Sunday, May 9, 2021

Sunday Music: Gotta Serve Somebody

h/t Mike


Dylan's return from seclusion and conversion to Christianity sparked this album, and this was the first single cut loose from it. Liked it then, love it now, and yet again, Bob's proven to have been prophetic once again, this time 40 years early: There is a Slow Train Coming, but it's going to get here, and you're gonna hafta serve somebody. You might as well put this one on endless repeat for the next few years.


AZRobert said...

You can add "My Sweet Lord" and "Spirit in the Sky" too, as we all need to get back to that Garden, that Spiritual Garden.

Stuart said...

The greatest thing was to see him sing this at the Grammy awards that year and all the self-righteous Hollywood assholes had to sit there and listen politely. You know damn good and well Bob did that for just that reason. That's called the courage of your conviction.