Sunday, June 7, 2020

Just Saying

While everyone's been happily enjoying the re-opening America festivities, another 10K people are dead in the US in the last 10 days, more that the total Kung Flu deaths in Germany to date.

Bear well in mind, those are largely people who got it a month or so ago.

But it's still knocking off about 1K/day every day, in the U.S. (We hit 100K dead here on 5/28, IIRC.)

Better than the 2K+/day at its peak, but far from happy days.
Gonna be interesting to see where it goes in all those blue hives with the anti-social distancing going for Anarchy Week.
Be a real shame if they knocked a goodly number of themselves off, but even if it's only a few, every one of the radical Left dead helps. Ammo will cost us money. Virus deaths among Antifa cost us nothing.

But they're fun to watch.

Remember, the virus dies in summer sunshine in a minute or two.
Go out and play, yes, and work. But keep washing your hands.
One unintended consequence may be that if people pay attention, and do basic hygiene all year, this coming fall and winter's flu season may be one of the mildest on record.


Robin Datta said...

A possible solution to COVID-19?

Night driver said...

They will find HCQ SO much more effective if it is coupled with Zinc...

Night Driver

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

It was known it would run low on steam. Aloha- George Floyd instead of Justin Diamond- Snakbar". Another test run bigger than the last, curios what's next, and before or after the election. Probably depends on whether they can steal it or not. Stay frosty people grocery stores are full.

Bought kid some college furniture from friend of the wife. They knew the healthy 70 year old from my community who died from the kung flu. Dammit I still have to be careful and will but not going thru life in fear.

Robin Datta said...

The spark for the tinder?

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

This actually has me wondering Aesop. One of the sadder overall comments I found about this whole think was that people who have been stating for months to social distance and mask suddenly could (apparently) care less about public health. It is sad because it undermines any narrative that these is really meant to prevent the spread and suggests the whole thing is everything some people say that it is.

Unknown said...

Hey Aesop, I'm sorry to have to ask, but can you speak to WHO suddenly announcing that asymptomatic carriers are not a big deal, and the protestors bring allowed to protest and, ahem "health officials" saying it's just fine?

Right Wing Barking Moonbats (who should really know better) are now claiming this as their new smoking gun that Coronavirus is and was always a hoax. Since they don't personally know anyone who died, all the deaths are a hoax.

Also, do you have any thoughts on how the RWBM would have reacted if we hadn't shut down? Would they purchased a clue when the hospitals started rationing care, or would they still be busy proving denial ain't just a river in Africa?


Aesop said...

As per the suggestions of Orangeman, I suspect TPTB at WHO are working for the ChiComs' interests, and not those of the world at large. As usual.

As for the RWBMs, "you can't argue someone out of a position, using facts and logic, that they did not get themselves into using facts and logic." And Gilligans are the exclusive property of neither side. They are where you find them, anywhere on the political spectrum.

Too many people can't wrap their heads around the idea that a real event was highjacked on the principle of "Never let a crisis go to waste", even though they watched it happen with the death (not killing) of George Floyd, and the same thing was definitely going on during the Kung Flu, and will continue to do so.

That doesn't mean some black people aren't all butthurt over pretty much anything the police do to their Dindus, or that Kung Flu isn't exactly what was promised, and just as deadly (i.e. +/- 3%).

Murphy and Darwin cull those both bad at math, and unable to note that we can have a genuine crisis, and that the Leftards will highjack anything to further their own agenda, including cupcakes and puppies.

Unknown said...

Thanks Aesop.

I ask you these things because you are just about the last rational voice I have found. I am sure you are correct that these people are on both sides of the aisle, but I used to believe that the Right, unlike the Left, understood cause and effect.

I was very, very wrong.


Sendarius said...

Now that COVID-19 has taught people to wash their hands, what can we use to teach them to use their indicators?

sykes.1 said...

Corrected for population, the 57/58 Asian flue killed the equivalent of 223,000 Americans. The 68/69 Hong Kong flu killed 165,000. COVID is the third worst pandemic of the last 75 years.

Aesop said...

1) The body count for those earlier pandemics are pure SWAG estimates, essentially numbers pulled out of someone's hindquarters.

2) Call back end of December and what say let's re-visit the final tally.

Aesop said...


If you mean turn signals, my suggestion is GPS-driven shock collars mounted into the seating: if your car turns and you haven't clicked the appropriate turn signal beforehand, shock is applied.

OvergrownHobbit said...

people who have been stating for months to social distance and mask suddenly could (apparently) care less about public health. It is sad because it undermines any narrative that these is really meant to prevent the spread and suggests the whole thing is ... A fraud.

Knowing that all the sacrifices and the care were just one big scam, because the quarantine, the shelter-in-place, and yes, even the masks are just a pure kabuki...

Why not say to blazes with it? Why not make choices based on liberty and what's best for your economic well-being?

If you're going to force feed Wuhan Gurgling Death patients into nursing homes anyway, why not open them wide to their families, so that at least they can die with their loved ones?

Safety second.

Sweden was right. Knowing you have the same number of intransigent aliens who defecate in the street, the same Karen mayors and soi-boi provincial leaders, the same refusal to shut down mass-transit and air travel from hot spots as England, and the same garbage NatSoc health "care" and Care Homes...

Why destroy your country, for a sham "quarantine" ?

I guess the final question is, are we more Ebgland/Sweden or more Taiwan/So. Korea in the end.

Aesop said...


Because if everyone else jumps off the cliff, why not just join them?

Unknown said...

Sweden? Sweden got kicked in the teeth by Kung Flu, especially compared to the rest of their Nordic neighbors who did shut down.


Sarin said...

Looks like you were right... WHO walking back statement about Typhoid mary.