Sunday, June 28, 2020

Sunday Music: Mr. Bojangles

Sammy Davis Jr. closed his act with this number. Having premiered at age 3, wandering onstage where his parents were performing, and delivering the immortal debut line, "Momma, I've gotta make a wee-wee!", he said he did the number because he feared becoming the washed up hoofer in the song. As if, with his monumental talent, that was even possible. If this one isn't enough for you, check him out taking the stage for his 60th anniversary, and performing with dancing legend Gregory Hines, the last man who ever got Mr. Bojangles to dance for us one last time, just days before he died of cancer. And showing up Hines, even at the end of his life. You'll never see the like of that amount of talent in one person again for a long, long time.


Old NFO said...

Truly a special entertainer who literally did it all! Song, dance, act, comedy... May he rest in peace.

John said...

But have you heard Shatner do it???

Night driver said...

And when he walked out on stage with his SixGuns you KNEW you were in for a treat!!

BTW he was either the only one or one of 2 or 3 guys who could do "THE Trick" (He was verified on film/tape).

He was verified taking a shot glass, balancing it on the back of his hand at waist level, dropped the glass, drew his gun, and shot the glass STILL IN THE AIR.

He was one of the BEST gun-play guys in the biz.

He would actually give Bobby Darin a run on Bobby's signature "Mack the Knife". No mean feat.

May he rest well.

While we learn (again) how to develop talents like his.

Night Driver

jackalope said...

He was a helluva drummer, too.

Oneissuevoter said...

Thank you.