Friday, November 1, 2019

Something To Look Forward To

h/t WRSA


idahohunter said...

Amen brother.

James M Dakin said...

Remember, no matter how old you are, you can still remove several commies before you die. And no matter the famine, disease, riots, lack of winter heat or whatever else kills most of us, killing communists first helps cleanse the gene pool. You'll at least help with that. Kill a commie for mommy. I used to dismiss that as hyperbole. They've proven me wrong.

raven said...

That bastard got off easy with a bullet in the brain. Should have shared a room with willy and pete. Read the backstory.

crew said...

According to the latest reports from that worthless organization, Who, Ebola has a success rate of more than two thirds. That is, it is killing more than two thirds of those it catches.

Just imagine how much more effective it would be when there are no vaccines and it gets into the US.

Anonymous said...

Know that backstory and concur.
Agree. Put THAT on the "bucket list". Not a bad way to go out. Pears there may be opportunities in the near future.
Boat Guy

Ralph R Jaeger said...

The face a commie makes when achieving the ultimate state of communist excellence!

Thomas said...

Adams: "I killed the general with my camera."

Surprise in this story was Carter making Loan's detractors back off on account of, "Historical revisionism."

@Boat Guy: What backstory? Just asking.