Saturday, November 23, 2019


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SecNav Chickensh*t, and RAdm Blockhead, two pussies whose
further services POTUS should dispense with in haste.

Two Pentagon primadonnas threaten to leave after POTUS slaps them down:
(FIVE SIDED SH*TSHOW) The Secretary of the Navy and the admiral who leads the SEALs have threatened to resign or be fired if plans to expel a commando from the elite unit in a war crimes case are halted by President Trump, administration officials said Saturday. 
The high-level pushback to Mr. Trump’s unambiguous assertion on Twitter this past week that the commando, Chief Petty Officer Edward Gallagher, should remain in the unit was an extraordinary development in what was already an extraordinary case, one with few precedents in the history of presidential relations with the American military.
The Navy secretary, Richard V. Spencer, later denied that he had threatened to resign but said disciplinary plans against Chief Gallagher would proceed because he did not consider Mr. Trump’s statement on Twitter to be a formal order. Mr. Spencer added that the president, as commander in chief, had the authority to intervene and that it would stop “the process.”
Dear perfumed douchebags: pack your shit and leave, you miserable double-dealing sons of bitches. Your services are no longer required by the American people. You won't mealy-mouth your way into a back-door contravention of the clearly expressed wishes of the President of the Untied States, and if you can't recognize commander's intent from a flaming tweet stapled to your ass, you're clearly too stupid to pour piss out of a boot with the instructions stamped on the heel, but maybe getting called into the Oval Office and hearing the magic words "You're FIRED!" will focus your mind. Of all the presidents in the last 40 years, do you really figure this one is the one you want to try and go head-to-head with??

Trying to palm off retributive discipline after your show trial went awry isn't going to cut it either, and you won't get to dragoon a SEAL review board into doing your dirty work.

And for even trying, you no longer hold the "special trust and confidence" of the Commander-in-Chief for your totally lacking "fidelity and abilities", because clearly, you have neither.

You're cowards, and worse, gutless cheats for trying, AGAIN, to back-door this slapdown of a guy you wanted to railroad. Word to your mothers: Obozo ain't the CinC anymore, Nancies, and your services are well past their freshness date. This ain't the touchy-feely bastardized and half-assed Navy it was three years ago, no matter how long and hard you wish otherwise, and continue to try and make it so. Take your white feathers, and your final attempt to back-stab the president, and slink off to some other snakepit. Your Pentagon privileges should be revoked.

So box up your trash, clean out your desk, and GTFO.
It's check-out time, and this president doesn't suffer fools or back-stabbers gladly (as three years of fired incompetent White House flunkies should have foretold for even people as spineless and stupid and you two @$$holes). Or hang around until he fires you, and if you thought the last tweet was harsh, the upcoming press conference, of which your manifest lack of character and self-serving betrayals will be the main topic, is going to be biblically epic. You really want to head that one off at the pass, jackholes. Trust me. Update your resumes, and start contacting recruiters for your next meal ticket.

Your career span with the DoD from here on out can be measured with a micrometer.
Leave, before you get thrown out so hard your butts don't hit pavement until they've cleared the curb, which you both so richly deserve. And when the NYSlimes has picked up your snail trail, it's past time for you to start listening for footsteps. This president deals with unfaithful and incompetent subordinates with a machete and a wood chipper, and you're about to find that out first-hand.

UPDATE: Axe falls on SecNav Chickensh*t


Noah Bawdy said...

When you put it that way, I can not help but be compelled to agree.
Truly epic :)

Anonymous said...

What the fuck has happened, why does everyone seem to think they can ignore the President? Support and defend the constitution and ... obey the President or something like that. When will these zeros realize they serve the President?

Anonymous said...

Buh bye boys - during my 31+ years of military service I was ALWAYS taught to handle internal issues - especially disciplinary ones - at the lowest possible level. IMHO Chief Gallagher's case was NOT handled that way from the outset.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh! Yet another contemporary turns deep-state shithead! W.T.F.?
After eating shit from the sogennant CINC for nearly a decade with a ladle, NOW we decide to "resist"? To what end?
Total chickenshit.
Another Frog dead to me...Resign already!
Boat Guy

Unknownsailor said...

I don't want them to quit, I want them forced out without retirement benefits.

Publicly and flagrantly flouting the President should be a HUGE no go, and whoever the COs of these two turds are needs to be convening an Article 32 hearing Monday and then doing the General Court Tuesday.

This is nuts and bolts basic military-subservient-to-civilian-authority shit, and violations should draw a pallet load of bricks on the head of the offenders without fail.

Mister Vindman needs to meet the same fate, for exactly the same reason.

Skip said...

I know a few gunnys that would handle this shit.

Cougfan said...

Do NOT allow them to resign.


Words have consequences. Consequences demand actions. Actions illustrate resolve. Resolve proves commitment. Commitment is strength.

Tim said...

From the Navy Times SECNAV76


I would like to further state that in no way, shape, or form did I ever threaten to resign. That has been incorrectly reported in the press. I serve at the pleasure of the President.

Beans said...

They have the right to their opinions. They can convey those opinions to the President. But once the President rules on an issue, it is literally their JOB and Reason for Existence to do what the President tells them to do.

Thus the many officers who all hated Bradley Manning and fully expected him to become the next human Pinata, only to suck it up and accept what the Worst President Ever said was going to happen. And to hold the box of tampons for the little shit-weasel.

What was said above. Immediately, if they do not back down over this, yank their ranks and their pensions. And start going down the line, especially with the JAG Corp.

And Lt. Col. Vidkun Quisling or whatever his name is? Prosecute to the fullest extent of the UCMJ. And, if found guilty, punish to the fullest extent of the UCMJ.

Same with any who try to play politics while serving in the military while wearing a uniform. Nuke them all from orbit, it's the only way to be sure.


As to what Tim above reported, sure the turd-burglar probably didn't threaten to resign. But by going against the President's findings, orders and wishes, well, those are all the same thing.

Here's the deal. The American Military is not supposed to be a Praetorian Guard, able to elect those they wish, and enforce the rules as they wish. The American Military is supposed to be at the service of the American People, under the command of the American President in his/her/its hat as Commander-in-Chief, and we expect the President as CoC to do things in the best interests of the American People, not foreign governments or shadow governments or other forces (like the Worst President Ever...)

Dear President Donald J. Trump. Please Bitch-Slap these spoiled brats so hard that the next flock of traitors-to-be all suffer brain bleeds and crap their pants simultaneously.

I swear, some peoples' kids should be tossed into the La Brea Tar Pits alive to be entombed in tar for frigging ever as an example to others.

Arthur Sido said...

This is simply the result of decades of an ever-expanding military that has become a holding tank for lifelong bureaucrats. Look at that Lt. Col. Vindman that testified last week, what a soft and weak looking man. He looks like the greatest fight he engages in is deciding which donut to pick out of the box in the breakroom. The military needs to be gutted, having a permanent standing army of millions of troops, tens of thousands of career senior officers and hundreds of billions in budget leads to people like this who think that they call all of their own shots.

Anonymous said...

I was going to comment, but after reading what others have to say, I'd be redundant, especially after Unknown Sailor and Beans. As a former enlistee in the U. S. Navy I can not recognize today's officer corps as bearing ANY resemblance to the fine group I served with and under.

What a bunch of spineless sniveling assholes wearing gold braid. I bet their Mommies are REAL proud of them.


The Freeholder said...

Last week I had to drag a car back to the shop. While I was waiting, the ubiquitous TV was spewing the coup attempt, er, impeachment heraings. Lt. Col. Quisling was on display. The first two things that went through my head were "How did this guy get a job and why wasn't he fired way sooner rather than later?" and "How did this fat fuck pass his last PT test?"

Eight years of Obama did more damage to the US military than the entire Vietnam war. Time to clean house.

Geoffrey de Bouillon said...

One should hang an admiral occasionally. Pour encourager les autres.

Berglander said...

A guy at my gym was in his OCS class. Says the same. Dude was ate-up then.

Matt Bracken said...

Yep. On the street with no pension. Let them try to make it up on CNN's casting couch.

reviloliver said...

BZ all the above,
strong letter to follow.
RO sends.

thomas said...

As I recall, The frickin navy has more admirals than ships, shitcan this one.

Lord of the Fleas said...

With McRaven having given Trump the finger last year, this is the second SEAL Admiral to warrant keel-hauling.

(Gotta agree with that "pour encourager les autres" sentiment ...

esnitue said...

Why has the US Navy churned-out so many straight-up traitors for the past 40 years? Oh, that's right, East Coast Elitist's shit don't stink like the rest of us knuckle draggers. The only thing worse than a traitor is one that wraps them self in our flag while committing TREASON


November 24, 2019
From Zero Hedge:

Anonymous said...

Spencer is out. Esper asked for his resignation this afternoon for "lack of Candor".

Little Sister

Phil said...

Breaking News
Nov. 24, 2019
Navy secretary is fired over SEAL controversy
Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Sunday fired the Navy’s top official over his handling of a disciplinary case involving a Navy SEAL.

Esper asked for the resignation of Navy Secretary Richard V. Spencer, who submitted it Sunday, a Pentagon spokesman said.

The firing was a dramatic turn in a long-running controversy involving Navy Chief Petty Officer Edward R. Gallagher, whose case has been championed by President Trump.

Anonymous said...

Knock off the sugar-coating: say what you think staight out.
Tom S.

Ned2 said...

Back of the barn, back of the head.
Will we ever rid ourselves of these quislings?

Anonymous said...

Nice to see how that turned out for one of them. The other better be filing his papers tomorrow if it is not too late.

Jim Scrummy said...

Should've s-canned both of these POSs right after the threats had been made. Busted that POS two star back to E-1 after his court-martial. These gay mulatto appointed FOGOs really are whale excrement. All of them need to be purged along with many kiss-ass O-6's. Just my two pennies.

Brian said...

.45 cent justice..