Sunday, November 24, 2019

Reality Version of Celebrity Apprentice: You're Fired!

What a country!
A back-stabber wakes up Saturday as Secretary of the Navy, lips off to the president in the Fishwrap of Record, and by Monday, he's a PFC: Private F**king Civilian.
Mirabile dictu!

(Dept. of BFYTW) Navy Secretary Richard Spencer was fired Sunday by Defense Secretary Mark Esper, who ordered that a Navy SEAL who was acquitted of murder be allowed to remain in the elite commando corps, the Defense Department said.
In other Navy news, plans to name a garbage scow after the former SecNav, the proposed USS Douchebag, have been put on indefinite hold.

SecDef just fired SecNav Chickensh*t, less than 24 hours after we suggested that exact obvious COA. Word to your mother, kids: You don't get to run games and diss your CinC on the pages of the NYSlimes, and still walk away with your balls afterwards. That's Queens Rules, not Marquess of Queensbury Rules.

The rumbling afterwards was 400+ sphincters puckering in the 0-7 to 0-10 flag grades in the Navy Department, along with the cheers of the other 336,400 Navy personnel seeing a faithless backstabbing buddy-f**ker get his just desserts.

Q: When does a Navy Chief laugh at SecNav?
A: When POTUS publicly cuts the SecNav off at the knees.

While we, too, laugh at the swift toppling of yet another second-rate @$$hole still screwing the pooch at the Navy Department, we can't help but wonder if RAdm Blockhead will still be in command of the SEALs by COB Friday, or if he'll suddenly recollect "urgent family business" requiring he announce his sudden retirement request.

The only problem we see is that the President, SecDef, or their designated representatives will only be making a good start.

They need to direct the CNO that another 200+ admirals need to go, and submit that list to the White House by the end of the week. (It should also include most of the Nay's JAG Corps above 0-3 grade.) Starting with anyone even remotely suspect, and first appointed to those grades at any time between 1/20/2009 and 1/19/2017. (If that guts them all, and we have to start from scratch, so be it. Think of the cost savings, and the improvement of morale, if we purge Big Blue of the slow-walking pink falcon douchebraids appointed by Obozo. And think of the sphincter-puckering and re-thinking that would occur at the other branches by Tuesday.) If anyone is a wobbler for retention/cashiering, ties will be decided by a secret ballot of all Navy chiefs assigned to actual ships of the line. Those serving in D.C. or any HQ will be summarily excluded from balloting.

We don't need the smallest Navy since the Depression to be commanded by nearly as many admirals as we had at the height of WWII, with nearly 1 admiral per commissioned ship, currently. Call the firings a "peace dividend".

This is doubly so when they think they command the lash-up in answer to no one, least of all to the president.

Happily, POTUS rapidly named a replacement as SecNav; sadly, we were not on the short list for the position. The nominee for Secretary of the Navy will be retired Rear Admiral and current ambassador to Norway Kenneth Braithwaite.

Anyone wishing a memento 8½x11 photograph of SecNav Chickensh*t will be able to find a copy in the trashcans of 5000 US Navy commands and activities worldwide, anytime after 6PM EST today.

Lesson For The Day: Mess with the bull, get the horns.
Plan of the Week: Navy SEALs Announce A New CO. Any minute.


Lunarman said...

I was surprised it actually took SecDef as long as he did to take this COA. I'm equally surprised that Specwar doesn't already have an interim head, that POS admiral forgot his oath of office. This Master Chief, tha fully retired, was disgusted with the rot I saw in 2006, this predates Obama, he just accelerated and deepened the rot. These 2 bozos are only a tiny tip of the iceberg, across every community and pay grade. A reckoning will only come when we get our asses handed to us in the inevitable run up to a near peer conflict.

Anonymous said...

Lol, it's not just the Obama generals who need to go, the turds go all the way back to Clinton (most everybody from Bush 41 has already retired)! Nothing less than a purge on the scale of what George Marshall did in 1940 will do, preferably followed by another Louisiana Maneuvers to see who's got their act straight and who doesn't. It's not like we lack men with actual combat experience to lead...

But a good start, nonetheless. :D Excellent way to start the new day.

Aesop said...

Um, do the math, bub:

Anyone who made general under Clinton (the absolute latest would've had to be 1/20/2001) died or retired a decade ago.

If you can find anyone who's been a general officer serving for another 18 1/2 years since then, I'm betting you could count their numbers on your thumbs.

If you're talking about those simply serving that long, that's the fault of the .mil for retaining them instead of RIFing or shitcanning them after five to ten bites at that apple.

I'd be fine with having the entire military from E-2 to O-2 vote on which generals to retain and which to dump, (2/3rds upvote to keep, simple majority to dump, anybody caught in between subject to automatic peer review) and making the results binding.
You can't fool all of the people all of the time.

June J said...

Clean out the flag officers promoted under Obummer and then work you way down to root out any more "resistors" who think their fuckin' opinions count more than CINC.

Anonymous said...

There are a (very) few exceptions to prove the rule that not every GO/FO made during that time is worthy of tar and feathers. One has only to look at the folks who got their dicks slapped during the Benghazi debacle to see examples. The CVBG commander summarily relieved then is likely retired but should be recalled
Boat Guy

Dave said...

I have only one question, why does the CNO still have a job? And RADM Green?

thomas (SS) said...

Last I read somewhere , Navy had 600+ admirals, not sure we have 300+ ships anymore.

DAN III said...

Too many hack flag officers....IN ALL MILITARY BRANCHES ! Navy isn't the only branch with seditious low-lives. DoD is filled with soetoro-obama communists. Giving SecNAV the immediately executed heave-ho is a start.