Monday, September 26, 2016


h/t to Zerohedge.

Shrillary arrives at the debate.

If you're wondering about all that's going on with Shrillary's Healthgate,  here's a tally of her whole 17-year sickapalooza here. (And an earlier compendium here.)

CSVT, Parkinson's, and more, all on display. Like Custer at Little Big Horn, she's taking fire from all directions, and running out of options.

Which, not coincidentally, fully explains everything you've seen from 1999 to now, from the multiple falls, head injuries, blue glasses, goofy medical practice, tests, and responses of everyone from the brute squad of trolls who throw her into the van every time this happens, to the behavior of her family and her senior campaign staff.

Shrillary's not only ugly as a dog, she's as sick as one too.


Anonymous said...

Maybe your link to commander zero is broken, I get an "Error 404" when I click on it.

Paul Campbell said...

I wonder how she will hold up at the debate tonight? I don't think I can stand to watch.

Anonymous said...

"Shrillary's not only ugly as a dog, she's as sick as one too."

Hey, don't insult dogs like that!

Mark D

Unknown said...

Hey, how much meth does it take to get 200 pounds of flab energized for 90 minutes?