Thursday, September 29, 2016

Black Lies Matter

h/t WRSA

From Fred On Everything:
It is a great mystery why the least productive thirteen percent of the country, the most dependent on welfare, the most criminal, should be permitted to steal, burn, rape, and beat those who behave in accordance with civilized standards. To shout “kill Whitey” while buying groceries with an EBT card, to expect to be taken care of, to get welfare and affirmative action while attacking the caretakers, does not suggest a crushing burden of mental acuity.
I disagree with a good bit of what Fred writes. His ex-pat location in our narco-state neighbor due south doesn't help his case, frequently. But in this essay, he distills absolute clarity from amongst the chaos.

Do, please, RTWT.

His prognosis, of either backlash, perpetual conflict, or segregation so strict that it'd make apartheid in S. Africa look downright cheerful is probably right on the money.

Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, unencumbered by Common Core math skills, could do the math on a race war, and preached non-violence. Mainly because 7:1 odds didn't fill them with a lot of hope for the outcome.

Now that mostly non-violence for an entire generation has gotten all the loot it can - in the trillions, to date - from white-guilted folks, the next generation thinks they can steal even more.

They have miscalculated badly, and are, in the words of a Frenchman regarding his nation's Indochina experience, "about to be shat upon, from a great height".

And it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of thugs and cutthroats, firmly deserving of buckshot enemas, just to drive the point home.

Followed by the real, final, and absolute end of the welfare state, and for all time.

Follow your read of Fred's essay up with a complementary one, by Robert Gore at Straight Line  Logic:
 Handing people the coerced fruits of other people’s labor makes the recipients parties to theft, and it’s all downhill from there. Incentives for self-improvement are destroyed, dependency takes hold, self-respect vanishes, and social pathologies effloresce.
The two dovetail nicely.

Which brings us to where we are, and where we're headed.
Trump is a potential megalomaniac, and a douchebag, but Shrillary would expand the scattered riots into one from coast to coast, and among even more out-groups, a recipe for following the former Yugoslavia's path to national non-existence, and/or a gestapo state in reality everywhere at all times, rather than just the occasional sneering escapade of the current experience.

And the people at the top of the page doing the looting and beating are her voter base.

Choose wisely, and make appropriate plans for all foreseeable outcomes.

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Windy Wilson said...

"Choose wisely." Yep; what was that quote from some old Woody Allen movie? Something about choosing between despair and utter hopelessness and total extinction, and hoping we have the wisdom to choose correctly?