Thursday, June 11, 2020

Arts and Crafts

h/t SiG

Seems that, exactly like every other communist state in history, the latest one spontaneously aborted onto the receiving blanket already can't feed itself.

When the morons who took over Malheur asked for something to eat, someone sent them a bag of  dicks to eat.

Which was genius, and also generated a viral video of the rantations in response from one of the involved f**kwits.

Of course, I'd never suggest sending the starving Antifatards in the People's Democratic Republic of CHAZ packages of dried bleached manure, and labeling it as instant oatmeal, or making up a batch of chicken dropping mush and sending it in a commercially-labelled "Hummus" tub.

Because that would be baaaaaaaaaad.
Or something.

Especially if you shrink-wrapped it afterwards to look totally legit.

Don't do it!


SWVAguy said...

If they're really autonomous, those in authority should cut off their water supply, electricity, cable and phone service, cell service and trash collection. Then send in tanks.

SiGraybeard said...

The first thing I had to laugh at was the twit who had to put her dietary preference in the tweet. It's saying, "yeah, I'm really hungry and soon I'll be starving, but you have to send vegan food because I'm so much better than you are".

I read last night that someone who considers himself a warlord has taken over the CHAZ and has started shaking down the people who live there for money. To run everything. Sure. Just like always.

In a way, this is really comical. They set up this Autonomous Zone and clearly couldn't run a household let alone a city. No food supplies, no water supplies, no sewage removal, no garbage disposal, no infrastructure at all, and no way to pay for it. Every utility should shut down the area, at least as much as they can, and then start negotiating rates. They'll be a failed state wallowing in filth within days.

Like the commies in Russia, China, Cuba, or Venezuela, or the rioters in Zimbabwe or South Africa, or a hundred other places, they know how to run a rebellion and break shit but couldn't manage a MacDonald's with every aspect of the supply chain intact.

Piercello said...


This is a tactical/strategic post-mortem of the Minneapolis riots, but written from the other side. It might (or might not) make interesting blog fodder.

robins111 said...

They should be able to bring busloads of winos and such from the other cities and drop them off at the barricades, then stop any food but beef burgers fro crossing the line.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

People forget or did not care that Bundy owed the taxpayers a million dollars in grazing fees while he pocketed the cattle profits. I know we won't get the money back ever but.

Aesop said...

As I noted at the time, the old man is a simple thief, and the son is a simpleton.
The fact that in Bundy Games 2.0, 50% of all involved were fed agents/CIs is a good object lesson in why you don't open-recruit ever unless you have a death wish.

John said...

Anyone got George Soros current address?

Asking for a friend.

kurt9 said...

People forget or did not care that Bundy owed the taxpayers a million dollars in grazing fees while he pocketed the cattle profits

Although this is my area, I never followed this case much. However, I always suspected there was more to the story than what I was being spoon fed by either the MSM or alt-right media. I'm not surprised I never got this part of the story about Bundy.

SWVAguy said...

Why don't we take up a collection for a few dozen dildos. Black, of course, so we wouldn't be accused of being RAYCISS.

John said...

I think you'll get a chuckle out of tomorrow's post if I write it as funny as it is in my noggin.