Friday, May 14, 2021

War, Shortages, Inflation



Michael said...

Aesop, I'm sure you noticed the Sock Puppet was quiet about the Israel-Hamas feuding lately despite the "Squad's" Virulent anti-Israel screaming. That is until Hamas used the building that AP and Al-Jazeera was operating out of as a launching point for rockets into Israel. And AFTER giving them the Required Rules of Engagement (ROE) Warning Israel leveled that building.

Odd that the Marquis De Queensbury rules (ROE) apply in this ongoing feud. Almost like they don't want to kill their enemies or something... Maybe a "Quick Victorious War" is a cure for Bibi's political issues?

Odd how "Attacking Journalists" is such a sore spot in the Sock Puppets Handlers eh? It's like Punching them in the Mouth or something?

Maybe that old Navy Seal had a good point eh?

Aesop said...

I've been amazed for 50+ years that Israel doesn't simply admit the obvious truth: there are no such things as "Palestinians". "Palestine" is about as real as Wakanda.

There are Egyptian Arabs, who live in Gaza, and Jordanian Arabs, who live in the West Bank.
Israel should just push both entities back into their home countries, and make their behavior the problem of their nations of origin.

When misbehavior like missile launches into another nation means airstrikes on Cairo or Amman, their fellow Arabs will crack down on their horsesh*t harder than Israel ever would.
Jordan specifically refused the West Bank Arabs that used to belong to them, because they were the exact terrorists Israel noted, and kept trying to overthrow King Hussein.

Palestine had a chance to exist. In 1948, two states were created. The Arabs in Palestine threw in their lot with the other Arabs, tried to destroy the Israeli state, and lost that gamble, and much of their lands.

It's past time to end the fiction of their nationhood, and make them responsible for their own actions once and for all.
They should have been pushed back into their home countries decades ago.

If, for example, Mexico launched 700 rockets into SoCal, we'd own Baja outright in 3 days, and be carpet bombing Mexico City by nightfall, and there wouldn't be a living Mexican within 100 miles of the border. And that would be the end of that, once and for all time. If they had launched those rockets into Texas, Mexico would be called Guatemala, which is also where the new US border would be.

Michael said...

Aesop was trying to reply on my phone with out success? So here's 2nd reply.

Yep, that's why Aesop when I see such an ODD Situation like the Hamas-Israeli Feud where Israel clearly has the Means AND the Motives to destroy them and they DON'T, I ASK "Who Benefits?".

Many times in history a Politician in trouble USED a "Quick Victorious War" to restore their authority. I suspect the Bibi is using this as he's been in REAL Trouble politically with in Israel. Corruption charges, Failure to establish a Coalition Party Government and such.

But I find it VERY Odd that the Israeli-Hamas Feud has not drawn the interest of the Sock Puppets Handlers UNTIL the Building that AP and Aljazeera "Journalists" were operating out of was WARNED for evacuation and destroyed.

Injured and dead civilians and soldiers don't interest them but Threaten Journalists and POW Here comes a Phone Call from the WH Sock Puppet. It's almost like they see that as a punch in their mouth or something as prompt their response.