Saturday, September 17, 2016


For the literal thousands who stopped by here, or came back, for the last week's worth of stuff relating to Shrillary and her Magical Disappearing Pneumonia, humble and sincere thanks for dropping by.

Based on the skyrocketing hits count, which usually would've signified mention either on Tam's page, Ace Of Spades, or the like, I must've hit a wee nerve to get such interest. It makes pounding the keyboard worthwhile to get traction once in awhile. At any rate, once again, my thanks for your electronic attentions as I fling my digital poo.

As I momentarily pause from that topic rest assured it's not from lack of interest.
There isn't much left to say of the most recent of frauds perpetrated upon the American public by the lying she-weasel and the pack of varmints working on perpetrating her campaign for the presidency.

But I suspect her next handy "episode" won't be long in coming, and will happily examine it when that happens. All things come to him who waits.

But if anyone ever needed vivid proof of where things here in the
(f)ailing remnants of the republic are likely headed, or that "you don't have enough ammo", I can't think of anything quite as eye-gapingly obvious as the events of the last week.

Clearly, we've once again been cursed with living in interesting times.
Prepare accordingly.

But for the moment, it appears we all get an actual weekend to enjoy, for which respite we give heartfelt thanks.

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