Tuesday, June 9, 2020


This is a pure crack-smoking hopeium fantasy.
Say no to crack, kids.

Tam notes what happens when you put idiots in charge, who suddenly decide that Utopia is possible, if only you get rid of the police. This is a 1st grader's magical-thinking view of How Life Works. Except make that child elected to public office, and allowed to actually try and implement it, and retarded, and a registered Dumbocrat. But I repeat myself.
We could fisk the nonsense in the second set of four panels above, if we wanted to waste as many pages trying to teach a pig to sing.

{If you couldn't help but notice the overwhelming similarity of that codswallop to the "Let's End The War On Drugs Magically By Making Them Legal" arguments, followed by unicorns farting Skittles to all the sincerest boys and girls, go to the head of the Logic Department Faculty.}

"I think you should be more explicit here in Step Two..."

Peter independently picks up the "Let's get rid of the police" nonsense, and points out where that sort of Hopeium huffing leads, and follows the breadcrumbs to the actual Phase Two.

"But let’s say these ultra-progressive municipal governments could get their wish and abolish the police in their cities entirely. What would happen? Inevitably, an armed group would emerge and impose a monopoly on the use of force."
And offers first-person experience and familiar examples of where that heads.

Let's bring it home:

That's exactly what happens.

It's also what the anarcho-communist Left wants to happen.

Because it self-legitimizes the need for a dictatorial Commie power grab, to "clean up society". Since ever, the whole thing is a Left-wing con job, exactly like advertising.

Create the need for the otherwise needless; then meet the new "need".
They've just taken ads for dishsoap and popcorn makers to their logical political extreme.

It's a riff on the Mafia's "protection" racket:
"That's a nice society you have there; be a real shame if it suddenly burned down."

The only answer to that is to shoot the "salesmen"; and then hunt down and exterminate the guy who sent the salesmen, and all their minions, to the last man, and last child.

Nothing less will suffice.

The Left, whether they realize it or not, is setting the table for an existential war of survival, down to the last side standing.

It's a recipe for civil war on a biblical Armageddon scale.
Everyone's families and entire lifestyle are the chips in that game.

Kill all they send.
Then find and destroy the nest.
First one to go ugliest the fastest wins.

Any half measures are a recipe for self-destruction.
Dresden and Hiroshima were a template.
Second place prize is a body bag.

What we're all witnessing daily right now is the Left's Useful Idiots trying to completely upend civilization, to suit their own ends.

Half of them think they can win. The other half would rather burn everything down to try, knowing they cannot win, and not caring anyways.

This is logic via Lucifer:
"If I cannot rule everything, I'll burn it all down." 

The answer to that, as ever, comes out of the barrel of a gun, and at the point of sword and spear. And on the scale we're talking about, when ammunition runs out, that's exactly what it's going to be.

Conflict on that scale - war to the knife; knife to the hilt - has only one immutable commandment:

Don't lose.

Because we've all seen, throughout history, what happens when socialism - whether national or international - makes the trains run on time.
And we already know where the boxcars unload.



Vitaeus said...

This is not going to end well, I am thankfully on the other side of the Puget Sound....https://www.capitolhillseattle.com/2020/06/welcome-to-free-capitol-hill-capitol-hill-autonomous-zone-forms-around-emptied-east-precinct/

Reltney McFee said...

Vitaeus: I agree, and also hope that my kinda sorta distant location, from "the excitement", will be sufficient.

HOWEVER, my bet is that (as the Russian people used to say), that simply because you are not interested in politics, means in no way that politics, and poly-ticians, are uninterested in you.

Ref the widely quoted threat by one (Minneapolis, I think?) "protestor" to take the protests to the suburbs. THAT should be interesting. TDW, in her intelligence assessment of the neighborhood, notes that three out of four neighbors are libs, and decidedly non-gun-owning. The fourth owns his own business, and *IS* a gun owner. The other neighbor, over that-a-way, seems to be a meth head.

Fun times. BLOAY (Yesterday!)

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

This will not end well at all. I keep hoping for a controlled descent but have come to believe that this, too, is now beyond us.

Gordon said...

I'm on the left bank of Puget Sound too... watching the fun times happening in Seattle, thankfully a couple of miles of salt water away. But the fun times are a' headed our way even at that, I am sure. Darned Chinese and the "May you live in interesting times" curse.

I spoke to an old friend, the Command Master Chief(Ret.) today. He said "I've always wondered why the Good Lord has kept me alive through so many times I should have died. Now I know."

Stay frosty, and mind your PT.

Light Dragoon

John said...

Once the Terror begins? An excuse for Leftist police. And they won't be Officer Friendly - they'll be more like the NKVD.

Aesop said...

They'll also have a lifespan measured in fruit fly-years, and prove to be a handy resupply point for the insurgency.

Cougfan said...

Being on the left side of the Sound won't help you. They're likely already surveying your neighborhoods, and then hopping on the ferry and heading back to their holes.

I'm on the NE corner of the state. Blowing the highways and rail lines at Stevens and Snoqualmie is sounding better by the minute.

There won't be a soft landing.

We will not make it to the election without a major incident. They are determined to see that Trump gets the blame for whatever they feel like blaming him for.

BTW, you do not have enough ammunition, supplies, or most importantly, friends / tribe with long guns and adequate skills. (neither do I).

FredLewers said...

Whether or not Trump is re-elected is immaterial. The shenanigans will continue until they get their way or the more mature members of society decide to spank them and put them on a permanent time out.
Civil war 2.0 is coming.
Did you find a suitable redoubt Aesop?

Mark said...

I've been reading all the calls to defund police for the last few days, and I just don't know what these people are drinking, but I want some. The belief that criminals are just poor misunderstood folk just like you and me is that same as the belief that wild animals are like they're depicted in Disney movies. Try to pet a deer, raccoon or possum sometime, take video, it'll be hilarious.

Most violent criminals as sociopaths who really, REALLY need to be locked up away from civilized folks (or put into the ground during one of their attempts at property redistribution by those same civilized folks). I recall reading that Richard Pryor, while researching for Stir Crazy, visited a prison. He asked an inmate who was in for multiple counts of murder why he'd killed those people, he replied "Because they were home." After that Pryor said he hoped he never went to prison, but he was REAL glad such places existed.

Mark D

T said...

I'll just leave this here.


Marty said...

This is looking more and more like the prelude to a Spanish Civil War situation


@Cougfan - don't recall where I saw it, probably here at Aesop's - but I'm going from memory.

"Invest in your stocks - food, water, ammo, etc. Then, if you double it, it might just be enough."

Aside: I know a few of my fellow Jews who say "Well, if the Dems win I'll just move to Israel" - OK, fine, I've considered it too. But then I ask, with no answer, "Do you grasp that if the Dems win, the US' veto shield for Israel will be gone, as well any assistance / help?"

In general, I just do not grasp how Jews can be Democrats these days considering the open hostility towards us that they show. But then, too many are "plopping Jews" who are Jewish only a few days of the year.


Aesop said...


Yes, I found a suitable spot.
Next on the menu is the acquisition.

Robin Datta said...

When I quit a country chock-full of jihadists, I must have been a racist because I chose to come to 'mericuh instead of going to Africa or Mexico.

When one's karma leads one to circumstances where the only moral option is killing, that is right action for that time and place.
Therefore, arise and achieve glory! Conquer your foes and enjoy a prosperous empire! O best amongst archers, all your enemies have already been killed by Me – you are but an instrument.

Anonymous said...

In much the same boat as you - though a bit further south in the Spokane area.

On the downside, we're a bit too close to Spokane for my taste if/when the anarchy spreads, and, sadly, we're still in Washington (would rather be in Idaho for reasons).

On the upside, we're relatively secluded in the hills, with acreage, big dogs and neighbors of similar mind and well armed. Plus, we just stocked the storage freezer with half a cow (and a few huge bones for the dogs).

I'm relatively fit, though I have no military training (kinda regret that now). If the real TEOTWAWKI hits, I'll last longer than those in the suburbs but probably not much more.

Hell, it's been a good life. This is all too crazy to contemplate.

Best to you and yours.

Nick Flandrey said...

Hey Aesop, John Wilder ended up on the front page at zerohedge....


Great for him!


a posse ad esse said...

This would be kind of funny if it weren't a preview of things to come.


Goose said...

Already a hard case has taken over "policing" in the antifa u-dope-e a.
If all the white split tails do not leave now they will used for sexual emergencies. Maybe a pussy can be worn out we might find out

Stay frosty, you need to be in a pack of wolves, not a lone wolf.

T-Rav said...

About that whole "Autonomous Zone" thing: so far, they've had all their food stolen by homeless people and put out a plea for vegan resupply, and are now dealing with some of their members setting themselves up as minor warlords and beating up others they have a beef with. And we're only on Day 3 or 4 of this whole thing.

Whom the gods would destroy, they first make woke.

Grandpa said...

Shingletown. Ate pizza, drank beer there; on the way inland from the coast (ex just had to visit the Bigfoot Museum) brother, you could see God's handiwork all over the place

aminwatu said...

Well, if the Dems win I'll just move to Israel" - OK, fine, I've considered it too. But then I ask, with no answer, "Do you grasp that if the Dems win, the US' veto shield for Israel will be gone, as well any assistance / help?"