Thursday, June 18, 2020

The Revolution May Be Interested In Me, But...

Frankly, I couldn't give a wet fart about it.

1) What I care about or not won't change it.
2) It's good to keep tabs on the enemies of civilization. It is not good to become obsessed with them.
3) I have better ways to spend my time.

I spent the last couple of days tying up some loose ends on various projects.

The survival water supply hereabouts is now good for more than a full year.

The social distancing and neighborhood block party shotgun now sports a proper set of QD swivels and a padded sling, which I've been meaning to do for quite some time, but to which I never quite got around.

The back-up Death-Dealing Sniper Rifle (because two is one, and one is none) now has a nice Picatinny rail mounted. And an identical lot of Federal Gold Medal Match to feed it. I would have added the rings too, but I haven't decided on the scope...yet. Next payday, most likely.

Another bunch of Gamma Seals and buckets are in the process of being filled and sealed, extending even farther the number of days the larder (which was never touched during the COVID Games) will suffice.

Contacted the local LDS warehouse. I'm not LDS, but they're generally fine folks in many ways, particularly with regard to making provision (literally) for harsh times. Zero's info about their canning facilities nationwide was a good start, and finding out their local warehouse is conveniently nearby made it an easy way to augment what I've got stored.

A small-scale (mini-fridge, microwave, a couple of lights, PACE comms, and a laptop) solar back-up system is in the planning stages, and should be installed and functional before summer is out.

The former daily driver is now free to be converted into the Urban Assault Vehicle, i.e. an RV that doesn't look like one from the outside, such that I can travel and camp in it, or bug out with it, at my discretion.

A visit to the fine folks at Dillon Precision means that shortly, I will no longer be dealing with the onerous ammunition nonsense hereabouts, and nonetheless will be laying in some canned goods - the olive drab type - week by week, as my newest hobby.

So the local communists can do whateverinhell they've a mind to do, and it won't make no nevermind to me.

But after DDSR II is up and sighted in just like DDSR I is, they'd better do it at least 1000M away from me, or their spaz-fest will have a very short run, off-Broadway, and will close out of town.

Alternatively, if black lives really matter to black people (a few thousand dead in Chicongo - let alone District of Criminals, Detroitistan, NYFC, etc. - argue for the fact that the very idea is nonsensical and ludicrous, if not risible) they could heed some wise words of advice, if they want to cut police shootings among millions of contacts with the police from the current annual number of 9, down to an even 0:


SSG Mac said...

RE: your back-up sniper rifle. May I suggest a scope for your consideration? I've owned a couple of these, and they're bomb-proof. On the one occasion I needed customer service (a lost knob) it was fast, courteous, and above & beyond.
LINK (clean):
I have one on my long-range rig now.

Best Regards,


T said...

George Floyd's death vs. Rayshard Brooks' death: One of these is not quite like the other.

IMHO, the officers in Floyd's death definitely crossed the line, no question.

In Brooks' death, it's not nearly so clear. Taking a cop's Taser and pointing it at him generally results in what happened to Brooks. The only real question is was he running away and no longer a threat, when the LEO shot him.

And all over a simple DWI, which is a misdemeanor. You'll spend the night in jail, and bond out the next morning; go to the hearing, pay the fine and 30-90 day DL suspension, and carry on.

Bloody idiots. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


Aesop said...

The argument re:Brooks is that he was on parole from prior offenses, thus in fear of returning to prison for the misdemeanor DUI.
Which was hopefully exactly the case, and to which I repeat the 24K advice from Baretta via Sammy Davis Jr.: "Don't Do the Crime, If You Can't Do The Time".

Re: Floyd. Once again, felon under investigation.
With narcotics in his system.
Passing counterfeit, and resisting arrest.
To date, the only authoritative forensic pathology shows no proximate cause between the officers on his neck, and the cause of death.
He died in custody, not from custody.
So the most you can get them for is custodial negligence, in regards to not noticing that the guy whining loudly and repeatedly (thus untruthfully) about not being able to breathe, stopping same.
And when they did notice, they called EMS.
Their actions were not across any imaginary line, nor by all accounts even out of department policy for a non-compliant suspect.
They're going to either walk, or get a wrist slap.

Which will engender Riot v2.0 in Minneapolis, just like with Rodney King.
In both cases, had the guilty parties simply stood up and walked in handcuffs to the respective police cruisers, both would be home today, out on bail, and very much alive. Real life Cops 'N Robbers follows exactly the same rules as the play version: when you're caught, you're caught.
They represent nothing other than the cost of low IQ, because, as Mr. Rock observed in the included video, they were "ign'ant".

Boo frickin' hoo.
The herd obviously needed thinning.
And will again.

Aesop said...

@SSG Mac,

Thanks, but it'll probably be another in Leupold flavor.
I just haven't decided which exact one, including tube size.

V2 said...

I have a bug out vehicle that worked out really well.
I use it all the time to camp out of in WV. Would be happy to share some pix and misc. info on what worked out and what didn't if your interested. I guess either comment or if a way to reach out let me know.

T said...

Aesop said: "They're going to either walk, or get a wrist slap."

I'm not so sure, at least not in the Floyd case. The jury very well may decide it's better the cops go to prison, than more wide-scale looting and arson.

One thing I do think will happen: in the future, there will always be black cops present on calls concerning black suspects.

stormsailor1981 said...

yep, if you have the green leupold vx6hd or swarovski z8i, world class optics. or you can get some of the night vision,regular,and infrared scopes but that puts you up into about 5gee on your optics

Michael Powers said...

Generally can't go wrong with Leupold as long as you like the reticle..

Aesop said...

Already have Gen III+ IR, and the reticle will be MilDot.
No sense re-inventing the wheel.

John said...

I hadn't seen the Chris Rock video.

Priceless. I'm sure once it gets out, he'll be cancelled.


Also: Gen III+ (drools slightly)


Unknownsailor said...

"The only real question is was he running away and no longer a threat, when the LEO shot him."

While running away he turned around and pointed something shaped like a pistol back at the officers, and it made a report like a firearm when he fired it. The taser taken did not belong to the officer who fired the shots. No one should expect any police officer to discriminate that this suspect has a taser at night, at speed, with both the officer and the suspect on the move.

The Atlanta OIS is a textbook use of force incident. The Fulton Co DA lied several times in his news conference, and is under investigation his own self for corruption. The officer charged with murder is not being testified against by his partner.

What the entire Atlanta OIS demonstrates is that the city government, from the Mayor down, will throw the PD under the bus to try and prevent a riot, and will not back their officers.

Last night, the officers responded in kind, with dozens turning in the keys of their units and going home on the graveyard shift.

Aesop said...

On the video, he was running away, but turning to poin t the stolen taser at the pursuing officer.
1) He was clearly a threat.
2) Per the recorded speech of the exact same D.A. in another case barely two weeks prior: "Under Georgia law, firing a taser is a use of DEADLY force".

A) So the officer has clear grounds for self-defense in response to that threat.
B) Even pointing it constitutes assault with a deadly weapon, in which act the suspect was killed.
C) The D.A. is going to be recused, disciplined, sanctioned by the court, and probably forced to resign, or outright fired, for his pre-trial multi-lie-fest.
D) The officer charged is going to completely walk, and has full grounds right now for a change of venue out of that prejudicial D.A.'s scope of authority.
E) Which will get the diversity thereabouts to riot again, egged on by the exact same anarcho-Communist agitators pushing the narrative in that and every other city, for their own "Burn Everything!" ends.

Stock your ammo deep.
You're all about to get culturally enriched.

FiftycalTX said...

If you havn't heard of this scope, you might want to look thru their website. They have some impressive features if you want the latest computer geegaws

chewbacca said...

Recused and sanctioned by the court? Is the judge Democrat? Is the jury going to be packed with minorities? I'm not convinced justice will prevail until this is over. Heck, his mother was fired from her job for ... reasons? Nothing is fair anymore. I'm wondering if the system no longer works.

Viking4 said...

I'd be very interested in your small scale solar configuration. The vendors I speak with locally all want me to spend multiple thousands on a whole-home system which I do not feel that I need. If you could share your set up I can plan on getting something similar in here as well. Thanks and keep up the GREAT blog!

FredLewers said...

It's a lose lose situation for Atlanta. Decisions have consequences. Especially voting decisions. You're probably right about how it'll play out in Atlanta Aesop. Good on you for reloading.

Michael said...

Current solar packages are modular mostly plug and play. Information is available all over the net. Use your GOOGLE-Fu friends. The main things are DIRECT Sunlight Hours and proper angle for your location as we know how sunlight can reflect from glass and that solar panel is covered in glass so....

I've been called in to trouble shoot systems that were mounted POINTING North or otherwise anywhere but directly towards the southern arc of the suns motion in North America. Solar panels under various seasons of tree shading and such.

Thus I harp on the most common issues of "It's don't work..."

Plenty of other useful information at many webpages so go for it. Better a small 400 watt working system with 4+ batteries than complaining in the dark with out the ability to run a cooling fan or recharge stuff.

Robin Datta said...

Kung Flu has been around...

Welcome Black Carter said...

"One thing I do think will happen: in the future, there will always be black cops present on calls concerning black suspects." Every 911 call will follow the "Floyd" protocol: chapter and verse...911 operator - "Is he black?" Reply - "He black".