Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The Triggering: Back To The Future

Just some appropriate music...

Chris Hernandez has a great new post up:
"October 28th, 2046. A day I’ll never forget. 
It started just like any other day. I was at the station, watching President Ocortez on TV as she sentenced a criminal to death for denying that women experience erectile dysfunction, when the call came through. 10-37, Triggering In Progress at the memorial! I dropped my tofu and latte, sprinted to my patrol Prius, and blazed out of the parking lot at my max speed of 22 miles per hour."

All of it.
Oh, and before I forget: Class II Keyboard Alert.


John Wilder said...

Love it. Social Justice Force - we need to make that television series. Oh, wait, we've gone past the point when it was a parody?

I'm sorry for that privileged microagression. I'll turn myself in.

Badger said...

Entertaining - if difficult to read because of the identity-acccomodating vocabulary, unfamiliar to most (except U of Missouri shrieking-shrew professors). But high marks on gathering it into context for the heathen - well done.
Thanks for the coffee warning.

Retired cop said...

Glad to see that Chris is back. He offers some well thought out commentary on numerous subjects

Anonymous said...

It would be a lot funnier if it wasn't so realistic.
Sad times.

Tactless Wookie said...

Sounds like a passage from a Kurt Schlichter book.

billrla said...

Billy Joel stayed pretty true to his audience, unlike, say, Bruce Springsteen, who turned out to be a fake. Too bad. There was a time that Springsteen was the Man. The beginning of that particular Billy Joel song also has a short riff that sounds like Elton John. Music was so much better back then.

The lights are going out on Broadway for mainstream media. One guy such as Hernandez, or Aesop, simply blows away the entire "TV dial" of MSM talking heads. Yeah, TVs once had dials, and you could actually "turn" to one of your 12 favorite stations (functionally, more like eight or nine; never did get much UHF).

Ned2 said...

Springstein is an asshole.
A great example of what can happen to a normal human being when inundated with gobs of cash.

parascribe said...

Wasn't sure if that was parody or prophecy.

Ned2 said...

Aesop, wondering if, with your extensive medical experience, you would recommend one of these for your survival kit
I was going to send one to Springstein, you know, for all his good music and such.

99 Pens said...

Great Music