Sunday, September 22, 2019

Sunday Music: Life During Wartime

A little more dystopian fun for you today.
Music by the Talking Heads from 1979.
Words from tomorrow's headlines.
Or the day after.


Cranky Old Fart said...

Great song! I wore this record out in college (early 80's).

RandyGC said...

Another classic!

George True said...

Sorry, but if you were in college in the 80's, you are not old enough yet to qualify for old fart status.

Nori said...

“Don’t get exhausted I’ll do some driving
You ought to get you some sleep
Burned all my notebooks,what good are notebooks
They won’t help me survive

My chest is aching,burns like a furnace
The burning keeps me alive”

Great,great song.

Cranky Old Fart said...

George True: My knees and back beg to differ

George True said...

You are at least ten years too young, but perhaps an exception can be made in your case.

George True said...

All things change. But I too had noted of late that comments are disabled at WRSA. I don't get it. Most comments were respectful and informative. If a few were not, then the host can always delete or ban.

Something else I have observed is that anymore Drudge seems like a Leftist news aggregation site. What the he'll happened? Did someone get to him? Blackmail or threats?

And what about Ebola? It has disappeared from media coverage. I doubt that the epidemic suddenly died out.

Anonymous said...

Ebola seems to have escaped DRC again:

Cases are still coming out of the DRC, and not someplace else, but they are getting out. It’s just a matter of time.

and someone brilliantly trolled the public- posted leaflets that say "islam is RIGHT about women" - people lose their sh!t.


TwoDogs said...

Saw David Byrne live last year in Austin. Forty years after this video was made, he still puts on a heck of a show. Not as athletic as this one but still pretty energetic for a sixty-something dude and the music was excellent.

Aesop said...

OT reply:

CA, I suspect, got tired of shoveling shit at WRSA.
Most comments had devolved overwhelmingly to thorough-going fucktards without two wits to rub together, venting the contents of their diapers day in and day out.

At least your kids eventually grow up and move out.
The retards OCD shit-posting there in droves multiplied, rather than taking a hint, and finally clogged the bullshit filters to the point of non-operation. Now you get the links without the benefit of the intelligent commentary, in return for silencing the fucktards forever. Overall, that's still a win.

Anybody who thinks that's wussing out from butthurt is advised to try running such a forum for any length of time without becoming Attila the Hun with the ban-hammer, and get back to us in a year. Anybody can be an asshole once in awhile, your host included; people there were assholes all the time, 24/7/365. I'm amazed he put up with the skinheads and shitheads there as long as he did, and it drove most of the intelligent contributors and lurkers there right the fuck out the door.

If you're that host, at some point, you ask yourself "Why bother with comments?"
Be glad you've still got the site, and the resources therein, and take advantage of them while you can.