Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Man-Bashers: Go F--- Yourselves

From Dick's stepping on theirs, to twenty other companies, we've seen business after business crap on themselves and blow off all their toes to join the SJW jackhole crusade.

I've been shaving with Gillette razors since...ever.

I'm still rocking a pair of Atra handles I've had since Carter was president, and I can still find the 2-blade refills for them, without needing the newest 87-blade contraption.
(If anybody wants them, they're now in the dumpster out back.)

Then the infamous recent Gillette "F**k Men" ad came out.

Because nothing wows your customer base like crapping on their heads and scolding them for something they didn't do.

I just got home with two new Harry's Razors, and two boxes of refill blades.
And the guy at the knife shop has a fine selection of single-bladed straight razors.

Gillette is dead to me. I need them like fish need bicycles.

All y'all can do whatever you want.
I hope the corporate ninnies who okayed this nonsense take some Procter & Gamble pussypants corporate SJW VP out behind Wall Street, and shoot him in the face.

It'll still be too late.

And since I'm not watching the NFL the last couple of years, I don't have to worry about seeing these sorts of jackassical ads either.

How's that for cutting close to the skin, @$$holes?

Get woke. Go broke.


McChuck said...


Every single ad agency in America has its HQ in NYC.

Anonymous said...

Apart from a few travel razors I hopped off that train a few years ago. Guess I'll be traveling with safety razors from now on.

June J said...

I love Harry’s razors and other products, have used them for several years. Then they started promoting their support for LGBTXYZ issues and I was forced to go to other products, thankfully not Gillette.

Anonymous said...

It's all good; USMC is endorsing Jillette:

"The weapons-company hike during the IOC is now “gender neutral,” meaning that officers can hand their pack to a buddy if they get tired, rather than carrying it for the course’s full 10 miles."


Domo said...

Double edged safety razor
Feather hi stainless blades

Anonymous said...

Been using a German-made Merkur long-handled razor and Japanese- made Feather double-edge blades for about five years now. I'll stick with the Axis powers combination; it's the best shave this side of an old (not contemporary) barber shave.
Boat Guy

Baldrick said...

My husband used to use the Mach 3 things or whatever. He inherited, from my Dad, a vintage single-edged razor, and my husband works with razor blades all day long to cut tubing, etc. He decided to give the old fashioned blades and razor a try and he hasn't used Gillette since, so it's been about 7 years. Better shave and costs nothing (since his work doesn't mind him snagging a couple of the blades out of the boxes of 1000's they get). Our budget is happier just for that.

To show my displeasure at P&G, and since I do most of the grocery shopping here, I looked at all of their products and found alternatives to the two we use. Surprisingly (not really), the alternatives cost less and are more or equally effective anyhow. So P&G can kiss this family goodbye.

One of the biggest marketing blunders in history next to New Coke, as far as I can tell. Idiots.

Baldrick said...

My 19 year old son wanted me to add that the electric razor that HE inherited from my father (my dad used a combo of both - electric if he was in a rush) is the ONLY thing he'll ever use (and will be replaced if it ever dies with another electric razor), and he'll NEVER buy a Gillette razor in his life. Piss off an entire generation of guys just starting to shave. Seriously, great job P&G. Even when he forgets WHY he won't use Gillette, he'll automatically just not buy them now for the rest of his life. It's a psychological thing, that sort of aversion. He REALLY didn't appreciate being preached to (like any normal 19 year old).

why said...

Been using electric for decades. Work schedule is so screwy (used to work 120 hours shifts)that I keep my electric in my work bag, touch up here and there without needing water......

Jim Scrummy said...

Once I am done with the Mach III's I purchased a month ago, it's back to the safety razor (need to buy a new one) and still using my electric wet/dry shaver. I had been wanting to switch, but was to lazy to get a new safety razor, well now I am off my butt. It's been 30 years since I used a safety razor, so, it should be fun...? Gillette is dead to me now, much like Dick's and other craptacular companies who crap on me. Oh, Gillette also lost the "little scrummies" too, since they are entering their shaving experience age...for life. Bold move Gillette and P&G...

Anonymous said...

I'll second the safety razor and feather blades.

Much better shave, much cheaper. Small learning curve.

go to https://www.classicshaving.com/

and get a safety razor your grandkids will fight over.

JT said...

Hate to break it - Harry's is pozzed from the get go. A quick glance at their website reveals an about page with the two soyboi founders, a snazzy and enviable manufactory, and then a tab labeled "Social Mission". Uh oh:

"We give to organizations that challenge stereotypes around masculinity.
Masculinity is evolving in real time.
We strive to support guys where they are, rather than where someone tells them to be..."

Those are the first three lines. Then some claptrap about openness being praised over stoicism and then a list of the groups they give their shareholder's money to, like the "Representation Project" - it's as ghey as it sounds.

Bic is looking good about now...

Baldrick said...

These idiots have NO FREAKING IDEA what stoicism means. They think it means to be like Spock on Star Trek (not the author of books telling parents to let kids run the house).

A quick rundown by a crap source (because not everyone has access to the Britannica online):


If they DO understand what stoicism means, that means that what they're espousing is more post-modernist horseshit about "openness" - which translates to letting emotion run rampant over reason. That works FOR leftists, because the second you open a can of fact-ass on them they tend to explode, get triggered, and their house of straw gets blown away. Emotions are their weapon. I'm absolutely sick of a bunch of supposed adults acting like a bunch of fucking irrational toddlers.

So, fuck Harry's also.

Sentenza said...

Haven't used Gillette stuff in a while.

I use a Merkur DE with Derby blades.

Aesop said...

Yes, but.

You know what Harry's doesn't do?

They don't run obnoxious virtue-signaling ads nationally rubbing the world's nose in a load of horseshit.

I don't give two wet squirts what you do with your money, as long as you don't spend it preaching to me about what I should think, do, or believe.

It's the Paul Newman approach: IDGAF how liberal you are, as long as you let your money ( because it's your money, after all) do your talking, by actually S'ingTFU, rather than pissing on your customer's heads and telling them it's for their own good.

billrla said...

Gillette must use the same ad agency as the British Army.

The Freeholder said...

I went with an Edwin Jagger and Derby blades some years back. Way better shave than Gillette's crap, no matter how many blades they stick on it. Now if I can ever find a shaving soap I really like.

Badger said...

Every biological male at Gillette should cut off their penis. You know...
"...because if it prevents even one rape..."

Cranky Old Fart said...

Any man who continues to use Gillette after this debacle should immediately check their underwear for a vagina.

Anonymous said...

Been using them since they started. Reasonably priced and kick ass.


RSR said...

Second Freeholder.

Recommend this razor: https://www.amazon.com/Edwin-Jagger-Double-Safety-Razor/dp/B002RBF1PO/
I stick w/ Derby blades: https://www.amazon.com/Derby-Extra-Double-Blades-Stainless/dp/B002EBX3V6/
Main thing to learn about safety razors is that you can't roll the blade like with standard razors in tight places like under nose, etc, and also unlike regular razors which offer some side to side protection, moving a safety razor side to side will cut you. Also adams apple, definitely pulling skin slightly to cleanup instead of relying on razor to do it w/o cutting you up.

And this shave set: https://www.amazon.com/Van-Hagen-Mens-Luxury-Shave/dp/B004L4EING/
(Worth buying their badger brush in addition to boar IMO -- just note that natural hair brushes may have some odor at first so shave before shower, but do use a facewash with warm water prior to shaving -- easier than hot towels).

And get a styptic pencil -- cheaper in shaving section of any store than amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Clubman-812500C-Jumbo-Styptic-Pencil/dp/B00GCSLV70/

What it cost me to shave in a month using standard razors and shaving cream, I spent in total that first year including startup costs.
And I have considerably less ingrown hairs, particularly on the neck (and yes, I've always shaved w/ the grain.)

RSR said...

*And a better overall shave.

tweell said...

I have granddad's safety razor, feed it Feather blades. I have a Norelco for shaving while squatting when I wake up late. Gillette hasn't had any of my money for a long time.

Baldrick said...

I went back and read the .PDF at Harry's (chrome-extension://oemmndcbldboiebfnladdacbdfmadadm/https://s3.amazonaws.com/harrys-cdnx-prod/manual/Harry%27s+Masculinity+Report%2C+USA+2018.pdf).

They seem to be pretty positive about men as a whole, not crapping on them and calling them evil (in fact the opposite).

Gillette pretty much called every single man an evil dingleberry, which is why they and Proctor and Gamble won't be seeing another cent from us for the rest of our lives.

Also, as Aesop said, they didn't put out an ad CALLING every man an evil dingleberry, which is pretty important. If a company insults my family or me, then they don't get our money. It's pretty simple. In fact it's a really simple notion, so you know that the people in Gillette's marketing department are about as stupid as it's possible to be. I'm pretty certain they must provide drool bibs at meetings.

Wolverine said...

Switched to Dollar Shave Club. Cheaper and a better shave. I have just started looking at what other P&G products we use and will replace them like some other posters.

Chas said...

Right on, same same here. No blades, no bullshit sports..

Jonah Kyle said...

I heard about the commercial last Wednesday. On Friday afternoon, I shorted P&G, selling all shares in my portfolio at 91.75 . After it dropped to 91 and still kept going down, I watched it manually. It dipped down to 90.8, then ticked upward a tad, so I pulled my shares back in for a small profit. I knew the SJW bounce was going to come, and that it did, and once it dipped slightly again, I sold. I made 4 points profit and now holding off while this plays out for a couple of weeks.

brentg said...

Same here. Gillette are going in the trash. Ordering a straight and safety razor so me and my son can figure out what we each like best.

Fuck Gillette

Cetera said...

Harry's is every bit as cucked as Gillette, but they aren't as stupid. They ran an online-only ad last year on International Men's Day (Nov 19) doing the same crap. It was all text, with sayings and cliches about men being crossed out with a red line. They actually deleted it today after all the crap Gillette got and that they were starting to get when folks found/rediscovered the ad (they aren't as dumb as Gillette).

If you're looking for shaving stuff, I'd recommend Barbasol or The Dapper Guru.

From Barbasol's about us page (https://barbasol.com/pages/about-us):
In conclusion, Perio expects to receive a healthy profit as long as it adheres to these major objectives. We believe that we are merely temporary stewards and that the resources of the Company belong to God. As such, our main vision is to support charitable organizations and specifically, those focused upon children.

The Dapper Guru (https://thedapperguru.com/) is run by a U.S. retired infantryman. Their selection of products is much more limited, and I have never purchased anything from them, but I've heard very good things about them. The owner is an active Trump supporter, for what that might be worth.

DAN III said...


PERSONNA M5 Magnum razor blade cartridges. Been using these for years.

For $62 at Amazon you can buy 48 of these "Made in USA" razor cartridges ! Compare THAT to the prices for Gillette. Even Harry's blades cost more.

Do yourself a shaving favor. Get some of these blades now. Save a bundle of loot and screw Gillette in the process. How sweet is that ? You can thank me later.

Anonymous said...

Get a good straight razor. You'll save a ton of money and you'll never get a closer shave.

Unknown said...

Gillette loses my business forever!

idahobob said...

Ya know, many years ago, when I was a wee child, I watched "Friday Night At The Fights", brought to you by Gillette Blue Blades. Every Friday night with my father. Manly stuff.

For many years now, I have been using a Merkur safety razor, with Feather blades. Been using Gillette shaving cream, 'cause that is what COSTCO carries. I'm done with that shit.

Fuck Gillette.

NoyGdb42 said...

Ain't shaved but 2 or 3 times since high screwl (70's) so I've got no reason to boycott Gillette. That said, I haven't bought a P&G product since the 80's 'cause of their campaigns promoting homosexuality and satanism, etc.

Lee Van Queef II said...

So what's next, Lake City getting pounded in the ass by a dude in a wig on sitcoms? Mandatory homosexuality and shahada jody calls in the Marine Corps?

Anonymous said...

I am surprised nobody has mentioned it yet...

I dumped them quite a few years ago for a DE razor. The boys (all 5 of them) and the wife all use blades from Dorco (www.dorcousa.com). Cheaper than Harry's. The rest of the products will be switched out as they are used up.

For a good shave cream, try out some Taylor of Bond Street. A little goes a long way, and it is way better than any gel.

Aesop said...

Shaving cream?

Most days it's warm water, and occasionally dry shaving.

I save shaving cream for days when I've got time to waste.

T-Rav said...

@Lee Van Queef:

Do you really have to ask?

Anonymous said...

I am still using the same Solingen straight razor I bought in 1966. How's that for statement on masculinity?
The soibois @ Gillette can kiss my grits.

Nairb said...

Another endorsement of Merkur safety razor. I've tried a dozen plus safety razors and came back to the long-handled Merkur. Add Shark Super Chrome blades. 12 cents a blade in packs of 100. One blade lasts all week, and maybe then some but I change it out weekly. Tried many other blades, including Dorco, Gillette Blue, Derby, Rapira, Personna, and others I've forgotten.

And good old Williams' MUG shaving soap, $1.19 at my grocery store. Soap cake lasts about a month.

To hell with Jill-Et-Tu.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the roar of the crowd would sound like if Vicky's Notsosecret ran an ad that said: "Hey bitchez, don't get your tata's twisted and stop acting cranky."

Anonymous said...

Anon at 7:53
I'll see your Taylor of Bond and raise you one St. James of London Cedarwood & Clarysage.
Not cheap but I've found none better. Cremo is pretty good, too, and convenient for traveling but nothing beats the St. James.

Fayette County, Texas said...

Dayam. I never knew I had so many choices available. I feel so....special.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Lifelong Gillette user but no longer. And I never thought about Schick razors, but I will now.

A little research on Wiki showed that Schick razors, founded in 1926 by Jacob Schick, was purchased by Energizer in 2003 from Pfizer. In 2015 Energizer split into two separate companies: Energizer Holdings which makes batteries & lanterns; and EDGEWELL PERSONAL CARE which makes Schick, Edge, Playtex, and... wait for it... HAWAIIAN TROPIC!! So while male Gillette users are busy getting yelled at by NYC SJWs for stuff they didn't do, I will be supporting a company that exemplifies what men are all about...


...By the way, another EDGEWELL brand is Wilkinson Sword (UK razors) which previously manufactured swords, guns, bayonets, and (this is too good to be true) motorcycles.

Edgewell/Schick is my new favorite company.

For one last reason to buy Schick and support Hawaiian Tropic's parent company, here is the classic end of Dumb and Dumber ("You'll have to excuse my friend, he's a little slow")...


Best y'all

Anonymous said...

The ad didn't say masculinity was bad. It just said that men, even if they are not themselves sexually harassing women, can make a difference by acknowledging sexual harassment and assault, and keeping other men from doing it. Assuming you don't sexually assault women, (which I assume aesop and most of the readers here don't-that job is for inner city thugs and high level politicians like Bill Clinton)then Gillette isn't asking you to give up anything you normally do.

I see no reason to stop buying their razors.

Baldrick said...

The men around me have always been gentlemen and already KNOW enough not to treat women badly, and HAVE stepped in when they've seen men do that. That is actual masculinity as has been practiced forever. They don't need some commercial telling them how to behave. Men ≠ children. Thank you.

Robert Schecter said...

Good post. I'm done with Gillette after 25 years. Tide, Charmin and Oral-B will also be replaced. Good job Pahjak.

Aesop said...

@Anon 4:34

The ad had fuck-all to do with selling razors.
P&G wants to go all SJW, they can do it without my business, because they obviously don't know theirs.

And they've lost their minds.

90% of "sexual harassment" is merely lawsuit-trolling by the perpetually offended special snowflakes, female version.
10% is actually sexual battery, and is best answered by a knee to the crotch, a faceful of OC, or for the really slow on the uptake, perhaps something even less friendly, and probably sold at the ammunition counter at the local sporting goods store.

If someone needs a lecture with their razor, they should probably be buying their Jillette Razors For Little Bitches™ from the selection of pink razors at the other end of the aisle. And I wish P&G a lot of luck sponsoring next year's Transgender Bowl.

Allen said...

I would almost bet that somewhere along the line at the company someone said "you know, this might not be so hot of an idea." I'll also bet that the supporters of the ad shouted that person down instead of thinking about it.

The fact that the decision makers at the company are dumb enough to OK this ad should give anyone pause about the company products' quality and efficacy. That's enough for me to choose another maker.

Anonymous said...

@ anon- they used the phrase "toxic masculinity" which is voodoo nonsense from the radical feminist movement which says men are inherently bad for women, just by existing, and use of the phrase demonstrates that rational people are not involved in the decision making process anymore.

That would just be bad news for shareholders but they brought it up publicly, so now we know what they think of their customers too. I don't do business with people who think I'm dangerous, evil, or toxic to be around. I will not give them money.


George True said...

I have been using Schick Slim Twin disposable razors for decades. They are inexpensive, last a long time per razor, and perform better IMO than most of the other disposables I have tried.

I have also been using Gillette shaving cream for a long time. It seems to be thicker and richer than Barbasol. When the can that I just purchased is gone, I will switch to something else. While checking out the other available shaving cream options, I discovered that there are many. Imagine that - a competitive marketplace with many choices available. I wonder if any of the geniuses at Gillette considered that before they decided to alienate their customer base.

I will also be perusing the P&G website to make sure that I am not inadvertently using any of their other products.

parascribe said...

Masculinity is only toxic by its absence.