Thursday, September 22, 2016

Where's Bimbo?

I thought she was "powering through" her case of Magical Disappearing Imaginary Pneumonia.

After the lightest campaign schedule on record, she's dropping events like crazy, and quite possibly going to cancel the first debate.

Curiouser and curiouser, hmmmmmm?

I'm sure she's fine, though.
I mean, it's not like her campaign would lie about her condition or anything, right...?


Pawpaw said...

She's probably still whipping Bills ass for that speech he gave to Foundation earlier this week. I'm told that it didn't do her, or him, or the campaign any good at all. Quite the contrary, it raised more questions than it answered.

Paul Campbell said...

One can only hope she stays gone and even the media is forced to wonder why.

Anonymous said...

They're probably resting her before the debate. As it is they're gonna have to have her all hepped up on goofballs to keep her vertical and semi-coherent. I'm half expecting her to drop at some point and her toes curl up right there on stage. Given what we've seen of her campaigning, can she even stand up there on stage under hot lights and under the tremendous pressure and not have some sort of episode? These things go for what 60 to 90 minutes?

Wtf do you do if you're Trump and she's flopping around on the floor like a gaffed tuna on the deck? Immediately run to help her, kneeling at her side, holding her cold lizard like hand? Stand there with your arms folded? Address the crowd and lead them in prayer for her? I'd do A then C. The visuals would be epic.

Windy Wilson said...

She's patient 1 for 24 hour pneumonia.
What I'm concerned about is if she is elected our seniors will suddenly be afflicted with the heretofore never diagnosed Outpatient Heart Transplants and Outpatient Colonectomies.

tweell said...

Those steroids they gave her wore off, and she went down hard. Her doctor can't just keep feeding her more goodies to keep the Parkinson's at bay and make her look 'normal', it'll stop working soon. Folks are already watching for the body double, so that won't work.

Figure she'll cancel the first debate, and get the second to be as short as possible.

Miles said...

If her bunch cancels the first debate, all it will do is increase the volume of questions about her physical fitness..and they know it. Damned if they do, maybe damned if they don't.

"They're probably resting her before the debate. As it is they're gonna have to have her all hepped up on goofballs to keep her vertical and semi-coherent... is right.

And I'd bet besides resting, her medical staff is frantically working on the precise dosage of whatever it takes to keep her from going into vapor lock for the length of a debate, without her looking like she's stoned out of her head.

Quite a balancing act and as the word degenerative means "It ain't stable, it's getting worse", an act that has to be constantly attended to, or ......

IMO, yesterday would have been the latest a full run, doped up, debate dress rehearsal would have been possible to lock down the best dosing plan and give the beast the most time to rest before Monday.