Thursday, May 13, 2021

Truth du jour

 h/t WRSA

Keep pushing, Progtards. See how that works out for ya.


Michael said...

Aesop the problem is this Marxism is like poison oak. Deep State roots, College Indoctrinations, pops up all over the place. Those Stimmy checks are like the seeds of this rot. Regular Folks getting used to "Free Money" and Not Working. So far the vast majority Support this Socialism Lite Stimmy and Co.

The street thugs of Antifa and Burn Loot Murder are just leaves on the poison oak. We can burn them up but the smoke gets us deep into the painful rashes of lawfare and death by forces. I personally feel they are the Ambush Bait for the forces to ID and destroy the Real Troublemakers Vs the Mouthy Ones.

The Police rank and file are just following orders. Most are UNAWARE that "Following Orders" was NOT a successful defense at the Nuremburg War Crimes trials.

They are for the most part trapped in the system that IF they Arrest the Street Thugs THEY GO TO JAIL and if they Disobey the Orders of their Leadership they AND their Families suffer loss of employment, Healthcare and pension. Thus they seem to be doing as Little As Possible as not to actively arrest the Normal Folks who are very pissed about the street thugs troubles.

The deepest roots of this poison oak are nearly impossible to get to in my opinion despite all the Patriot Fantasies Stories I've seen in AP and such. It would take "et Tu Brutus" style inner attacks to get them. The Mid Levels can be made uncomfortable enough to have a LOT of 24-07 Bodyguard duties greatly reducing the number of door kickers for field work.

It's a sad thought that I feel an EMP would be the kindest disaster to destroy this Poison Oak as a Civil War with all the destruction of Infrastructure WILL kill off the 90% expected from EMP from disease and violence being the prime killers.

Our Republic is in the Bread and Circuses point of the Fall of Rome but WE have Wi-Fi and Social Media to speed up the decay and destruction.

Praying for wisdom.

John said...

1. Stop it.
2. Really.
3. I mean it.
4. Well, you've done it now, Bucko.
5. Rwanda x Bosnia.

Aesop said...

6. Peace and Quiet.

Michael said...

The Peace and Quiet of the smoking graveyard.

It's EASY to destroy stuff. Low IQ Antifa and Burn Loot murder has PROVEN that point well enough.

It's easy to destroy a country when you are Overseas and your family's is safe at home. I've done enough of that during my time in Uncle Sam's Army.

It's different when it's YOUR Smoking ruin of a home with your family strewed about beaten raped and dying while YOU were away going to work, going to church, going shopping for supplies.

A single crazy with a bottle of gasoline and your home with all your preps are smoking ruin eh?

THAT'S Rwanda X Bosnia in Real Life(tm).

And some dumbasses seem to be cheering for it? No offence but if the shoe fit's its on you.

First earthy duty is defending your family. Second in my heart is how to protect those folks I think deserve protecting.

Don't think that Clown World Morale Patch will stop me from popping a cap on you if your a danger to those I choose to protect.

As Ole Ben Franklin said "A Republic IF you can keep it", we failed.

As that Beatle Song Revolution goes, "We all want to SEE the plan".

If there is anything to do besides beat our chests about how bad ass we are blah, blah, blah let me know.

We can destroy infrastructure and kill 90% PLUS of our population, or we can fight a civil war and *Still* destroy our Infrastructure and lose 90% of our population.

The Marxist Monster is an Electronic Control Freak and KNOWS we will not pull the plug on our families survival. OR if we DO they have taxpayer paid for bolt holes to arise after the screaming and flames die down. THEY are Sociopaths'.

I see a series of EMP strikes a KINDNESS of 21+ days of struggling to survive VS years of seeing people wearing gasoline soaked flaming tires like Rwanda.

Praying for wisdom

idahobob said...

Thanks for speaking the truth Aesop.

John said...

I like number 6.