Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Random Bits

Nothing much substantial going on, other than the ongoing three-year coup attempt, which unwinds daily into irrelevancy, but lots of little bits here and there:

Family saved from home invasion by AR-15.

Well, duh.
The Second Amendment was never about duck hunting, snowflake.

ABC News covered up Epstein story.

Well, of course they did; it would have tarnished the chances for lifelong criminal Shrillary to get elected if she was known to be married to the exact serial rapist and pedo-president she hitched her wagon to for purely political intent, and we can't be blowing the lid off the family crime syndicate.
And just in case you thought differently, Epstein didn't kill himself, and it wasn't incompetence that allowed him to be murdered in custody, with no one checking on him, and all the cameras miraculously "out of order" that night.

Americans in Mexico ambushed, raped, burned alive, some kidnapped.

Curiously silent are all those dumbasses who were shrieking and pearl-clutching when then-candidate Trump correctly called many Mexicans criminals and murderers. Where are those voices now, we wonder?

We've been telling people Mexico is a failed state and third-world shithole for twenty years, and their narco-enterprise makes Somalia look organized and civilized by contrast.
Some people are aghast at Pres. Trump's offer to co-operate with Mexico in wiping out the cartel, but we see this as evidence of how far the U.S. has fallen. 50 years ago, we would have simply sent two divisions of Marines, the 1st Armored, the 82nd Airborne and the 101st Air Assault divisions south, with orders to stop at the border with Guatemala, and sorted their shit out right quick, permanently, and told the UN and OAS to kiss our shiny white asses in reply if they'd so much as burped about it. Martial law and brick-wall justice by firing squad would end this nonsense in about six months, as most of their citizenry knows exactly who the crooks are; most of them, they elected themselves.

That pussification of America you keep hearing about?
This is it, writ large.

Build the goddam wall, post troops on it, declare a three mile death zone for anything seen moving on the other side to the limit of direct fire weaponry, and round-up the illegal collaborators on this side, and start repatriating them southwards with a trebuchet, or pushed out of C-130s from 5000' AGL. I don't care which.
You're already fighting cartel skirmishes on this side of the border, and have been for decades. It's only going to get worse here.
Get that conflict over with now, while you have a chance to prevail.
And anybody that thinks legalizing drugs will end this can be placed in the second wave of trebuchet launches, to argue their case in Sinaloa and Michoacan, like the low-IQ fucktards they are.

If we're going to have a war on drugs, let's have a real one, where we use B-52s and napalm.
I'd give us quite an edge if we went about it that way. 
Clearly, half-assing it for half a century hasn't worked whatsoever, but the quickest way to end it is to surrender. Exactly as the Mexicans have already done.

In sum, as noted over at Fran Porretto's site the other day:
"You must fight."

Not a sharply worded letter to the editor; not at a stupid rally; not at some jackassical street theater that accomplishes nothing but a set-piece ambush to get you killed, injured, arrested, or discredited; but by actually loading weapons and shooting back. (In fact, for the brighter lights, shooting first might be a wiser course of action. Your enemy can't react well with bullets in his liver. Just saying.)

Our neighbor to the south is a failed state, one step from open revolution and collapse, and has been for thirty years.
The media has been lying to you since the 1960s, since they realized they could, and get away with it.
The deep-state government wants to decapitate, metaphysically or actually, depending on the weather, the only leader that opposes them at every step, and has been owning them for three years, for the only time since the 1980s.
And their minions - at every level - want to take from you the only means to resist.

Inevitably, if you let that happen, the boxcars start loading just afterwards.
I can't paint the picture any clearer or bloodier.
Shit is coming down, and it's going to land on you, no matter where you are, or think you can hide.
You. Won't.


Anonymous said...

Build the Wall
Stop Sanctuary Cities

Keep Voting
Find good candidates and get involved.
Walking the precinct is good exercise and you learn the lay of the land too.
You learn who is who in the neighborhood too.

Practice and Preps
Ready for a month? Add a weeks supply this month.

Aesop said...

You're not voting your way out of this.
We're beyond that.

You may get to buy some time, but that's all it's going to do.

MSG Grumpy said...

To the morons who advocate legalizing and using more chemically induced stupidity, especially considering the lack of well thought out policy or law coming out of our supposed leaders, should just go ahead and volunteer for the permanent low cost (to the individual not society) self induced stupidity and get a lobotomy. If your only aim in life is to shave IQ and rational thought off the top, then go for it numb-nuts.

Advocating that the rest of society be marinated in these chemicals from cradle to an early grave, that reeks of treason to God, Country, and family. See the wall? go stand in front of it while we do a and wait for the flash...Idiot.

If they ever come up with a chemical that actually raises the IQ and alertness and reactions of an individual stronger and with less side effects than java juice, let me know...Until then those advocating for self induced stupidity deserves everything they have coming. Mother Nature does NOT approve and will hopefully weed out these weeds.

MSG Grumpy

Trumpeter said...

Funny, I was thinking A10's, drones and Puff the Magic Dragon.

Maybe a good time to evaluate those A10 replacements the Air Force is looking at.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Epstein KNEW he would not live long enough to go to trial. I'm pretty sure he already turned over quite a bit of evidences he had on his 'friends / companions' before he was snuffed out. I don't know anyone in my circle who really believes it was suicide - just way too many high power people needed for him to die before a trial.

The story of Mexican hitting Mormons will die quickly. The Left does not want to advertise the fact that Mexico is already a failed state and that the time line for it going full revolution is short - possibly within the year before the election. The last thing the Left wants is to equip Trump with yet more evidence that his idea of The Wall was a good idea. Refugees streaming over will be much easier without it.

Anonymous said...

Never understood people who vacation in Mexico (for the record, I was in Cozumel once as a stop on a cruise ship, I was on-edge the whole time). Cancun or Tijuana? Not just no but fuck no. Can't happen there because they rely on tourist dollars? In a porcine posterior.

Funny thing is that Mexico COULD be a wonderful place. It could be a truly nice vacation spot to rival the Caribbean. In order to do so you HAVE to make it safe though (think Aruba, where ONE murder a few years back made headlines).

I'm afraid you're right, the days when we capable of identifying a problem on the other side of our border, then dealing with it decisively (Pancho Villa call your office) are over.

I know a few people in the "legalize drugs" camp. They seem to think that once their illegal product is made legal, the people currently breaking the law will become law-abiding citizens rather than finding some OTHER illegal enterprise. Because repeal of Prohibition did SO much to cripple organized crime. Just as legalizing prostitution won't eliminate pimps, it'll just lower the average age of the illegal prostitutes.

Mark D

SiGraybeard said...

snip...50 years ago, we would have simply sent two divisions of Marines, the 1st Armored, the 82nd Airborne and the 101st Air Assault divisions south,

I was telling my wife almost exactly this last night. What's the Mexican military gonna do? Do they want to be vaporized by fuel-air bombs? Wiping out the cartels would be good for a one day operation. If they fight back, to use Mad Dog Matis' words, war with Mexico would be, "the scariest 20 minutes of my life."

The problem is the US is in bed with the cartels and you can bet pockets are being lined at the state and federal level.

There was a story about this in 2012 (found a link) that a logistics coordinator for the Sinaloa cartel by the name of Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla was saying the Fast and Furious gun running operation was about a deal with the Sinaloa cartel to get them to kill off their competition and give Sinaloa sole run of drug smuggling into the US.

Zambada-Niebla claims that under a "divide and conquer" strategy, the U.S. helped finance and arm the Sinaloa Cartel through Operation Fast and Furious in exchange for information that allowed the DEA, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and other federal agencies to take down rival drug cartels. The Sinaloa Cartel was allegedly permitted to traffic massive amounts of drugs across the U.S. border from 2004 to 2009 -- during both Fast and Furious and Bush-era gunrunning operations -- as long as the intel kept coming.

Of course, it's not like the US' Deep State hasn't been selling drugs for most of a century to get off-budget, "black money".

Aesop said...

It was apparent to me, sitting on the border in 2005, in about an hours' thought, that the only way to get the current situation on the border is because TPTB on this side want drugs and people moving north non-stop. Otherwise it'd be over in about a day.

Next stop, the range becomes two-way, and border areas on this side start shooting the bastards, and daring the .gov to step in and do their effing jobs.

As if that'd ever happen.

George True said...

I.believe it was George Carlin, many years ago, who said if you wonder why things are the way they are, it is because there are 535 people in Washington, DC who WANT it that way.

The Freeholder said...

I have to wonder how much "shoot, shovel and shut up" is already going on in remote portions of the border.

RandyGC said...

I'm thinking a live fire test of a B-61 set to low yield on one of the cartel's strongholds would be a nice attention getting step.

brinster said...

Virginia's governor now has a majority in both houses, which means he'll probably try to pass his gun confiscation plan. He'll have a problem down here in hillbilly country though. My guess is gun ownership is around 80 percent in these parts. Good luck blackface.

beau said...

i am with Aesop on this.

invade that third world shithole, totally clean out all cartel members with merciless prejudice, tell all the international whiners/haters to kiss our ass and state, unequivocally, we will continue these actions when indicated in the future.

i am sick and tired of all this immigration, crime and drug shit that seems to produce only problems with never any solutions. the lack of solutions makes me wonder who is being paid off and paid off big on our side of the line. find them and include them in the 'merciless prejudice' category.

Jim Scrummy said...

Final exam time has been scheduled. It will be in a pop quiz format. It will suck, and remember we (those here who've commented) didn't want this, but it will be a happening, unfortunately.

Tick tock.

A.B. Prosper said...

Chicago is 100% gang influenced if not outright controlled. This is public knowledge.

I suspect that other cities are as well including ones you would not expect.

This makes actual action nigh impossible for it is as Glenn Frey noted "The lure of easy money has a very strong appeal."

Also I would not expect a nation founded by cop killers, traitors and tax cheats to exactly be the most honest. I mean hell it was less than 20 years before the feds had their hand up distillers backsides for tax revenue and we had a rebellion because of it.

As it is unless the current people in power are removed, the US will become a 2nd or 3rd tier power where it already isn't and we will lose large chunks of the nation to Mexico and possibly other foreign powers. It won't be America, free and there may well be a pogrom of the Right if not outrighT White genocide.

Preventing this means either a military junta backing an nationalist or better ultra nationalist President , a civil war with an Authoritarian Right victory or if we are very lucky, a shift in the system enough to right, pun intended, this sinking ship of state.

Right now we are working on the later with President Trump being a passable victory for us. If we can keep going in the correct direction, we may well make it. Otherwise civil war.

And this is something, if pollsters are to be believed basically everyone (over 70% now) thinks is inevitable.

Tucanae Services said...

@MSG Grumpy,

Legalize it all. Fentanyl at deep discounts. The results will be just like ebola, viral and death everywhere. But it is a self correcting situation -- f'up really bad and you be dead. It also ends the War on Drugs, which of late has been nothing but a license to lie, cheat and steal by the PoPo.

Yes I recognize the personal carnage that such a stance would entail. The cost in human lives, but we are losing both lives and the war already. [cruel comment] Which is cheaper? Someone offing on an overdose once or EMS being constantly called again and again to save that life? And who is the chump? The taxpayer for again and again paying for it or the druggie?

I may be warped, but sorry, earth is a cruel part of the universe and it is not my duty to pay for stupid.

A.B. Prosper said...


You aren't getting out of paying for good public order.

However if you want to reduce the cost and reduce the drug carnage, the solution is simple. Seal the border and regulate the legal painkillers

This means until the drugs stop, nothing larger than a mouse enters the US from that region. Nothing.

As for the legal painkiller problem, this requires a state effort.

Essnetially the government, a functional non corrupt one will have to watch every single step in the process and will have to provide the pain relief itself.

Every day the assigned doctor or nurse will come by and provide the injections as needed. No pills, no cheaping out , no easy mode.

This goes on until hard core pain killers are all but gone from the street

This won't stop all the drugs, it's not meant to. It also doesn't touch ditch weed or booze which is fine. Will however stop most of the abuse of prescription pills.

And note to prevent smuggling, everyone entering the US is searched top to bottom and everything is searched. Nothing may be brought in without a complete check.

If /when people stop abusing drugs the security can be lowered.

That is how you win.

Otherwise you'll fail and you'll kill off huge numbers of people who could and would otherwise be perfectly productive citizens. And in case you didn't know, the government has an obligation to protect its people, occasionally even from themselves and that is something you and me as taxpayers have to pay for

As far as fixing the misery that causes it , it's not that easy. I'm not convinced we can no matter what choices we make. We live in a muse utopia.behavioral sink society and even removal of the left and return to correct policies might not alleviate that. What we can do though is reduce the means by which people destroy themselves and the society they live in as well.

I'll take what we can get.

DAN III said...

Anony @ 0241,

Democrat/Republican = Left Wing/Right Wing, same bird !

We are not voting our way out of this trouble.

Hemp & Lead....and Sat Cong !

Jim Scrummy said...

To echo the great words of Jerry Pournelle and others here: There will be war, it's a guarantee. I was hoping my children would not be a part of this... Hope is not a plan. The voting ain't happening.

The Gray Man said...

Keep voting? Lol

The Gray Man said...

I believe it will not happen. Our population who has the heart to do something don’t have the bodies, and those who have the bodies don’t have the heart. The few that have both are in small enough numbers to fit inside the US prison system with no problem.

The Gray Man said...

A lot of good it seems to be doing if it is.

The Gray Man said...

Trump could give the order but it’ll be stopped somehow. He’s the only one crazy enough (sane enough) to give that order, but it wouldn’t be followed. I have faith in that.

The Gray Man said...

What are are y’all down in hillbilly country gonna do? Bury your guns?

The Gray Man said...

Sat cong.

Anonymous said...

Gray man (above):"Keep voting? Lol"
Yup. I don't vote because I am delusional enough to think it changes things.
I vote for X reasons:
1) I have always thought that people who don't even bother to vote shouldn't bitch.
2) The value of (1) vote = 1/Infinity, but it's MY infinitesimal.
3) People died to buy me that right, and I shouldn't waste their sacrifice.
4) The attempts by The Left to dilute the voting power of Heritage Americans with a tsunami of barefoot illiterates bearing 3rd World diseases constitutes casus belli.
5) When it comes time to start busting caps over this it can be done in good faith because our efforts to do things in the approved manner have been thwarted by outright treason, sedition and corruption.

Grog said...

Maybe the anon who said keep voting lives in Maine.

Anonymous said...

What is today Mexico has apparently been a shithole since Europeans arrive and started writing the history of this part of the world.

I'm thinking.. keep quiet and collect intel. Then bomb the tar out of every known and potential target with zero warning followed quickly by armored infantry followed by straight leg infantry. The key is DO NOT STAY. Burns the rats nest and go home. Remind em as you pull back that we'll do it again if needed.

Where is a Gen. Patton when you need him? (I know.. 'diversified' out of the military having not gotten past O3 at best).

Popular Front said...

'Random bits'? That was all that was left of al-Baghdadi wasn't it?

Aesop said...

There's an open slot on my joke-writing staff...

Anonymous said...

I'm the anon referenced by Grog above. Sorry - usually I sign at the bottom.
No, I don't live in Maine. I live in WA State, which just enforces the point of the futility of voting.
Please note that I didn't say anything to indicate that I think it changes anything. I don't. See #5. I vote primarily so I can feel good about myself when the necessity to deal with the situation with a rifle goes down. Vote and B.L.O.A.T.

A.B. Prosper said...

7:48 that time to pop caps might be sooner than you like since the Governor of Virginia has his mind set on gun confiscation by force.

Don't think he'll get it but the Democrats are stupider than usual.

John said...

...not voting our way out..

No, we're not. But I still show up on election day, as said above people died for my right to do so. But when I get a ballot, like last Tuesday, I only make a point of voting against all incumbents (unless I know that they deserve another term and that isn't often). Some newbies on the ballot don't get my vote if; they're a (D), if they have an Irish surname, or a Muslim surname. Last Tuesday, I didn't mark the ballot up much.

Next November the only incumbent I know I'm voting for is President Donald J. Trump.

Unknownsailor said...


Don't leave blank slots on your ballot, it invites someone else to fill them in. Write in a name, I use Belzebub to make my point crystal clear.

Aesop said...

Spelling note: Beelzebub has a double "e", just as Shrillary has a double "l".

I know, I know: to-may-toe, to-mah-toe.