won't be here till after our life-times...so we shiver a bit, and swear a bit, and go back to playing with a few bright dead leaves.'"

Poul Anderson's character Dominic Flandy, in the short story Hunters of the Sky Cave in the book Agent of the Terran Empire.

Unknown said...

Military purge underway.

Watch for the move of troops and equip from red states to blue

Michael said...

Get your logistics in order. Don't do a Valley Forge where lack of shoes and food had rag wrapped feet in the freezing cold holding up near scarecrows (who BTW deserted more than our sanitized history shows to get food and shelter) to do a surprise attack on the Drunken Hessians on Christmas Day (a peace holiday for both sides).

I understand Washington's troops were far happier with the boots and chow they got than more guns and ammo. Remember it's BEANS First, then Bullets Then Band-aids.

Battlefield pickup will never get you more ammo than you used to create the situation.

Also some really clever folks *might* leave you weapons with Radio Direction items with in, as to TRACK you as you haul your booty back to camp. Might want to field strip them before returning to camp to make sure unneeded parts are NOT in them. Nothing like getting a Hellfire Missle into your "Safe Camp" to ruin your day.

With out the outside support from American Irish, the IRA would have had nothing much to fight with. Many an "Ambush" the riflemen had MAYBE a Full Magazine for their Mausers-Enfield's (The two most popular weapons of that era).

During the times 'O Troubles the Irish fighters were VERY CAREFUL not to steal from their allied families NOR cause them troubles by shooting up British Troops near them.

THEY Knew they NEEDED the "Normies" that the British Ignored as harmless to be their safe houses and medical support.

You will have plenty to fight against, don't create more enemies by acting like thugs and criminals. The Media will tell everybody your such but don't get the undecided to have to agree with the propaganda. Far more Special Forces groups successes were from providing safe drinking water and medical assistance to the locals than driving away the "Enemies".

Hard to get support from locals when they see you as bad as the Commies. Just saying.

Marty said...

John, as son as there's a G7-8 summit, and the world's leaders go face to mask with Zhou Bi Den, the US will be recognized as being a weak country with its unelected corrupt depends wearing dementia addled "President"

Nick Flandrey said...

" scarecrows (who BTW deserted more than our sanitized history shows to get food and shelter)"

I'm reading a biography of Davy Crockett with my 10yo daughter. It describes exactly that- Davy and his other woodsmen volunteers deserted TWICE to get home and resupply. They came back the first time. The author allows that he might have had orders no one knew about... but that seems unlikely. And while the author mentions a number of successes for Crockett and the other scouts, she DESCRIBES several failures on the part of leadership that got the men attacked and killed or wasted their time and resources. The campaigns are mostly failures.

Interesting to read a children's book, written in 1934, and see how far we've fallen. The language is flowing, the imagery sharp, and the characters have their own very distinct voices.

nick flandrey

(Book is Davy Crockett, by Constance Rourke, HB&Co 1934, Junior Deluxe Edition [hardcover intended for school libraries])

(NB- and typical of the times, there are the seemingly obligatory mentions of dancing Negros)

Zorost said...

The historical analogy would be us firing on Fort Sumter as we are the rebels. That isn't likely to happen, and we'd lose that kind of war anyway. Unless a bunch of midwest state political organizations are much more aware than they let on...

A far more likely analogy would be a new Holodomor and/or Cultural Revolution. A year of stocked food only means you get to either delay your death by a year, get executed instead, or get to live in the New America with far fewer neighbors than you used to have.

There is no surviving what is coming as a radical individual. Organize locally, both politically and socially. There will be no Mad Max fantasy to save us from having to do anything.

Tschifty Mccoy said...

Explain, pls. Why would the oligarchs move troops to blue areas unless you believe these are reliably brainwashed troops ready to rain down woke-a-fire on patriots?