Thursday, June 11, 2020

Tick Tock

Just wondering what the over/under is on some good old boy outside the city limits of New Wakanda deciding to build himself a new Killdozer, and single-handedly re-opening the streets of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, and if so how many days until it happens?

Bonus: What happens if he has a few buddies who get their hands on an old Brinks truck or two, and they decide to ride shotgun on the escapade?

Go long on popcorn futures; this is going to get funnier before it gets absolutely hilarious.


ADS said...

The uniparty is desperately trying to provoke a violent response by at least one white, preferably Christian, preferably Conservative individual. 4chan and other places where likely radicals hang out have been absolutely swarming with taunts of "so much for your conservative milita, you won't fight back because you're a pussy, come on do a mass shooting". If the bait is taken, the attacker will be smeared as a white supremacist and nailed to Trump, while the victims will be proclaimed as saintly martyrs and dozens of pre-written red flag/anti-gun bills (loaded to the gills with commie pork like rent control) will be pushed by the various Soros-funded organizations that are being spun up for the 2020 election.

They want war, they want chaos, they want every possible disruption to the country in order to unseat Trump. Let's not play into their hands.
Why would I want to shut down the CHAZ? It's hilarious to watch these rich kid chavistas flail and starve and get run over by a soundcloud rapper turned warlord, and we're only two days in. Democrats are eating Democrats in Democrat territory, I'm just here to laugh at them.

FredLewers said...

Why the fuck would anybody with enough skills and resources to build that break into CHAZ? If said skillful person was truly ambitious about making a statement regarding the current Seattle insanity, I would think that that statement might incorporate impenetrable barriers, a moat based on the sewers under the streets, possibly a trench with venomous snakes... Build something to keep those fools stuck there. DO NOT LET THEM OUT!

Anonymous said...

That would be pretty bad optics and gives them and the media more material to further demonize the side that really doesn't deserve it.

Let them devour each other instead. It's been hilarious watching their totally sustainable, all organic, ethically sourced Commie side salad garden for two wilt under the PNW sun. It's also fun to watch them fight over whether Warlord Raz of the CHAZ should lead them in their autonomous zone - autonomous supposedly meaning leader-free. Sip your tea, munch on your popcorn, nachos, or whatever your game snack may be and sit back and enjoy the show. They will take care of themselves.

show me one socialist success in world history said...

I'druther give them drone deliveries of aerosolized dog shit.

waepnedmann said...

You are going to need dismounted infantry with your armor.
I bet you could get some guys driving F-250s with hillbilly armor and sandbags to use as armored personnel carriers.

. said...

Heard from Junior Termite, who is currently on Okinawa with the 3rd Recon Batt. He finds what has happened in Seattle rather amusing.

I asked him how long it would take the 3rd Recon Batt to boot the Bolsheviks out.

His response: "What are the rules of engagement? Weapons free? One day. If we have to be nice, three or four days."

Unknown said...

Force recon, nice.