Thursday, November 14, 2019

For John Wilder

Be careful what you wish for.
"At some point,  the post I wanna see over at your place is Aesop’s Health Solution, bonus points for including Medicare."
I'll see your Double Dog Dare, and raise you to a Triple Dog Dare (such faux pas has precedent, you'll recall):

Aesop's Health Solution is a one-day problem.

It's the same as Aesop's Car Insurance Solution: Buy your own damned coverage!
Medicare is phased out, with a 5% coverage decrease for each year group over each of the next 20 years.

If you're 45 or under, start saving. When you hit 65, it'll be entirely gone, except for the few folks 65 or older now, who live beyond 85. In 30-40 years, even they won't be around to quibble over. The pittance they'll cost won't even be a hiccup in the federal budget.

You want Mercedes insurance, you'll pay Mercedes prices.
You want Yugo prices, you'll get Yugo coverage.
And government is free to offer their own plan(s), at whatever rate it costs, and whatever they chose to cover, provided it's not subsidized even $1 worth. It's sold at straight cost, the government is free to jack rates or trim back coverage until they make ends meet, but if they suck compared to private business, as they likely will, they'll have zero clients in short order, and that problem goes away forever.

People that bitch about old farts going bankrupt for medical treatment may then freely observe :

"Maybe Grandpa Dumbass should've tried doing table push-ups, stopped drinking like a fish, and quit smoking three packs a day, about 30 years earlier."
No one gets out of here alive.

Insurance should take care of unfortunate circumstances, at appropriate rates.
And any company making more than 10% profit pays the excess in taxes, so there's no incentive to gouge, or scrimp.

Individual taxpayers, OTOH, are allowed to put up to 10% of their annual pre-tax income into medical savings accounts, to cover small expenses and deductibles for catastrophic care. No maximum limit. Anything in the kitty more than 10 years may be withdrawn any time afterwards, tax-free, as a reward for being healthy.

Bonus: Do the same thing for retirement.
Social Security is phased out the same way, over 20 years, and deductions stop this minute for anyone 45 or under.
Up to 3X that amount may be set aside by anyone out of pre-tax income for retirement, provided it's untouched until then.

The only people that would be hurt by any of this are government workers, but if you phase 5% of those administering those programs out each year too, the whining and howls will decrease commensurately as well, and the unfunded deficit year over year shrinks to interest on principal, which would become manageable without the burgeoning tsunami of entitlement payments forever.

That's it.

Kill it all, via slow but inexorable strangulation.
Anyone proposing any renewal or reversal is shot on sight, and their goods and estates, in total, forfeit to the budgets of those dwindling programs.

That would be Day One of the short and happy reign of Emperor Aesop.

On Tuesday, we drop all college loans for anything but medical professions and STEM (which will be based 100% on academic merit, alone), and we completely defund public education over four years, starting with the 4th, 8th, and 12th grades, advancing backwards one year every year. 5% of the savings is allocated to vocational training. 10% is allocated to poor but academically gifted student scholarships. The rest is a straight refund to those who pay taxes.

On Wednesday, we end all corporate welfare and agricultural subsidies. Everybody plays, and everybody pays. We also obliterate and renounce the meddling in what kind of toilet you install, what light bulbs are okay, etc. ad infinitum. If you can make it, you can sell it, as long as robbery, fraud, deliberate endangerment, or coercion are not part of your business plan, but you also own all liability for it if it's used properly and lawfully. Liability for illegal behavior ends at the lawbreaker's feet. It does not travel across town, and include the item's seller, wholesaler, maker or raw materials creator.
Business is business, and the only function of government in that respect is keeping the playing field level, and calling the fouls, not inventing yards of bookshelves of new ones year after year.

On Thursday we repeal every law relating to firearms. All of them. The federal judiciary is limited to 10 years at the district level, 15 if they make it to the appellate circus courts, and 20, and not a minute longer, if they get to SCOTUS, after which they must live under the rulings they issue, just like everyone else. Sovereign immunity for any public office is revoked other than for the President, the cabinet, the congress, and the federal judiciary. That means every federal official and LEO is civilly liable for capricious jackassery, on the spot. And we restrict firearms and arrest powers to the FBI, the US Marshalls, the Secret Service, Customs and Immigration, and the Coast Guard. Prison and nuclear plant guards get to carry only on duty. No one else gets any guns, badges, or SWAT teams. Just citation books, and a pencil. Somebody wants to make an arrest, they have to ask one of the remaining agencies with that power to tag along.

By Friday, the federal government is projected to be so small, we plan the imminent return to a federal government funded entirely by excise taxes and tariffs, as originally intended, and make plans to repeal the XVIth Amendment, or at worst, amend it in perpetuity to no more than 1% of income, on everyone, starting with an income of $1. Everybody now has skin in the game, to exactly the same degree. (If we agree to exempt anyone with an annual income under $40, on the grounds the stamp is more expensive than the tax, I might relent, just that little bit. But they still have to file.)

Saturday, we explain the facts of life to Mexico: 1 bbl. of crude for every illegal found here, per year. We'll be generous, and start the levy at 40M in Year One. They also cede Baja California to our designated territorial governor's rule for the next 199 years. It's still part of Mexico, but it now runs under U.S. law. The U.S. agrees to assume military defense responsibility for it. It becomes bilingual. Any felons found therein are exiled from Baja for life either to Mexican prison, or for execution. The Western half of the peninsula is developed as the longest luxury Riviera on the planet, and puts Monaco and Vegas into permanent second-class status. The employment is 100% Mexican nationals, earning market wages. The eastern side of the peninsula, and the waters contiguous, becomes the longest nature preserve in the world, and a mecca for divers, whale watchers, and general tree huggers the world over. All profits from both accrue 50-50 to each country. The U.S. profits build a wall from Tijuana to Brownsville, and fund the Coast Guard and Border Patrol. We end birthright US citizenship, including retroactively, and anyone found in the U.S. illegally after 90 days from that date is banned from immigrating here for life. After working for five years on a chain gang, building the wall.
The line of cars headed south is 1000 miles long within a week, mainly to apply for jobs building and working at the resorts going up from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas.

Sunday being a day of rest, we simply abolish the female PT standards for all military services.
Women deserve equal treatment, so we want to give it to them, good and hard.
Everyone performs to the male standards in place, or they're kicked out that day.
That removes all but about 10 women, total, from the entire military by about 12 noon, Pacific Standard Time.
And after the physical standards for their MOS are applied, those 10 are pretty much back to being clerk/typists or stateside medical personnel in about an hour.
If the military comes up short because of that, we re-establish the draft. And with all those college dreams for mid-level D-students going up in flames, we have a healthy pool of candidates to choose from.
Let's make it easy: universal service for everyone for 18-24 months after high school. If you don't want to do it in the military, no problem: the Forest Service needs firefighters, the national parks need trash haulers and trail builders, and we put the rest into the FEMA Corps, to shovel snow after blizzards, shovel sandbags during floods, and clear roads, pick up debris, and generally help people out after hurricanes and tornadoes. You might even learn a skill, like being an EMT, driving trucks, or operating heavy equipment, that you can use to get a job after your 2 years service are completed.
Refuse? No problem: two years as a federal prisoner filling potholes in the summer, shoveling snow in the winter, filling the same sandbags in rain and flood, and picking up trash the rest of the time.
If you want anything to eat while you're in prison.
"Ask not what your country can do for you... "
That's it.
At that point, I can retire, or devolve to merely a wartime emperor, which would be mostly titular only, as anyone who gave us cause to declare war would be deselected from further planetary status in a Darwinian fashion, with a methodology last witnessed during the Third Punic War. Including salting their fields, throwing corpses into their wells, and either selling the unslaughtered survivors into slavery elsewhere (like making them build roads and drain swamps in Africa or South America, or something equally worthwhile and unpleasant) , or using them as agricultural supplements.


Anonymous said...

From your keyboard to God's eyes, Brother. What's really cool is that if you're emperor then I don't have to do it.
No change, No change, No change; Battery six in effect.
Boat Guy

Obama's boyfriend said...

I agree with most of what you've said, but why exempt congressmen and the the others? You make a decision you should be hled responsible for it. I understand problems do occur, and most will be excused if there is reasonable excuse, but for example the ROE Obama imposed were criminal and caused many unnecessary losses. He and the people that implemented them need to held accountable.

John Wilder said...


Just add a 1,000 barrel of oil penalty for each illegal found after the 90 day period (great incentives both ways) and you've stopped that problem forever.

You will need to amend your medical plans to offer plastic surgery for millions of people injured by sudden, uncontrollable, permanent smiles.

Cederq said...

You are with no doubt a benevolent Dear Leader...

Dinochrome One said...

Robert A. Heinlein would be proud! Military or similar public service should be required for full citizenship. Only full citizens can vote or hold elected office or teach,.....

And, the deal with Mexico (after the demise of the cartels) is genius.

Brenda said...

Aesop for president!! Or whatever position has the most power to make such changes.

Skip said...

Not a bad idea for a guy in scrubs...I like it.

Warthog said...

You're mad, sir. Stark raving, lunatic think that these common sense rules would be applied by our current masters in government - Have you seen the Schiff-show crap - on a public that only longs to discover the next Kim Kardashian pearl of wisdom.

If only it could be....

Old NFO said...

I'm good with all that.

stencil said...

Why would the federal government need to tax anyone? Simply assess the States, per capita, with the current year's budget. Let the States meet their assessments in whatever way they choose. Those that cannot meet their obligations are put into receivership.
Poof, no more IRS.

Jim Scrummy said...

I only have two minor changes and one additional change. Get rid of the FBI, U.S. Marshals will take over Fed crime fighting. Two, I prefer EST for all those women who didn't pass the PT test to leave. Maybe 1 women may be left in the five-sided puzzle palace after the PT test. What to do about the the SeeEyeAye? Disband and recreate the new OSS with no TREASONOUS COMMMIE BASTICHES. The OSS did more good in 3 years than the seeeyeaye has done in 70+ years.

So, do we start this weekend? I have rope, which is reusable. I'm all about saving the environment!!!!

The Freeholder said...

Can we make this happen by Monday, please? Then we can have a tremendous Thanksgiving the next week.

Badger said...

Enjoyed Wednesday. Any small engine guy will tell you that Ethanol is an abomination on the planet. The benchmark for the internal combustion engine - as it should be - is 100 Octane baby. Now make the engine that will drink it. It was good enough for Dad's B-29, so...

That said, you won't need (and shouldn't do) forced military conscription. A professional force that knows the snowflakes are gone will stay & attract more of the ones you want. And every O6(P) and above's sugar daddy is gone.

Nice triple dog dare; nice read.

p.s. Your Captcha guard dog is stupidly administered.

Aesop said...

Captcha is Blogger's problem; I have no control over that, even as Imaginary Emperor For A Week.

@Obama's boyfriend:
We have a way to hold the people I exempted (necessarily, sadly) accountable: they're called elections. For those thusly spared other remedies, you get them every 2 to 6 years, per original intent.

Doing the above would so cripple the Welfare State and its minions, we could repeal the onerous XVIIth and XIXth Amendments too, in short order, and the change in how the republic functions, back to what was originally intended, would be so striking as to be a modern wonder.

Anonymous said...

Did you include eliminating defined benefit pensions for government workers? Especially Congressional workers.

Move every government worker to a defined contribution pension program today, like a 403(b) or 401(k).
For high risk jobs, the government offers a supplemental life insurance policy.


Aesop said...

I laid out the avenues.
I leave it to lesser minions to sweep the gutters at the edges. ;)

A.B. Prosper said...

To kick this off you'd have to expel or reptratite around 60 million people maybe more so you'd have a political base strong enough to rule.

I figure policy alone plus casualties from the urban insurrection, probably in the ten million range should leave the US or Aesop with a population under 300 million.

Upside the now less populated cities will require less infrastructure repair and be somewhat cheaper and safer to live in.

I'll ignore the likely consequences , poison air, poison water, poison food, poison medicine , rampant fraud and a non existent rule of law and assume simply that magically Americans get honest now that Sammy's boot is off their necks, It's silly but hey might as well play along

Now once the place stabilizes things get interesting.

Now historically Trade tariff alone couldn't meet the minimal state in 1790 which at least in part provoked the Whiskey Rebellion. Paying for just the stuff the Constitution allows will require much more than 1% taxes and tariff.

As for the draft,you can do just fine without selective slavery , err selective service by simply going back to the military as intended, only having a standing Navy used for national defense and piracy and the militia.

A functional Navy , that is one able to defend the US and its shores from say China or any other hostile future powers will require at minimum 2% of GDP, around 400 billion in modern money.

Also required are roads, the post office roads and such will be another 100 billion or so probably.

So figure in at least 500 billion in revenue raised.

On top of that you'll still need debt servicing at about 700 billion per year of you want to pay debts off and still have a currency anyone will take. And note if they don't take your goods or want to sell to you because you are a debtor , you aren't going back to tariff alone , period. Default means either being much more like Venezuela or closed borders.

So figure 1.2 trillion in taxes with most of it deflationary used for debt removal. The economy will probably decline around 35% BTW so it may take quite a while to be able to raise that much revenue without crippling taxes

Now once your debt is paid off you'll have one of the strongest currencies in the world which is good for consumers but terrible for American manufacturing.

Reason? The efficiency trap and production surplus .Our goods now cost too much for everyone else This will be very bad for a national security POV as unless you ban imports or have heavy tariff, which is of course quite Constitutional, the huge cost differences will wipe US manufacturers off the map.

China wins and thus no tariff revenue for you.

On top of that without a welfare state and still having a vastly urban society the now higher savings rate will have very interesting in the Chinese curse sense . This will create deflation, no growth and suppress fertility. The later will roughly go up do to more household income, down do to unstable employment and up again do to cheaper diggs. My guess is a push with a TFR of 1.8 as vs the current 1.6 for Whites.

And while many households will have extra money for sure, gradually increasing over the decades as the debt is paid off , that will end up in savings untouched till people get old.

Japan and several other nations ran into that problem, a sea of cash with no real use for it. No babies, no growth, little demand for construction.

Not much to be done for that alas but upside you'll have a much smaller Federal system, smaller States (they'll race to the bottom or compete depending on policy preferences)

It would be intriguing to see how such a system competes with the much more socially democratic world whether its thrives or fails hard I leave that up to speculation.

Aesop said...

Horseshit, A.B.
Tariffs alone would have run the government at 1980s levels, at the height of the Cold War, which was hardly a milestone of conservative small government.
What it won't do is run the current welfare state.
Being on the way out in Fantasyland, that's a feature, not a bug.

And where in blistering fuck do you see "poison air, poison water, poison food, poison medicine , rampant fraud and a non existent rule of law" from anything I wrote?

Do you figure that keeping the playing field level means looking the other way for all that?
So you just pulled it all out of your ass without reading or thinking.
C'mon, man: you usually do better than that.
Is the air and water cleaner in, for example, socialist utopias like Califrutopia, Massholia, or NYFState, than it is in Texas?
So again, why immediately assume that people are only smart enough not to do things like that because government, in its infinite wisdom, makes them?
(Wildly overlooked by you is the obvious truth that most of the most toxic waste sites in the entire country, bar none, were created by that same government. "Rules for thee and not for me...")

We have crooks and frauds now; we will then. They will still be hammered.
But it's none of Uncle's goddam business whether I use a traditional lightbulb, a toilet that flushes all the turds in one go instead of three, how much sugar is in my soda, or what kind of straw I use to drink it.

Thanks for playing, and we have some lovely parting gifts for you.

Since a very conservative 40M of those I'd have to expatriate aren't American citizens in the first place, nor wish to ever be, I'm looking for a downside there. That's 40M less welfare cases breeding and consuming more than they produce. Win-win.
Urban insurrection? Sh'yeah, they'll hold their breath until they turn blue, and go on hunger strikes.
There's your other 20M, out of the gene pool.
Problem solved.

One little problem for your imaginary "military as intended". The Founders, brilliant though they were, never counted on the Wright Brothers. Re-think.

Aesop said...

I am, however, fine with withdrawing the ground military to within our actual borders, and funding the hell out of a cadre of divisions (say 8 or 10 Army/2 Marine, but I'm open to reasoned debate on the number) to form the nucleus of anything up to 20-50 divisions for openers if necessary, in time of serious distress.

As for getting rid of national service, there would be nothing selective about it. It'd be universal. If you're blind, armless and legless, we'll find something for you to do, even if it's licking stamps or being a doorstop. Those 18-20 year olds aren't doing a damned thing now anyways, except spouting nonsense, smoking dope, and bad-mouthing their country, in about 90% of all cases.

Like Little League, everybody plays. As noted, on a chain gang if necessary for the terminally intransigent. If someone wants to buy their way out of it, for something around $500K in constant dollars, in exchange for forfeiture of all citizenship rights (voting, holding any public office, etc.) except life and liberty, thus being voluntarily second-class forever, that might be worth implementing.

And you think that's going to decline the economy?? By whittling down the fattest 2/3rds of it, which is a massive leech, not a productive part, to nothing in 20 years, and eliminating interest on money never borrowed again in perpetuity? Sh'yeah, and Elizabeth Warren is an Indian, too.

But it'll shrink DC and lobbying like dropping liquid nitrogen on a hemorrhoid.
Congressweasels will probably have to start finding a way to live on their bare salary again.

American manufacturing, like many other forms of business endeavor, would have to start making goods for Americans, instead of exporting jobs to China, racing to the bottom in terms of salary and quality, and Americans buying cheap shit by the container-load. Someone getting paid in American dollars here would expect - and get - a car far superior to the beer cans they could make elsewhere under slave labor laws. Foreign cars only became "safer" when we started making our cars out of the same shit, and crashes became equal. Run a modern econo-box into Detroit steel from pre-70s, and tell me who wins, airbags and crumple zones and all. American manufacturing would start making electronics or other items here; if we elected to buy foreign, with a strong currency, the relative price would be 1/10th of current numbers into forever. We invented TVs and any number of versions of video player tech, for just two examples, in this country, but we haven't manufactured either here since the 1980s. Funny how that worked out well for everyone but the average working joe. He can get a cheap color TV now, except he can't pay for it with three McJobs, since the assembly line moved to Shanghai.
Yet the stock market is at a record high. Funny how that is.

Aesop said...

People with extra money can suddenly afford extra kids. Who will now be better educated than under the reign of stupidity of teacher's unions and leftist indoctrination. Unlike Japan, we'll have plenty of uses for a sea of cash, and no need to import an army of ingrates, lettuce pickers, goat humpers, and budding socialists to create the unrest Americans wouldn't create on their own.

America, at little more than half the population, from 1960, would kick the ass of the current version, and all we'd lose is Diversity and Communism.

Whether that thrives or fails has been demonstrated in every country that's tried socialism since 1918.

Socialism always fails, but generally only after it destroys the entire nation first. Frequently, in mega-batches.

Time to cut to the chase: Kill it now, before it gets that opportunity.
Even cancer survivors bitch about the pain of recovery, but the key part of that is that they survive.
Win or lose, the cancer always dies.
It's the same with socialism.

And it's long past time for the exorcism to commence.
Start anywhere you like.
None of it is ever healthy.

Anonymous said...

Aesop: Well said, brother. Keep on keepin on ;-}

A.B. Prosper said...

I'll actually apologize for the air/water stuff having belatedly remembered that you are OK with things like the FDA used carefully . Mea Culpa.

I'll strongly disagree with you on the tariff issue. I suspect it won't raise anywhere near as much money as you think.

As for the military, I assumed we'd have a Marine Corp funded at all times, stationed in the US its territories and possessions. These guys would be the ones to train up the militia for any war. And note for this to work our general policy need to be non interventionism or better outright isolationism.

You don't attack us, we don't attack you.

The Navy and Marines can handle aircraft and nukes.

Rather than depending on trade for tax revenue, it's in our best interests to trade less. Prior to the Great Depression the US economy was 93% domestic and i see no reason not to try and get back there.

A drawdown would take time of course but it would save us a bundle.

I'll skip the esoteric argument about productivity traps , automation and such and why beyond its a great grft and buys stability the welfare state grew but will say that a national service plan, basically a tool to enforce fake patriotism , civic nationalism and accomplish frack if I know what is expensive and dissonant with minrachy IMO

It's a short term workfare program and a great opportunity for cultural marxist meddling.

Beyond that, fun discussion.

Anonymous said...

A book worth reading on the subject is Gary Hart's ( yes THAT Gary) " Army of the People" published in the late 90's.
Boat Guy

A.B. Prosper said...

That's some old school stuff right there Boat Guy. of course back than, many Democrats were sane.

However the US won't properly downsize its military till it collapses and cannot sustain it.

Too much looting potential there.

Now if we are going with a minimal state, I say we go all the way and get rid the greatest freedom killer of all the war on drugs. Under the system our host proposes the State has few positive obligation to its citizens well being and if they starve , die of disease or are crippled , well they should have planned better right?

Given this structure, it really shouldn't matter if people want to take drugs. The only regulation ought to be fraud, if you buy fentanyl at x% potency it better be that potency.

And yes I am quite aware of the hazards. I live in So Cal.

Oh well.

As a society we can't really appeal to tradition since we don't have any in common nor can we appeal to morality since we also do not have that in common.

What we have is policy choices and pragmatically , if you choose policy choices based nearly entirely on negative liberty than other policies probably should match.

My policy preferences FWIW are a law reform, eliminating cultural Marxism . large scale repatriation, economic nationalism and gradual movement to military non intervention.

These choices would I think provide the greatest benefits at the lowest cost while still allowing safety nets and the like.

Badger said...

May have missed 1 thing on day One.
You've got plenty of thoughts on insurance. How about what that gets the customer?
General widespread access to routine lab tests w/o bending knee first to a provider visit to write the order? A la Carte menu for procedures across the board, e.g., barring complications, routine gall bladder removal costs $x ?

Aesop said...

My policy on drugs is simple: for end users, no medical treatment whatsoever for any sequellae to such proclivities. (Alcohol too, while we're at it.) OD = suicide.

Death penalty for importers and dealers.

Recidivism in both cases approaches zero.
Problem solved.

As a side benefit, that will cure homelessness by about 90%, based on direct observation, inside of a year's time. The coroner's gas bill will go up slightly, but the law enforcement, EMS, and ER expenses will drop drastically, with such savings more than offsetting expenses.

Berglander said...

Not at all what I'd hoped...will there be an occasional typhus outbreak? There's gotta at least be free de-lousing!

LargeMarge said...

border jumpers

Yes, I think expulsion is required.
By trebuchet.

NorthGunner said...

Except that you forgot TWO critical components of problem solving
in the above discussion.

Those are:

1. Taking women's right to vote away; which MUST be
done as women as a whole have voted consistently
for BOTH 'welfare' (which ALWAYS grows the gov
like a cancer with a direct sugar injection) and
communism (some pussies don't have the guts to call
their 'progressiveism' or being a 'social democrat'
what it is but I, not being a communist see both and
all the rest of it's disguises and call it out openly).

2. Stop empowering women! If those of you out there want
to see BOTH an increase in your white birth rates and
an end to women being capable of placing themselves in
both gov and the workplace that do nothing more than to
break down the proper existence of both family and Western
Civilization, NO education past secondary school or work
outside the home. If you doubt that women's empowerment
hasn't been actively used to reduce populations, just type
in "over-population, climate-change women's empowerment"

Here's just a few of what 'pops up':

Solving the Overpopulation Problem By Empowering Women Through TV Dramas

Empower Women for the Health of the Planet

Women’s rights are key to slowing population growth

Granting universal sufferage, especially to women and then empowering them
has been an unrelenting disaster for both individuals and Western Civilization
as a whole.

Unless women's right to vote (as well as that as anyone that's on welfare)
is removed along with ending women's empowerment, no meaningful way of turning
around the current situation will work, including ending ALL welfare, both
domestic and international as women would just immediately vote such parasitism
back into existence as fast as they could.

So, if you want to try to stop the current 'Clownworld Crazy Train'
one MUST take women's right to vote away along with stopping their
empowerment...then you end ALL welfare, in that order.

Attempting anything else without first solving the other
two will ALWAYS result in failure.

So, are you ready to take women's right to vote away
and end their empowerment?


NorthGunner - The Truth Is It's OWN Defense!

Aesop said...


So the comment from two days ago, 11/14/19, @7:18P, when I made that exact point, kind of sailed right past you as a called strike...?

Anonymous said...

What you got wrong Aesop: Abolish everything done by ,for, and too Government since 1830. ALL OF IT. Strip government of all control of everything. Return the constitution AS WRITTEN to it's pre civil war standing. Abolish the entire federal code. ALL OF IT. In other words. BURN IT DOWN AND START OVER. Leave nothing of the 19th or 20th century's. Put to death all members of all left wing groups and any member of the government that has given them one moment. This will end every problem created by the US government. Your solution only go's half way or less to making this America again. The America we want died at Bull Run and The Great Burning. Keeping any structure from the 19th or 20th century "F" ups is how to fail. Wipe the slate clean and start over.----Ray

Virginia Granny said...


As a woman, I understand your frustration re women in the military and in the voting booth. I thoroughly agree that any woman who cannot meet the men's requirements do not belong there, except perhaps in STEM-related and medical fields where they often do very well. Some of the finest computer hackers and scientists I've known over the years are women (and will probably continue to be).

The voting issue is another story - women as a group are often tagged as being socialist/welfare supporters. I personally am about as conservative as any of you and haven't voted for a Democrat in 50 years. The key is education. If you get the wild-eyed liberals out of the classroom and get back to teaching our kids the basics, like logic, and responsibility, and American/Constitutional History, not to mention viable skill-sets, you will see a big change in the voting booth, regardless of sex. And after thinning out the herd with Aesop's version of the War on Drugs, there will be a big difference in the political landscape.

You don't have to disenfranchise half of the country - you just have to get their attention.

Linda Fox said...

I read this, heart swelling, and with the clear knowledge that such common sense provisions will never have a chance.

However, that Baja CA part? Genius, pure genius. Conveniently separate from BOTH CA and Mexico; love the idea of removal by force couple with incarceration for any offenders.

Who would best get it going and administer it?

Why, our only president with experience in building and administration, of course!

Linda Fox said...

I'm with VA Granny - women with STEM degrees, military service, or who can solve a quadratic equation/program a computer/drive a stick shift or other similar qualification should retain their right to vote.

Perhaps we need to have some way of identifying MEN who should keep their voting rights, as well?

Maybe the simplest:

If you can support yourself (or have, if retired), or are raising a family WITHOUT depending on government money, then you get to vote.

Ambitious 16-year-olds might qualify. Lazy 50-year-olds might not.

Unknown said...

..." After working for five years on a chain gang, building the wall."... We think alike.

Anonymous said...

Women shouldn't get to vote because "feelings". They vote with their emotions instead of what little logic they can muster.

Anonymous said...

Why would you want the FBI to be the only law enforcement agency with teeth? If anything, I'd prefer state police to be the only ones with guns and arrest powers - the feds had better persuade state authorities if they want to use force against one of that State's citizens.

Robin Datta said...

Dick & Jane

Anonymous said...

Don't know if I happened to miss it in all that WONDERFUL Week of Emperor Aesop, but......somewhere in there, could you, in all your munificence (sp?) take us off the floating value, toilet paper, fiat currency and put us back on a fixed value gold and silver specie currency?

thank you
Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

Anonymous said...

People over 65 do pay for their insurance. They pay into it for 47 years. After they turn 65 they pay a monthly premium taken from their ss. And when they get treatment they pay a 20% copay. It is Medicaid that is 100% taxpayer funded.

Aesop said...

Uh, NO.
You pay a fraction of what you get, and Medicare pays 3 cents on the dollar of what things cost.
Don't believe me; call any 20 doctors and ask them.

Then ask doctors who have a choice if they're taking on any Medicare patients.

It's a complete Ponzi scheme, and it explodes in about a decade. Or less.