Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Why Bobby Is Polling Inside The Margin Of Error

h/t Kenny

Surburbia sez, "BFYTW, Bobby. But thanks for re-electing Trump, @$$hole."


James M Dakin said...

I have a hard time believing politicians act on their own. Every election, you get a choice of the less evil ass clown and the guy so obviously NOT suitable that only Useful Idiots and Full Retard Commies/Conservatives vote for them. The already selected person wins. And that is assuming they even count our votes. Every DemoCommie meeting a camera, they are acting the part to NOT get elected. Gee, I wonder who will win next year?

T-Rav said...

I'll take them!

Anonymous said...

A well protected family.A family that isn't intimidated by Progressive nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Interesting theory here: Your thoughts?

Aesop said...

My thoughts?
a) Too inside-baseball.
b) I couldn't care less
c) Biden (and the other 24/19/17/14/whatever clowns) have more skeletons in their closets than Halloween Warehouse. Everything and anything can bring them all down.
The longer Biden stays in, the more he burns up irreplaceable airtime and donor money, and ensures POTUS' re-election. The DNC knows this (about all their slate of losers) and they're shithouse-rat crazy at 4 more years of living hell for them, which is nigh inescapable at this point.
d) I repeat, I couldn't care less.
e) When Comey and McCabe are indicted, amass popcorn and beverages for the meltdown to follow. Which should include and rope in Lynch, Fat Bill & Shrillary, and Obozo, explicitly.
If they aren't, banana: meet republic.
If the latter, stick a fork in us: the USA as you ever knew it is long gone, and the secret's well and truly out.

That's been true for months, and why I can't even find the interest to blog the never-ending shitshow.
I'm too busy getting my shit together for the slide into oblivion that's coming.

You should be too.

Anonymous said...

Bobby just said what they're all thinking. He let the cat out of the bag, and now they can dissemble and harrumph all they want, but they can't deny their goals.

The Gray Man said...

“Bobby” isn’t going to take anything. It’ll be the cops that red-state Americans are so in love with.

Obama's boyfriend said...

I'd like to see Senor Beto and his Antifa clowns try his take your M-16 stuff with my family.