Tuesday, January 1, 2019

State Of The Blog And Whatever

No, the blogging cave is not this well organized. But we have hopes...

When we started the year, we were running maybe 2K unique hits/day.
Now it's 7-8K/day.

We also put out more blogfodder this year past than in the last three prior years combined.
(And still only move as the muse strikes us, and gainful employment permits.)

Hmm. Could be some wee correlation there.

For those who drop by, link us elsewhere, and our commentariat (for the most part) subset of the larger visiting hordes, we thank you for your time, attention, and feedback. Glad we're apparently doing this right and making it worthwhile, most days.

Apologies for the typos, which are all our fault.
But that burning churning indigestion caused by reality is entirely your problem, should that apply.

To the occasional attempts by Turd World spammers and their bots, a molten hard drive, impending dick cancer, and a Lake of Burning Fire comprise the sum of our wishes for you.

For the thoughtful bloghosts elsewhere in their dozens who provide inspiration, amusement, information, and points on which to riff, fulfilling the better hopes for the Internet, my sincere respects and best wishes. Several of them are on the blogroll, and most of the rest tributed due credit regularly on these pages.

And my sincere thanks to the 50% of America that votes for a living - and their would-be overlords and media press departments - rather than working for a living, for my hypertension, occasional impending apoplexy, and a never-ending stream of comedy gold. There's nothing I won't do to point a rhetorical flamethrower up your asses. Which will have to do until I can use an actual one. At which point, it's an actual party, when balloons, cake, and light refreshments will be served.

As we told another blogger today, "Try and live your life and write your blog such that, as you leave the ball field and pass into the cornfield, Shoeless Joe Jackson will stop you and say,
'Hey, Rookie,
...you were good.' "

I repeat the thoughts from other posts here in recent days and times: 2019 is looking to be...challenging, on a host of fronts.
Best wishes on getting your personal stuff together, in many ways. And if you're not working on that weekly, at least, if not daily...whythehellnot?


David Spence said...

Had not read this blog until this year-now it's atop my bookmarks bar. Terrific stuff and superbly presented! We need more of this in 2019! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Blogfodder!!
Keep up the outstanding work. Looking forward to reams of entertaining keyboard destroying rants in the months to come!


Retired cop said...

Found you while looking for info on Ebola. There is only scattered into out there and nobody seems to actually think about it other than you, ( for instance, the actual meaning of only eleven Bio Level 4 beds in the U.S., kind of scary.)
Don't know if it makes me a blogroller but I'm now a two to three times daily reader.
Keep up the good work!

Felix Bellator said...

Happy New Year, Aesop! I appreciate your insight, expertise, and wit. Wishing you a prosperous 2019.

Baldrick said...

Like retired cop, I came here originally for the Ebola epidemic, and have stayed for the fantastic commentary on many subjects for years now. I link you to people and I've enjoyed being Baldrick here from time to time ;) Thank you for the many hours of reading pleasure, and I look forward to MANY more, so please make sure your hypertension is well looked after! Happy New Year, Aesop!

Grog said...

Will the cake be some weird stuff with a strawberry filling or just regular chocolate cake? asking for a friend. I'll bring my own drinks.

Seriously, kudos for the accurate information, there's little enough of it out here in the electrons.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog,

And thanks for making me think differently.


Dinochrome One said...

Let me add my appreciation to the others given; you are a breath of cool fresh air in a hurricane of burning sulfur. Little Sister and I check your blog every morning and evening. You and some of the other bloggers are a collective gold-mine of information and inspiration. And you make us laugh.

idahobob said...

This blog is one of my daily stops. You are much appreciated for your insights and twisted humor!
2019 does appear to become a very interesting year, and we have been and continue to prepare for the upcoming chaos.

Loco Gato said...

In this post you using the word 'us". Who in the hell is "us"? I'e always thought this blog was written by one person.

Anonymous said...

Aesop is using the editorial or author's "we". It's still first person.


Anonymous said...


Good work sir. Came here after Kevin's departure ("knew" you from reading you in the comments there).

Stay in the fight.


John said...

Congrats on the stats! I tend to think you're on the uptick on the inflection curve - wait until next year. BTW, I'm working on one I think you'll be interested in. Might be a week or two out . . .

Anonymous said...

Whythehellnot? I'm lazy and easily distracted. But I will try harder.

dmv gringo said...

BREAKING: Ebola hits EUROPE as patient enters hospital vomiting blood

EBOLA is feared to have hit Europe after an isolation unit was set up in Sweden following a patient vomiting blood.


Aesop said...

Vomiting blood is a sign of a multitude of illnesses, not just Ebola.
And with EVD, it's a late sign.

BTW, Burundi, where the patient was, is some 200-300 miles and two borders from the current outbreak.
Possible, and explosive if true, but currently, long odds.

I'll wait for confirmation on that one, all around.