Friday, May 14, 2021

Dear Baby Duck


In response to yesterday's meme, and one of our comments, we received this little gem:

The Peace and Quiet of the smoking graveyard.

It's EASY to destroy stuff. Low IQ Antifa and Burn Loot murder has PROVEN that point well enough.

It's easy to destroy a country when you are Overseas and your family's is safe at home. I've done enough of that during my time in Uncle Sam's Army.

It's different when it's YOUR Smoking ruin of a home with your family strewed about beaten raped and dying while YOU were away going to work, going to church, going shopping for supplies.

A single crazy with a bottle of gasoline and your home with all your preps are smoking ruin eh?

THAT'S Rwanda X Bosnia in Real Life(tm).

And some dumbasses seem to be cheering for it? No offence but if the shoe fit's its on you.

First earthy duty is defending your family. Second in my heart is how to protect those folks I think deserve protecting.

Don't think that Clown World Morale Patch will stop me from popping a cap on you if your a danger to those I choose to protect.

As Ole Ben Franklin said "A Republic IF you can keep it", we failed.

As that Beatle Song Revolution goes, "We all want to SEE the plan".

If there is anything to do besides beat our chests about how bad ass we are blah, blah, blah let me know.

We can destroy infrastructure and kill 90% PLUS of our population, or we can fight a civil war and *Still* destroy our Infrastructure and lose 90% of our population.

The Marxist Monster is an Electronic Control Freak and KNOWS we will not pull the plug on our families survival. OR if we DO they have taxpayer paid for bolt holes to arise after the screaming and flames die down. THEY are Sociopaths'.

I see a series of EMP strikes a KINDNESS of 21+ days of struggling to survive VS years of seeing people wearing gasoline soaked flaming tires like Rwanda.

Praying for wisdom

I see your point, because I'd never once considered any of that in literal decades of thinking, until you made it clear.

You mean there could be, y'know, like...actual CONSEQUENCES?!?!?

Leviathan might not like being opposed?!?!? We might get in trouble???

Well, holy shitballs!!! 

" ' Oh! We're afraid to go with you Blutto! We might get in trouble!' 
Well just kiss my ass from now on!"

But...wait. Now I can understand the wisdom of sitting on our hands and losing everything we have and everything we hold dear, because the most important thing on the planet is you, your family, your spouse, your kids, your home, your property.

FUCK those other 330,000,000 people, amirite?

(I cannot imagine how "we" ever lost a republic with that attitude prevalent.)

So, by all accounts, let's not make any fuss, because there might be a cost involved.

And, of course, we've never made any of those points far more fervently and eloquently, not any hundred times, but thank a merciful heaven someone else has dropped in to enlighten all of us.

We should all just quietly self-load onto the boxcars in an orderly manner, and pray to impotent deities to save us, because we're too afraid to use the backbones and our own biceps to save ourselves, because those weren't given to us for exactly that purpose.

That strongly worded protest? I was just kidding. Can I go home now?

Bravo, sir. Well played.

Let us know how that one works out for you.

And do have mercy on us poor dumb bastards, by letting us know just how far up our legs and ass we should cheerfully and blissfully let the crocodile snack, before we might have your gracious permission to maybe, possibly, perhaps, begin to commence to cogitate about thinking whether or not maybe firmer measures than a strongly worded letter to the editor (never to see the light of day) might be in order.

No offence [sic] but if the shoe fit's [sic] its [sic] on you.

Look, I'm sorry. Maybe you've been asleep for 100 years or something. Maybe you fell in a cave, and hit your head, and just got out after a year lost in the labyrinth. Maybe you've been in a medical coma for a decade. I don't know.

But just to catch you up on current events: The Germans bombed Pearl Harbor last November.

An entire presidential election was stolen in plain sight, with everyone watching, and it's so obvious even Stevie Wonder could see it from orbit in space. And then they doubled down, and tried to turn a panty raid into a revolution. And then doubled down again.

The Fourth Amendment's been in tatters for all of this century, and before. They've set the First Amendment on fire for the last six months and counting. Now they're coming after the Second Amendment, and the Third Amendment is the step after that. Let me know when the penny drops for you.

That's besides generational enemies worldwide sharpening their carving knives looking at the carcass of a once-great nation, the wholesale deliberate hamstringing and then gutting of the greatest military on the planet, and the imminent collapse of the entire world economy, starting, Gentle Reader, with your own little ricebowl, and your little patch of paradise on earth.

People have been yakking lately about the totally symbolic fart-in-a-hurricane letter from a bunch of impotent pensioned-off old-fart petty generals and admirals. You might have heard something.

It's all nothing but ass gas from people eating soft food and wearing Depends. 

The letter they should have read was from Zombie Admiral Stark, piped in from 1941 via the Twilight Zone:

So maybe, stop acting like a Baby Duck, and realize that the time for pusillanimous appeasement and pants-wetting caution went up in flames waaaaaaaaaay back, and either pitch in or fall in to commence training to reverse that, or else just resolve to taste bad when they feed you to the lions.

Because for those willing to put it on the line, despite all the bad things that will precede it, the day pictured below always comes for Communism, as surely as sunrise after a long night:

No one's asking for your permission to get there.

Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way.

Grownups are talking here, and you're not contributing anything but gravel in the transmission.

Get right. Or get left.




C said...

It's good to have your optimism. It's sad how many people on our side screech about how we're all doomed and nothing can be done except:

Get in the box car.
Curl up and die.

With friends like this who needs enemies? A couple years of RwandaXBosnia is preferable to a hundred years of USSR+PRC.

"The darkest hour is just before dawn."

Michael said...

Chuckling, Aesop, I'm not sure if my writing is so bad or your ability to comprehend was so off.

Most of my ruminations Could have been LIFTED in bulk from the series of letters of correspondence that our Founding Fathers sent to each other in the quiet and secret planning stage of our Fine American Revolution. Just modified to current events. After all they never saw a gasoline soaked tire used as a flaming necklace on a civilian back then.

Pretty interesting reading for your spare time. Was part and parcel of Gentlemen discussing the how and whys and what the Crown would do to them and their families.

Happily they Choose "We Pledge our Lives, Our Fortunes and Our Sacred Honor to the Revolution" or we'd not get this wonderful discussion.

To put a finer point on it YOU BETTER have a Better Plan than smoking some of those poison Oak leaves if your going to get anything done that helps restore our ICU Republic.

BTW you might notice historically the two main reason a liberation group fails. Betrayal from their own (usually disgruntled family) AND Logistics. Why do I see that as important?

Because if you DON'T protect your family First you have little reason for their loyalty Nor the Logistics-safe houses and all that.

After all it IS "Or Lives, Our Fortunes (including our Families) and our Honor".

NO I don't want to hear it on this Open Channel, others of the 3 letter crew are listening, seeking a useful Idiot or three to get themselves a Promotion in the smoking shit-pile of Sleepy Joe and Co.

Small groups, closed mouths, bad attitudes.

Matt Bracken said...


T-Rav said...

Instinctively, I agree with you (Aesop, that is). One can't just think about "me and mine" in a situation like this.

But if the past four months are any indication, that's just what nearly everybody seems to be doing, myself included.

I have a slightly different take, and it's something I've said before:

No one wants to be the one to go first.

It's a bit like medieval soldiers scaling the ramparts of a castle: your army has the capacity to win the battle, but if you're the first one up the ladder and onto the enemy's fortifications, chances are you won't live long enough to see it.

The same holds true today. In the case of mass resistance, the Deep State goons would surely lose, but in the opening days, they would be able to make life very unpleasant for those kicking things off. And I think most people know that, and they don't want to be the ones to face that.

Even those of us who know what should be done are hoping someone else will do it first and take one for the team. Hell, that's true even of me.

Fact is, I don't see that changing until a critical mass decides they've got nothing to lose.

Aesop said...


From your earlier response, I know you're not clueless.

The gist of your second response, however, keeps cropping up from a widespread segment of the herd.

I've advocated planning in depth and detail for some years.

But we're rapidly approaching the non-optional implementation phase, and it appears from where I stand that a large percentage pf folks have opted for the OJT and come-as-you-are program.

We can talk about "how" and "where".

"Why" and "If" is no longer on the menu.

And "When" is about to become 24/7/365.


True enough, to a certain extent.
But it's going to have to move from worrying about not getting caught, to planning to do so, and acting anyways.

We'll never be better prepared than now, and America's enemies will never be weaker than right this minute.

Humpty Dumpty needs a push.

esnitue said...

I follow my own council, not those who seem to not understand that apps like Gramarly exist just for them.
Those who cry about what is coming will cry when it arrives then betray everything they think they stand for.
There is a reason that Defeatists are executed and that is that they harbor all the worst instincts of SJWs, Traitors and Cowards, but perhaps I repeat myself.
Take your blubbering, narcissistic manifesto back to Twitter where it belongs.

: Postmaster. said...

Who will be "taking the names."

I would like to submit a couple of pedophiles please.

The "system" seems to get pleasure from allowing their free access to my children.

Also, I would like my DAY IN COURT! I paid my $250.

Frank Pinelander said...

Frank Pinelander

Being a Warlord.

I had a discussion in the past with a friend, that is well versed in battling insurgencies. We "wargame" a lot of different things that we come across in the media.

This was his commentary after one of our wargaming sessions. It seems very appropriate given current events revolving around the Bolshevik/Menshevik dance which is known as Day Of Rage and Occupy Wallstreet:

Shooting people and blowing things up is cool -- in a very narrowly defined tactical context.

But, operationally, those actions do not culminate in anything -- excepting the result of shot people and wrecked stuff.

So what? Then what? One, "feels good." But, feeling good does not answer the question, "Then what?"

As KAP said, there are "unintended consequences" in all sorts of directions.

If ones only motivation is rage, then you might as well join the anarchists.

To be the local War Lord, one must be aloof.

It's not about tactics. Or even operations. Even strategy is mutable. It's about grand strategy. And grand strategy is not about "thinking outside the box." It's about recognizing the box -- then constraining the opposition within it.

Aesop said...

It's also about being what von Clausewitz called "fog" and "friction".

With enough fog, nothing can be discerned.
With enough friction, nothing the enemy intends moves.

Making enemy allies appear to be foes, and removing the friction on downgrades also has the happy result that the enemy's allies suffer blue-on-green casualties, and his efforts end catastrophically long before they reach battle.

As a Pinelander yourself, you know the First Rule of Combat is Never Let The Enemy Have A Good Day.
The Second Rule is The Enemy Gets A Vote.
Be the Enemy: vote early, and vote often. Sauce for the goose is good for the gander.

daniel_day said...

Aesop, this is off topic, but I just got a Google warning about attempted phishing on your site, then the same warning when I clicked to make this comment. 10 minutes ago, I got the same warning about Ken Lane's site.

Aesop said...

Just Goolag being Goolag.

Like all communist fronts, they're going to do what they do.

jwoop66 said...

Holy cow! You wouldn't believe how many times I had to click past the scary "warning, this site is dangerous" links to get here. And then again to post this.... Not from my anti-virus,but our interweb overlords.

Unknownsailor said...

Frank, if the right people get dead, the effectiveness of the enemy is severely degraded.

How circumspect would Twitter get if several high up mucky mucks were to catch a bullet, and some of their data centers were to all of the sudden like have their cooling equipment melt down from a thermite fire?

Would the media continue to carry the water for the Biden the Fraudulent administration if some of their on air personalities got dead, with a note attached (H/T Braken) "if the media lies, the media dies. Tell the truth, or lose a tooth."

We don't know, because it hasn't been tried before.

Like Mike Vanderboegh said, make a local accountability list. Be prepared to act on it.

Aesop said...

A lot of people still haven't fully wrapped their head around the concept that Marquess Of Queensbury's Rules are non-operative going forward, nor any of the subsequent corollaries to that truth.

Skipperdaddy said...

I’m using Duck Duck Go and I am not getting any warnings on here or Knuckledraggin, or Bigcountry. Fuck Goolag

Aesop said...

Seems to be Google only, probably just Chrome.

Matt Bracken said...

Duck Duck Go works fine with no hassles and no Goolag overlord nannies.

Jim Wetzel said...

"But just to catch you up on current events: The Germans bombed Pearl Harbor last November."

Whisper: [The Germans?]

Whispered reply: [Forget it. He's rollin'.]

Thanks -- that was good.

Glenda T Goode said...

I see the future of free minded Americans as coming down to the question how they will either prevail or be eliminated.

The left at present is currently picking off targets as they will using various means at their disposal. They control the levers of government and have massive resources in which to wage their selective war. The left does not underestimate the resources of the right but they do not see a unified enemy which works to their advantage.

The right minded free American has a problem.

No organization. No leadership in control and no plan.

Left as disorganized groups of freedom fighters they, the right, will be picked off at the leisure of the left. The right will inflict damage and losses but because of the lack of a strategy the left can move in a way that preserves its resources and protects itself.

No doubt, I would rather perish fighting to be free and not bowing at the altar of socialism but I would prefer that we on the right not waste our hordes of people and our stash of preparations foolishly. It is not enough to be 'Angry' and upset with the current state of affairs.

The biggest fear the left had and still has is the rise of a titular leader of the deplorable nation that can provide strategy and organization in order to successfully perpetrate a coup upon the deep state left cabal. This is why Trump had to be destroyed in their eyes. He unified his followers in ways the left fears most.

If we are ever to see a free America that has any resemblance to the nation that it was founded to be it will take more than elections to achieve this. The embedded socialists in the deep state along with a corrupt political party system on both sides must be corrected to make any attempt to fix this mess worthwhile otherwise we will be back at this junction again in a very few years.

I would add as a last caution.

Socialists have historically taken advantage of populist movements successes once the existing government has been ousted. Russia, China, and many other nations fell into despotic communism after a democracy had been installed. We are seeing the slow takeover by socialists but if a revolt of some sort achieved success be especially cautious of a 'Svengali' like leader coming to the fore who promises equality or freedoms if they are followed. With any crisis that occurs there is opportunity to exploit as we have seen with the Covid be it to a somewhat lesser degree than a complete take over.

Chip Anderson said...

This is heavenly enlightenment.

Chip Anderson said...

I've noticed comments on your's and other blogs hosted by blogger that the Google Marxists are getting around to you and others whose postings they disagree with. I have been using Blogger for some time and know that ISPs shut down USENET when they could not control the content. It was for the children, of course.

I am working on a solution to this information distribution problem.