Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Schmohawk Tribe...Or Fauxhawk?

h/t IOTW Report

Big Chief Fullashit: busted. Just a reservist Brig Rat.

Color us shocked:

Nathan Phillips, SJW busybody, and self-proclaimed "Marine Recon Ranger" (no such thing having ever existed) who started all the shit with a bunch of well-behaved Catholic high school kids minding their own business not only lied about the incident, as the last several days' videos have documented, but he's also not a Vietnam vet.

Just a shitbird.
Seems Don Shipley, a retired Navy SEAL BMC and Stolen Valor hunter, has FOIA'ed Phillips' DD214, and the truth now comes to light:

From Twitter:
 The truth on per DD214 fm 
A poseur assassin 
Not a Vietnam vet
Served in USMC 72-76
Drumroll please
Refrigerator mechanic
not a "Recon Ranger"
& the big finish
Wow. Like nobody could've seen that coming. This guy was a career E-1 REMF, and the closest he ever got to Vietnam was looking at a map of it in National Geographic. While under military confinement.

There's nothing wrong with serving in peacetime, or in the reserves, or even as a refrigerator mechanic. Just not while claiming to be a war veteran with special operations combat arms creds.

The Marines were out of Nam for good when Phillips was just 16, and when he did get in, he was not only a reservist maintenance pogue rather than any kind of combat arms, but he was a fuck up even at that. Hence being discharged after 4 years at the same grade as a basic recruit.

Well-played, Leftard sociopath.

We haven't seen anything like this from the Leftards since...well...since John Kerry shot himself in the face with his own grenade, awarded himself another Purple Heart, etc., and then applied to GTFO of Nam too.

There's something about being shitbags in uniform, and then going Democrat, almost like being a douchebag was a lifelong sentence.

We're waiting to hear that, exactly like Elizabeth Warren, he's also 1/1024th American Indian.

Once a Fauxhawk, always a faux hawk.

And the lunatard Left eats this stuff up and swallows it whole, because they haven't got the common sense God gave a jackass, nor two brain cells to track it back before running with it.


Teeeye81 said...

Would like to know what type of discharge he got. My guess would be a general. Having 3 awol charges and coming out an e-1. Would be nice to know

lineman said...

Email sent Brother...

Anonymous said...

He gives reefer mechs a bad name the world over.

Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw his pic I knew he was poseur of the highest order. I'm just surprised he didn't throw Navy Seal in there as well.

Old Bob

Unknownsailor said...


Honorable, it was right there on the open records request response in the video.

I agree, should have been a general, but different times back then. I'm sure the USMCR was just glad to be rid of him.

ADS said...

CNN: racist MAGA hat-clad white supremacists attack native american vietnam veteran who saved a group of black bible preachers from attack

Reality: pro-life students waiting for a bus are hassled by black nutjob religious whackos for an hour and a half, sing school sports chants, then stand around completely peacefully while a professional stolen valor agitator attempts to provoke them.

Fake News is such a shiv because it's so true.

Wayne said...

He should have gotten the Big Chicken Dinner.

Anonymous said...

He's probably not even American Indian.

Looks like he's from south of the border.

Anyone know?


Anonymous said...

HT to Kurt Schlicter: "Frigidairborne Ranger"

Aesop said...

Back at ya.
Still owe you a dinner!

Dad29 said...

We haven't seen anything like this from the Leftards since...well...since John Kerry shot himself in the face with his own grenade, awarded himself another Purple Heart, etc., and then applied to GTFO of Nam too.

You forget "Da Nang Dick" Blumenthal, current U S Senator from CT.

Aesop said...

Don't confuse "forget" with "ignore".
Blumenthal is what he is, but he's irrelevant unless you get some of him on your shoe on a hot day.
Or, have the misfortune to live in CT, and thus have to deal with his essence all the time.

teeeye81 said...

I still don't see where he was honorably discharged, just the fact that he was discharged. Also, was he court-martialed? Says'transcript of court-martial', not on file. Either way, Chief Refer Madness is a POS.

Lee Van Queef II said...

In another Earth, a more just and rational iteration, Shitting Bird would have had his tom tom beater shoved though his eyehole and his retinue of This Weeks Hate Whitey Bearded Retarded Recon Rangers™ used as rendered fat fuel for his ceremonial Shitbird Tribe cremation.

Walter is more native American than Negronimo.

Hiya! Hiya! Hiya-ih-yah!

Papa said...

Not to split hairs, but:
Writer Michael Yon is on this over at his FB page.
He says he hasn't found video footage of Phillips stating he was a Vietnam combat vet.
Phillips in videos states he's a Vietnam/Vietnam era vet.
The "combat vet" description comes from transcripts that CNN incorrectly transcribed from their own, and possibly other new outlets, video.
The combat vet has snowballed from there.
Mr. Phillips uses carefully worded langauge in videos. I read where one comment or stated Phillips is projecting.
It's like one saying they are a Desert Storm veteran. Was one actually on the ground, a support function near or far from action, or in service while Desert Storm was going on?
Michael Yon makes the comparison of himself being described by others as a journalist, which he doesn't take credit for or claim to be.
If other info has come to light about Phillips while I make this comment, please direct me.
I'm not in agreement with Phillips and that bunch. Just in agreement with Yon and others about being factual.

Papa said...

Banging a drum, long hair, and old man glasses doth not make one a wise tribal elder.
A fool maybe. But not a tribal elder.

Papa said...

The black Hebrew Israelites.
Now that's a subject needing zeroing in on.
From the newer video cropping up, it shows them in all their glory.
Crazy sign boards, holy book, beards, and loud mouths doth not make one a prophet nor a priest.
Washington DC was ground zero for lunacy that day.

Papa said...

The red maga hats the high school group was wearing:
It was reported on Bill Cunningham show yesterday, Cincinnati station, that the group didn't bring hats. Someone at site was handing them out.
It was asked if this was an engineered event. Hand out hats to group while Hebrews and Indians waiting for red hats to bite on bait, with MSM ready to roll with story.
Another tool and ammo against Trump.

Papa said...

Nathan Phillips: career liar.

Papa said...

Reziac said...

Too lazy to find it again but somewhere I saw that two tribal councils had disavowed Chief Shitting Bird. He claims to be a member of the Nebraska Omaha tribe. In Real Life, he's a professional activist.