Sunday, January 6, 2019

Spot The Trend

Sorry if that left a mark.

And hey, while we're on the topic, how 'bout that Mitt Romney?
Any buyer's remorse in UT yet?


Anonymous said...

Probably no remorse in Utah. Clinton plus the third party, Never Trump candidate got about 40k more votes in Utah in 2016 than Trump did.
Opie Odd

idahobob said...

I doubt that there is any remorse in Utah. Mormons is as mormons does.

McChuck said...

Mormons don't vote right or left. They vote Mormon.

Remember, these are the people of a church that preaches that the original American Indians were Jews, led by Jesus, who crossed the Atlantic in a submarine powered by magic rocks. They also preach that there are an uncountable number of gods, because every soul eventually becomes a god. Male souls eventually found their own worlds, populated by the souls birthed from their god wives.

Anonymous said...

Next you're going to claim all government policy is ultimately under the control of White middle-class Christians with the numerical majority of votes, instead of religious or ethnic minorities who do not have the votes.

Anonymous said...

Want to actually do something about immigration today?

Call and Email your Senators, call and Email your Congresscritter,

Tell them to Build the !%#+£! Wall.

Here are some ideas for what to say

For GOP, Support Trump! Build the Wall Now. Five Billion for the Wall! Do not give in to Democrat Blackmail.

For Democrats, Give Trump his Five Billion fo Reopen Government. If the Wall doesn't work, you have a cause to Run Against Trump in 2020. The Wall is A Five Billion Dollar Jobs Program for American Workers, Union Jobs, Union Concrete, Union Steel!
Reopen Government, Chuck Schumer already wasted more than that Five Billion with the Schumer Shutdown.


Pick your own reasons. This only takes ten minutes. Do it now. Do it again on Monday.

Lee Van Queef II said...

There are those of us, a minority to be sure, who believe the "proportionality" concept of modern war is simply a means to perpetuate war itself. That it is the very abject horror of industrial homicide, and population reduction that actually limit warfare. That it is best to obliterate the very DNA and history of your enemy (NAZIs, Mohammedans, Communists) than to fight proxy/surrogate wars of attrition.

There are those (cunts, idiots, libtards, Ameri Cong, Romneys, etc) that would appease Beelzebub with KY while he ass rapes their children to death.

The first I can handle as long as we don't destroy ourselves in the process. I have no use for the second.