Sunday, September 11, 2016

Falling Down

With yet another episode of "dropsy" today at the 9/11 anniversary, on a far from sweltering day in the low 80s in NYFC, Horking Hacking Hillary can no longer duck the health issue, despite the MSM's non-stop efforts to look the other way.

She's clearly covering up a serious health issue or issues, and stonewalling that conversation with 58 days to go until the election is going to be this election's equivalent of riding around in a tank in a too-big helmet.

Everything is proceeding exactly as we have foreseen.

Down side? Sure there is.

But this is what you get, when the media chooses the candidates for the 7th election in a row.


Anonymous said...

You're a medical person. Now I know it's considered "unprofessional" to diagnose from a distance, but to you, did this look like a normal episode of heatstroke or anything caused by 50% humidity and 77 degrees?

Aesop said...

Nope, and it isn't simply "pneumonia", which is the most recent operative tale.
The proof will be when she hasn't bounced back after another week or two of seclusion (like she would with simple pneumonia).

This BS has been going on for weeks, and it isn't an acute illness.
She's a well-known pathological liar, and this isn't something a few days' antibiotics will solve.

So in a couple of weeks, they'll need an even BIGGER LIE to cover up the real problem - again.

The cat's gonna come out of the bag, and it's going to shred her chances for the White House with any luck.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I read your new post up above as well, and it's very helpful to know that I'm not feeling alone in that this is unlike any heatstroke (as was originally reported) I've ever seen. A sudden bout like that in an normally healthy person would usually mean, as you said, she'd be laid out on the ground and an ambulance would have been called. This all screams that she's hiding something, and I'm sick and tired of the leftists saying that anyone who believes their own eyes over the past few months - instead of the blather and excuses that come out of their mouths - are "conspiracy theorists". I think instead that THEY'RE delusional and in denial, which is the obvious case here. Yesterday dealt them the death blow.. she's over and they can type and talk to their heart's content - eyes don't lie.