Sunday, September 18, 2016

Oh Dear...

I (foolishly, apparently) thought there might be some respite on this topic, but alas, 'tis not to be.

You may have seen the earlier viral video from Dr. Ted Noel,

where he took Shrillary's video indicators, and laid out a very cogent case for her having unrevealed advanced Parkinson's Disease.
(And if not, feel free to review it.)

Then, after 9/11, his analysis of the event she suffered explains why it wasn't pneumonia-induced dehydration:

(And it dovetails completely with everything I wrote last week.)

Well, Dr. Ted has yesterday given a cursory look at Shrillary's "health report", issued by way of cover-lying (the default mode for all Shrillary press operations, lifetime) after last Sunday's near faceplant at the 9/11 memorial. And shock of shocks, guess who's telling whoppers, and promulgating nonsense, while once again getting caught on the details? Watch it for yourself:

I'm telling you from a medical standpoint, his analysis continues to be reasonable, and highlights the judgement of a doctor with 36 years in practice.

It also highlights a candidate with more than 40 years' experience in lying regularly, continuously, and pathologically.

The wheels are off this wagon.

And if Trump watches Shrillary faceplant at the debates, and has the wit to say "There you go again..."

he'll be crowned Emperor on the spot, by popular acclaim.


tweell said...

Dr. Ted had better hope that Hillary doesn't catch wind of this, or his life expectancy may be very low indeed.

Windy Wilson said...

From a Presidential race perspective, if she drops out or sheds this mortal coil before the election, what happens? (Assuming that Trump is not elected).

1. Her name stays on the ballot and Vice President Kaine is elevated to President Kaine and then chooses another VP?

2. Kaine names a new VP for himself, the election occurs as scheduled and he takes the office as President himself?

3. Someone new takes her place at the top of the ticket? E.G. good ol' dopey Uncle Joe Biden?

4. This is deemed completely unprecedented so via Executive Order President Obama says in order to have a fair election the people have to vote for another Democrat candidate through the primary process, delaying the election for 12 months. (and in the process Barak Obama avoids the Secret Service and the Military who are finally out to help him follow the law.

Assuming for all this, that President Trump does not take office in January, which I think is more likely than Hillary or someone from her party taking office.

Aesop said...

If she dies before the election, Trump wins in a landslide.

If she dies after winning the election, Kaine is president-elect. And has to name his veep and get it past a Republican Senate.

If Hopey-Dopey tries to arrange any sort of late check-out from the White House Motel for any reason whatsoever, lynching will come back in style, unless it turns into a race to see whether tanks from Fort Knox , Fort Bragg, or Camp Lejeune can get to D.C. first to depose him.