Saturday, June 27, 2020

This Is Your Urban Defense Briefing

For those enough salty enough to remember the '60s live, it goes by the period reference:

Do unto others. 
Then split.

Hanging around to answer stupid questions is a sucker move, and only liable to fill the D.A.'s dance card - with your name.

Don't be That Guy.

You should have a brass catcher mounted already.
Eff Off. At a slow but determined walking pace.

Everyone remembers the guy running.
No one looks twice at the Grey Man walking away.

Word to Claire Wolfe*:

It's getting pretty damned close to that "Time to shoot the bastards".
Just saying.

*(Misremembered. Fixed. Mea culpa.)


Night driver said...

Ahhh, boss!?
Isn't that Clare Wolfe's line???

Unless Sara has been quoting her....

Night Driver

SecessionIsTheAnswer said...

Isn't that quote from Claire Wolfe?

Aesop said...

Yep. Remembered on my own, and fixed, then saw both comments.
It's amazing how your mind will fix a problem in your sleep, and let you know when you wake up.

Bee Ess said...

I think the takeaway from is that you have GOOD readers. (present company possibly excluded)

Greg said...

Yes, and I have Claire's books from long ago. Deeply regret the passing of Loompanics books. And I believe it's almost time Claire.
And if not a brass catcher, what about alcohol wiped, nitrile gloved, meticulously print free brass?

Night driver said...

Or at least SOME of us don't have the SAOAFR problem...

(Situational Awareness of a fucking rock)

. said...

A few cheap makeshift disposable .22 suppressors may be a handy item to have in the near future.

Might I recommend Aguila SSS ammo, if your pistol or rifle will feed and shoot them accurately. They really want a 1 - 10 twist for best accuracy; however, even keyholing, they're accurate enough at 50 ft or less. And even without a suppressor, they're quieter than CCI Mini-Mags.

Nick Flandrey said...

Not a bad idea in case one gets away, but one of the forensic tests it looking at the marks the firing pin/striker/what have you makes on the primer, where it hits relative to center, if there are any distinctive scratches, etc.

Same for the ejector scratches.

I'm no expert, but maybe add cycling the rounds thru a dozen times, maybe even different guns?

The traditional answer is to make sure they can never match the gun to the fired round by not keeping the gun around.

It's also my understanding that it's not as clear and easy to do as the TV shows would have you believe. They're more likely to just "find child porn" on your computer or phone and lock you up of sweat you for that...*


*see also the dead guy in Vegas's brother...

Michael said...

Given how many folks I know that *think* shutting off that Government Approved Tracking Device AKA Cell Phone prevents them from being tracked in Real Time (tm) I suspect that between I-Phones, loud mouth friends and family members betrayal that *forensic" evidence is almost secondary.

Fingerprints, latent fingerprints that half assed glove use leaves and DNA material we leave behind from breathing and skin flakes would be mostly limited to important folks deaths.

Most blue hives are VERY Electronic Surveillance AND full of "Karen's" that delight in reporting Bad Think-Bad Behavior with out a reward system. BTW communists are always willing to offer Good Citizen Awards (like extra food or money) so be aware.

The British lost the American revolution because they thought it a "Military Affair" and a whiff of grape shot would quell the revolt. They FAILED to control the Media of the day and thus LOST the Populations support as stories of THEIR Atrocities angered Joe 6 pack and family. Today as I see it WE are the British here. Far too many of us think a "Whiff of grapeshot" would stop the situation. The Socialist-Democrats OWN the Media and thus even Trump supporters are being demoralized by the constant propaganda.

Grid failure would end the Electronic Surveillance-Media state BUT current population of the USA is around 330 million. Pre-electricity grid 1890 population was 62 million and it wasn't for lack of large families. It was less effective medical care, and mostly all people the food system could support.

Do the math and count noses around you to see how many will be dead with in a week or so of grid down. Electricity is critical in water pumping (How many days until dead eh?) water PURIFICATION (bad water same situation as NO Water) Communications-refrigeration-fuel production and even the credit system that as a former Trucker was critical to pay for all that fuel and food etc. as I drove across America every week carrying EVERYTHING you buy.

It's a bad situation anyway you look at it. Think before you act.

Michael said...

Aesop I don't know if this is the right place but as the Woodpile Report seems DOA (and I pray I am wrong here but his past articles are gone and he's not responding to email) the Sidebar information on his webpage NEEDS to be saved and distributed far and wide. Woodpiles Sidebars are a crash course in how Radicals think and operate AND to be how to defeat their tactics.

This battle for our Republic is a thinking mans war and we need Woodpiles cliff notes as reminders.


Dov Sar said...

The country version of that is shoot, shovel, and shut up.

Michael said...

Aesop did you read that the Missouri Couple that stood off that "Peaceful Protestors" mob chanting we are going to burn you out with an AR and a pistol has been DISARMED by the police? Their weapons are in the evidence room until investigations are complete. They had to hire "Private Security" when the mobs returned to tour their gated community after they were disarmed. Good thing they are Lawyers and can afford to hire private security eh?

The "Peaceful Protesters" have the full support of the politicians and thus the police in that state. TRUE Democracy where 51% of the people can vote to disarm and put to death the other 49%, yay TEAM!

Even the Roof Top Koreans were disarmed by the LAPD during a lull in the Rodney King riots and had to rearm themselves with secondary weapons. Be aware folks the smooth talking politicians are either Bought by Soros or the Democratic party (but I repeat myself), cowed by social conditioning not to be RAYCESSES or afraid of the Mob so they "Make nice to it".

Someone posted WE have numbers and GUNS, those soyboys will lose. Sorry folks, looks like WE are the British and the Revolutionaries are using "Indian tactics" aka LAWFARE using our own rules and laws to shame us, destroy anybody who resists PUBLICLY as to cow the others that Might resist and Disarm us one by one until they create the "ALL SO TOLERANT" Mob rule government they so desire.

That senile sock puppet Biden put out his "Common Sense Gun Control Laws" statement on his website. Given what happened when the Mob demanded the lawyer couple be disarmed and then Promptly came back to terrorize them some more after their weapons were secured in the police evidence room, Biden's shown WE the People WILL BE DISARMED to protect the Socialist-Democratic Supporting Mob.

As I've posted before this isn't a "grass roots" operation. It's a Color Revolution driven by the Deep State to use the Socialist-Democrats and their street thugs Antifa and BLM to drive out troublemakers like Trump who want them arrested-trial for treason in the Russia gate scandal's. The Deep State Doesn't care who the face people are in the New Government they want to be the POWER Behind the Throne. The Socialist-Democrats are going for the Golden Ring of total control of ALL THREE Branches of our Republic THIS Fall.

Someone more techie than I needs to save the Woodpiles side notes as they are the handbook on how to defeat the Antifa-BLM folks. The British LOST the American Revolution because they never had the control of the Media and the Joe 6 packs of that time either stayed out of the fight or supported the Revolutionaries because of the "Atrocities" of the British.

Read the lyrics of Mike and the Mechanics "Silent Running" good advice in there.