Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The President's Address

The Usual Whiners and Never-Trumpers trot out their same old soiled diapers and begin scraping for more ammunition, but this was a shot across Congress' bow, and Trump just put Queen Alzheimers, ChuckU, and every country south of Brownsville on notice that los Estados Unidos is pissed off, and looking for someone to maim for it. The legal technical term for this address is casus belli.

He did the same thing in person with Mexico's leadership, and what happened to that media-darling migrant caravan?

The Mexicans started cracking down on it.

Think about that: after an hour with President Trump, despite literal hours of media giving the unwashed invaders nightly tongue baths, Mexico decided cracking down on illegal immigration was in their own best interest, even more so than the Congress has since...ever.

Pueblas Sin Fronteras has disbanded, and the locals in a dozen countries want nothing to do with slamming their heads against the southern border again. The suckers who took part are wishing they'd taken Mexico up on their offers of jobs and relocation down south, near Guatemala, when they had the chance.

To every liberal idiot who favored a wall until he became president, and every vacuous Libertaritard jonesing for more drugs and less war, he just sent them a fact-laden "BFYTW!", on national TV. No spin from CNN and their @$$tard Acosta, just a firehose of facts straight from the hydrant.

If Congress fails to act, anything the president does after this, from maintaining the shutdown to declaring martial law and building the wall via the military to carpet-bombing with B-52 Arc Light strikes anywhere from Tijuana to Tierra del Fuego , has just been stamped "pre-approved".

He's given Congress the chance (probably their last) to save face, act like all this was news, and approve the spending he wants. And then pick another battle, and a different hill to die on, before they get handed their own @$$#$ on platters.

Or else risk being blamed for getting us into a shooting war (not the faux-wars on drugs and illegal immigration we've been slap-fighting for decades) with all the trimmings in our own hemisphere, because they're on the enemies' side.

And all this, rolling into the ramp up for 2020 and re-election.

In stonewalling him on the Big Beautiful Wall, they've given him the exact issue that took him to the White House in the first place, driving right over Shrillary's fat, lying carcass. And now he's daring them to take presidential politics beyond the water's edge, and threaten US foreign policy and domestic peace, in order to shill for criminals, drug lords, and invaders.

At this point, the next future Democrat presidential candidate to come out against what he said will be fitted for the Walter Mondale Memorial Electoral Drubbing clownsuit.

This was Trump telling Tom Hagen that it's time for a wartime consigliere, and setting the wheels in motion to settle all outstanding Family business.
And he just baptized his godson.

And he closed this speech by telling the Congress "and furthermore, I think that illegal immigration and drug importation must be destroyed".

Ceterum censeo Pedro delenda est.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Americans who are so inclined should put $$$ formerly in political contributions into the border wall construction fund. Politicians who are not concerned with the wants and needs of Americans should not be supported by their citizens. Hurts politicians who aren't listening to their constituents.

The Wall may or may not work completely, but it does send a clear message to the world that the border is not just a line in the dirt. Next step is making it a crime for Americans to hire ILLEGAL aliens - immigrants with a legal green card is not a problem. Denying food and housing to illegals - same process. Why should it be easier for illegals when Americans are having so much trouble getting help for themselves.

Americans come 1st. When we are fixed, THEN the world can begin a line but not before.

MMinWA said...

Excellent commentary and a glorious scene from the Godfather.

I've never seen anything like this man. He constantly turns the situation around, despite the left controlled media, on the dems. That "rebuttal" last night after his Oval Office speech was comical. His facts & logic are impossible to argue with. How can you blow off 100s of 1,000s of violent acts committed by illegals on Texans ALONE in the past 10 years?

You can't.

What was done to us time and again for decades, is now being done to the REgressives. No wonder they're pulling what little of their hair that is left, out. It'll never get old.

Retired cop said...

Unfortunately, the Dems won't take the opportunity to work something out. They aren't really feeling the heat yet. Since reserves are being used to pay for February's EBT (food stamps) they aren't hearing any dissatisfaction yet. If President Trump sticks to his guns, the March EBT money will be the deciding factor.
In the mean time, look for many stories on how federal employees are coping. Dems will feel some heat from delayed social security checks but the EBT issue leads to riots by Democrat voters.
Interesting times...

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Let 'em

McChuck said...

Retired Cop - Welfare and Social Security (but I repeat myself) are fully funded.

RM said...

Hi Aesop, "To every liberal idiot who favored a wall until he became president..."
I keep hearing people say this but I disagree, the Demoncrats never meant it. Just like Republican lawmakers kept claiming that they were going to repeal Obamacare until they finally had the numbers and a President who wanted Obamacare gone. They are all full of shit. Except for President Trump. The Demoncrats were lying before President Trump came along, they are not lying anymore. They are America hating, pro global government commie rat bastards. I hope President Trump plants them all under the wall's footings.

Unknown said...

Good analysis. I love Trump.

Anonymous said...

I am presuming you came across this Austin Bay article on the elections/Kabila and Congo.

Not ebola focused, but important context on how the S is about to HTF there over elections/fraud/political power etc. The short version is that the civil war is pretty likely to go real hot real soon when the boss man who was supposed to leave 2 years ago, finally allowed the vote, and pretty clearly lost, and pretty clearly isn't going to go away. The low grade civil war is going to go high grade, full bore civil war, likely within the next half a dozen doublings or so.


A Texan said...

@ MMinLamesa:

"I've never seen anything like this man. He constantly turns the situation around, despite the left controlled media, on the dems."
Trump is different because he is a businessman, first and foremost. In his world, you HAVE to tell the truth, otherwise word gets around that you're not to be trusted...and you can't make deals that make you money.

He is also smarter than the pols - how else did he turn a $1 million loan from his father into a multi-billion dollar fortune BEFORE inheriting money and property from his father in 1998?

Further, he's not just smarter, he is always in motion. He doesn't take vacations, he works. He sleeps only 4 or so hours a night. Like Napoleon Bonaparte (another 4-hour/night sleeper of extraordinary intelligence), he is literally thinking about how to outsmart his opponents while they are sleeping.

Finally, he is very unlike other pols in that he simply doesn't CARE what people think of him (at least not those who don't like him). He's a multi-billionaire over the age of 70 - kind of by definition he doesn't give a rat's ass for anything other than his own opinion and those of people that he has chosen to be close to him. Now he is after a long-term legacy, something much more significant than even the billions he will someday leave to his family: he wants to be the man who just about singly-handedly saved the USA, and who will be remembered well beyond his lifetime for that.