Tuesday, November 19, 2019


This may describe the entire week.

I'm just wondering how long the Democrats can milk getting spanked at their own impeachment farce before their heads actually explode.
It may rain here tomorrow, which in Califrutopia, given the average skillset of driving-challenged transplants and illegal aliens who used to drive taxis in Tijuana, means chaos on the highways once the first drop hits the pavement. The media are slow-building it into the mother of all globull warming catastrophes, but rain in SoCal in November is about as newsworthy as the tide rising twice a day at the beach.

Maybe I'll go find a quiet off-season campsite or something.
There's something settling to being out in the wilds when Nature is taking a shower, or just after.

If nothing gets my goat in the meantime, I'm sure you'll all find something worthwhile to amuse yourselves.


Badger said...

Your comment about heads exploding is pretty accurate. Caught a piece of the end of the 2nd session of the Daily Farce in Mordor on the Potomac. "Their" witnesses turn out not to be theirs at all. It was one of those classic moments; their storyline refuted and, after returning from recess, the D counsel put on his best TV "seek to treat the witness as hostile Your Honor" face. And Schiffforbrains was viscerally shaken (someone needs to update the Fuehrer bunker scene video accordingly).

Ahhh.... time to dust off the recipe for some more Schadenfreude Pie.

McChuck said...

I learned a lot when I lived in Commiefornia.

The summer wild fires come as a shock and surprise to them, every single year.

The winter rains and mudslides come as a shock and surprise to them, every single year.

The cities build streets with no gutters. And then the flooding comes as a shock and surprise. Every. Single. Year.

These are not people who cannot learn. These are people who will not learn.

Aesop said...

Bear well in mind that, by multiple surveys, out of every 100 people you meet in California on any given day, the number who have lived here for 7 years or longer can be counted on one's thumbs.

The people you describe, while absolutely present here, are idiot gypsies passing through, not actual residents. After a couple of untoward seasons, they decide things were better back in Bumfuck, or will be in the next place they plan to despoil, and away they go.

And then fucktards in the Other 49 have the nerve to call them "Californians".

Not hardly.

Anonymous said...

When I was stationed in SoCal I observed the same rain=traffic mess situation. Guess some things never change. Maybe it is all the gypsies.

The slow mo implosion of Chick Fil A has been somewhat entertaining. Can't wait for the 2nd act when they shoot themselves in the foot again while also acting all surprised that bullies keep bullying when it works.

Get out and enjoy nature if only in place of those of us who cannot today.

June J said...

November 20, 2020...day 368 of the Democratic house impeachment hearings.

To day 43,217 witnesses have testified that there was no quid pro quo, bribery or anything else that could be deemed an impeachable event.
Rep. Shifforbrains and CNN says tomorrow's witnesses "will definitely" implicate Trump.

June J said...

That should read "To date 43,217 witnesses"

I hate it when the computer auto corrects my smart ass posts....

Anonymous said...

A not on point question. I was told by a recent visitor to a Lancaster, CA emergency room she was asked: 1. What was your gender at birth; 2. Is there anything related to your gender you wish to change. These questions were said to be required by the state.True?
Also, when I recently went to Walmart to buy ammo I was asked for my ID (drivers license) AND my passport (which of course I forgot at home). Result, no ammo - and no more Walmart.

Sendarius said...

Don't forget the illegal alien Somali taxi drivers.

Many moons ago, my wife and I were in a Greyhound bus at the terminal in Windsor, Canada, waiting to cross into the US at Detroit.

Our stationary bus, in a marked bay, under the lights of the bus terminal, was hit by a taxi driven by one of the said Somali taxi drivers. It was no glancing blow either - this dipshit drove squarely into the back of the bus at about 30 mph.

Anonymous said...

The way the media (overseas Commonwealth Nation) reports the impeachment hearing you'd be forgiven to think it's a slam dunk. I have to tell people that the evidence is based on Person C saying "Person B says that Person A overheard the President on the phone talking to someone" That's it.

Oh yeah, and a dual national Uniformed member of the US Defence Force told a foreign power to ignore whatever his commander says. No, I don't know why that guy isn't spending decades behind bars in a military Prison

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

This is all a good thing. Notice as they have continued to go forward their stupidity increases. I am looking forward to the next 3 or 10 russia collusion hoaxes. Entertainment level increasing as well as popcorn consumption. Been eating it from every maker ever sold, stove top whirly currently and is the best. My dad would say when I was young be careful or you will start snickering like a horse eating all that corn. He grew up cowboy. Trump likes putin but willing to tell him to knock shit off. I have told a friend who now lives in kergystan or however you spell it if I left America, which I won't, I would move to Russio or kergystan.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

knickering not snickering. Damn google/apple idiot spell check stupid shit. Maybe that is their problem, to muck gagging oops I mean googly moogling

Aesop said...

@Anonymous 2:04P
1) There are no such "gender questions required by the state".
2) WalMart isn't the problem; this is state law. To buy ammo here in Califrutopia now, you have to have your ID, and RealID, which a passport will satisfy, and they run a background check on the spot. Without that, no bullets for you.

My license was renewed before the date RealID took effect, so I can either go to the DMV and get it upgraded (by bringing my birth certificate and killing a couple of hours at the DMV), or I can bring my certified birth certificate with me to buy a gun, or ammo. The last few bangsticks I've purchased (since July 1st this year) I have chosen the latter option. I haven't yet fiddled with the ammo background check, but one of these days I will. Kicking and screaming, but the point of the law was to create a database, and to make things annoying. It will solve 0% of any crime.

And after they threw gun owners under the bus, and dropped AR and some pistol ammo to virtue-signal to the antigun trolls, I wouldn't buy ammo at WallyMart even if the ChiComs had invaded and were landing at Huntington Beach, and the ammo was being sold at 1960 prices.

Also, recent newspaper articles have made the point that CA's legal minions are working big gun shows in NV and AZ in plain-clothes by the dozen, and calling ahead to have people making purchases and putting them in cars with CA plates pulled over and searched by the CHP, for both ammo and mags with >10 rd. capacity.

Of course, it doesn't say anything about people who go there and ride a bus or use an in-state rent-a-car, or buy the items at places and times that are not big gun shows. Because they're state cop busybodies, not omnipotent genius busybodies. They're going for low-hanging fruit.

(Anyways, I had ridiculous quantities of ammunition and legal full-cap magazines since before the laws changed, so no need to skirt their onerous laws, but not everyone has that option, nor, as pointed out, has lived here for years before they took effect.)

Just saying. ;)

50 years from now, it may suck to be a gun owner in this state for real, but I expect the blood-letting free-for-all will happen long before then, which will solve that. We'll see how it works out.

@Anon 7:09P,

As I've noted the utter buffoonery of our State Department employees formerly entrusted with upholding the nation's interests in foreign places,
I, too, have to wonder how many specific articles of indictment under the UCMJ Col. Vindman has already breached flagrantly, but as the Army is so dickless and spineless they couldn't even court-martial an open communist nor an obvious deserter, since Trump's inauguration, I doubt that this fatass toad will be cashiered either.
(I do remain hopeful he instead gets two rounds to the back of the head one day walking to the store, but as I don't live convenient to the greater Mordor region, will not be participating in that. Pity, that. It'd be a pleasure. Per precedent from groups like the Viet Cong and IRA, what I'd leave sticking out of his mouth would give pause to future traitors, and insure a closed casket funeral. When he does buy it, by whatever means, they'll only have about a million or so suspects.)

It would do me (the nation, and the Army specifically) proud to see him dragged into court in irons, tried, convicted, and marched out the post gates like Chuck Connors at the opening of Branded, on his way to a lengthy term at Leavenworth Military Prison.

But that would require a USArmy run by meat-eating serious warriors, not one run by transgendered pink-haired fat lesbian Girl Scouts from Greenpeace. Big Green fails on all points, as they have for 20 years and more.

Keep your thumb in that spot; when we get our asses handed to us in a future war, because the military is run by incompetent nutless pussies with their heads up their asses to the shoulders, remember this reference point.

FredLewers said...

Well if you're bored in the rain and get all napped out and too full to eat any more snacks you could binge read 'The Shrewd King' series over at Eaton Rapids Joe's place.
Or browse the Brownells and Armslist websites.
Enjoy the downtime. It's good for you. But not like vegetables are, more like dessert is good for you.

Anonymous said...

"But that would require a USArmy run by meat-eating serious warriors, not one run by transgendered pink-haired fat lesbian Girl Scouts from Greenpeace. Big Green fails on all points, as they have for 20 years and more."

Glad to see you are back!