Thursday, January 10, 2019

Puerto Ricans Come In Blonde Too.

Not a meme: she actually said this.

To Whom It May Concern:

If you're attending Boston University, and the tuition amounts to more than $1/yr, you're being robbed.

Evita Guevara-Castro has made any degree conferred by that alleged college a laughingstock.

Any alumni or current undergraduates should file a class action lawsuit.
Because somewhere there, there's a graduation advisor who traded a sheepskin for a Lewinsky, or a couple of Benjamins.

Meanwhile, Queen Alzheimers Pelosi would like to thank Ms. Obnoxious-Claptrap for fading some of the heat off her, as no longer the stupidest jackass in the House of Representatives. But I think we've established beyond any further doubt who ate the most lead-based paint chips in NYFC growing up 26 years ago.


Glenda T Goode said...

We all have seen the phenomena like Ocasio Cortez before in the news. Someone who garners a lot of attention initially only to end up in the dustbin of history soon after. Her victory over an incumbent, be it lazy, democrat representative brought her fame. She won the election and milked her fame all the way to today.

At present she is under a microscope of public attention and now, since her words can become policy she is scrutinized mercilessly and that is good. Every politician in Congress should be under a microscope such as this.

How long her time in the limelight will last is as of yet, unknown. Others in Congress with even less intellectual ability seem to have survived their own stupidity seemingly for decades.

The next election will tell whether the people who sent her to DC want her there. In the meantime we will have 'Bidenesque' gaffes aplenty. Sit back and enjoy the show.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

We must stay aware. Some of the electorate gets stupider every day. Thats how we got obummer now her, added to the mix of the other lifetime dumbocrats in congressional houses. Just like calofruitopia turned bluer due to somewhat ingenious ballot harvesting. Like I have said most on our side don't know whats coming. Like Aesop said about what small percentage of conservative turnout in the midterms that if the rest showed up it would have changed the outcome.

Anonymous said...

Sadly Miss Guevara-Castro will be too young to run for the Presidency in 2020.
Unless the commies amend the Constitution, which is not beyond the realm of possibility. They could use one of their favorite taglines "It's for the children" or at least ONE of the children.

Anonymous said...

With those teeth, I'm betting it wasn't a Lewinsky.

Anonymous said...

... and to boot, RE: BU, her degree is in ECONOMICS. You're right, as usual, Aesop. A degree from BU doesn't mean much these days.


SiGraybeard said...

I don't know if they have a way to do it, but for future deniability and better marketing of BU Economics, they should rescind her degree.

Here's the thing, though. I read Paul Krugman of the NYT praising her.

I think that if you wanted to know what you should do in any economic matter, ask Krugman and do the exact opposite of what he suggests. OTOH, he has a Nobel prize in economics so he's credible to the easily swayed. That probably includes the BU staff.

Dad29 said...

Unlike Boston College, a Jebby school with pretty high entrance requirements, Boston U. was never considered more than mediocre; some would say that it was really a 4th-rate school with a first-rate name, "Boston."

It's the kind of place you go to get a really snazzy job in retail.

Wxtwxtr said...

Sigh. That degree is too crinkly to use as toilet paper.

Start calling Occasional Cortex the ‘Chihuahua’. She’s noisy enough, although I think the Mockingbirds are driving all that attention for name recognition. High qualifications, of course, for a democracy.

Anonymous said...

Good! The more the Lamestream Media plays up her antics, the better. The rag is off'n the bush and she is just the right person to introduce Flyover Country to the agenda. Somehow I doubt that the Productive Sector is on board with inviting every barefoot illiterate in the Western Hemisphere to come to America to get on welfare and vote Democrat. It seems that the In Crowd hasn't realized that the Deplorables doesn't believe them any more (i.e. those who ever did). So rave on Sandy! Let it all hang out!!


Bill in ILL said...

I hear people claim this horse faced, bug eyed, tombstone teethed communist is beautiful, I happen to think she is quite ugly. She has exactly zero qualifications to be anything more than a barista. She is stupid, she is a proven liar and has no redeeming qualities that I can ascertain. That she actually was elected says nasty things about the people in her district, New York and the entire country.