Saturday, January 12, 2019

Yeah, About That "0 Miles" B.S....

h/t Conservative Treehouse

Once again proving that getting your information on what's going on at the actual border from Ann Coulter, living in NYFC, or the MSM, HQ'ed in NYFC, probably isn't the best way to keep up with what's actually happening on the border with effing Mexico.

So much for idiotic and jackassical "0 miles built" tweets.

We told you this months ago, but apparently the RNC has suddenly realized there was an information gap.

So as usual, you can believe ABCNNBCBS, and Ann Coulter's inaccurate whinging; or your lying eyes.

Dear Mr. President:

Please keep the non-essential parts of government shut down until Queen Alzheimers and Chuck U cough up another $5-10B for this wall. Even if it takes until 2021.

Having a border is what makes us a country, instead of the world's sucker.

The United States Of America


Anonymous said...


ADS said...

It's a do or die moment for Trump. I don't belive he will be re elected with no wall. He gains nothing by folding here.

Anonymous said...

Call and Email your Senators and Congress people.

Tell the Republicans to support Trump. Stand Fast. Fund the Wall. Build the Wall.

Tell the Democrats to fund the wall. Do not alienate the majority of Democrats and Independents. Americans want the wall. Fund the wall and pay the government workers.

Tell the radical Democrats to fund the Wall. They say it won't work, so fund it and run against President Donald Trump in 2020 and his failed wall.

Tell everyone that 300 dead EVERY DAY from illegal drugs is too much. Build the wall and slow the drug flow.


Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

I realized yesterday the shut down is music to the 1%'s ears. It had to have been said hundreds of times this week. "Living paycheck to paycheck". It gives them what they need, the knowledge they have control.

One couple was in a very nice house said it on national network. Not much sympathy for them who live at the edge of their means. Over the last few years how many times was it reported most don't have $400.00 for an emergency expense. My daughter had a car repair of that amount this week and I pointed that out to her. No sympathy stated from our congress weasels.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Still doesn't seem tall enough, though
...unless topped with barbed wire.
Otherwise, anyone with enough athletic prowess could do a "gymnastics" over it, no problem.

Aesop said...

The world record for the pole vault is currently 6.16m - just about as high as those wall sections.

Anybody who could get over it could qualify for the next Olympics medal round.

why said...

IIRC, there's a big cushion on the downward side of the vault.....which isn't the case here.

Anonymous said...

Don't care hugely about x-hundred dead from the drug flows. Care HUGELY about the victims of the illegals crimes. The wall is first and foremost a personnel barrier, that's why it MUST be finished.
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

The wall should be finished because..."A promise made is a debt unpaid..."

Scott halloween said...

When Chuck and Nacy finally capitulate on the wall, I hope Trump tells them it’s now 20 billion.

Anonymous said...

In spite of Ann Coulter, my company is very busy right now. So busy that other clients are getting impatient for our services - but this one has priority. Now, guess what project is keeping my crews so busy.

If you guessed the subject of this article, you would be right.

Don't ask me for any details, because I'm not at liberty to discuss them, which I don't know why as it is all public info, anyway.

watsonrg said...

She's still at it.