Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Every Day Is 9/11. That's Exactly The Problem.

Reprinted from 9/11/2018. It's a year later (or eighteen, take your pick); NOTHING has changed.

9/11/2001: A resident of NYFC gets culturally enriched by the Diversity.

I'm a guy. And while I assent to cultural tradition, if you're one too, or you've got a husband, boyfriend, son, or father, you've probably caught on that we really aren't built to care a helluva lot about anniversaries and other such dates.

Saber-tooth in those bushes? You have my full attention.
Hot steak dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy? You had me at steak.
Same spot on the calendar as one 365 days ago, or some multiple thereof? Zzzzzzzzzz

You're fighting upstream against the way our brains are wired on all three levels: human, monkey, and lizard.

And the fact is, at all three levels of my brain, every day is 9/11.
Yesterday was.
Tomorrow will be.
Today is just a happy conjunction of reality and the construct of the Gregorian calendar.
Nothing more nor less.

Because the murdering, semi-literate goat-humpers who perpetrated the act we remember are still out there.
We (you, me, Western civilization, etc.) haven't delivered to them the Third Punic War level of recompense they richly deserve, because reasons. Mostly bullshit ones, at that.

It's too much.
Hey, fuckwit, they wiped out international air travel for months, vaporized billions in the economy of every nation in the world, including the ones least able to absorb that, not just ours in the U.S., engendering a decade-plus series of wars and thousands to tens of thousands of casualties, that really hasn't stopped since they started circa the 7th Century, and won't until we end the problem, by ending the problem children.
Sorry if that unvarnished reality spoils your breakfast, but shit happens.

It's mean.
Really, dipshit? Meaner than destroying the lives of thousands of strangers in the service of your child-molesting leader, and his fanatical devotion to an imaginary death-cult deity?
Meaner than setting buildings on fire, and subjecting thousands of strangers to slow torture by fire, smoke, and worst of all, the time to contemplate the full hopelessness of their situation, such that they'd rather, in hundreds of cases, try flying from the 80th floor of a skyscraper rather than burn to death, or wait to be crushed under hundreds of tons of smoking rubble, screaming all the way to the impact at the bottom?
Okay, you win. I hereby concede that justice demands that every fanatical follower of theirs, including their bomb-toting children, should only be lit on fire, and kicked out of an aircraft at altitude, to scream in unspeakable agony the entire way until impact. Call it Hammurabi 2.0.
Happy now?

That's not who we are.
You got a mouse in your pocket, soy-boi?
Who we are is a disgrace. Who we should be, are the guys who nuked Mecca and Medina, same day, then slaughtered everything left after that, in a feat worthy of Genghis Khan, and then introduced endangered species to graze there in perpetuity, so as to have enough lions and crocodiles handy to feed any stragglers to for the next few centuries.

They aren't all like the terrorists.
Really? That's why the "moderates" cheer and hand out candy when the "fanatics" kill your fellow citizens? How many times will you have to be jihaded by "moderates" who experience Sudden Jihadi Syndrome™, in San Bernardino, or Ft. Hood, or Tennessee, or a hundred other places, before the penny finally drops for you?
By their own doctrine, they're either fanatics, or apostates.
Moderate is a western invention, like unicorns and the Easter Bunny.
You could look it up.

Have a nice big steaming hot cup of Reality, Snowflake:
Fanatical Muslims give the other 1% a bad name.

When we should have been whole-heartedly focused on depriving their civil rights, with high explosives, until there wasn't even a single breeding pair left in captivity, we instead had undisguised opportunists waiting to violate our civil rights, submitting us to indignities and violations that would have made Heinrich Himmler and his acolytes salivate, if not progress to actually lewdly abusing themselves in public. Groping my underpants and forcing me to walk shoeless to board a plane hasn't stopped a single terrorist incident ever, nor ever will.
Meanwhile, the recidivism rate for those granted a new .223 caliber third eye in their foreheads is still running at a flawless perfect 0%, every single time it's tried. Suck on that mathematical reality, and get back to me.

We have the spectacle of entire nations self-destructing under the onslaught of "refugees", suspiciously all military-aged males, minus women and children, streaming from every not-at-war Turd World Shitholia and Trashcanistan, raping entire populations in plain sight, for decades, with the full approval of the authorities, and pillaging the cultural heritage of the entire civilized world. And Stockholm Syndrome times Battered Wives' Syndrome is alive and well; but not just in Stockholm, but in Berlinistan, Londonistan, Paristan, Romistan, Rotherham, Chemnitz, and every other future no-go zone in the caliphate that's spreading like cancer from Spitzbergen to Sicily.
To Syracuse.
To San Diego.
Let me know when realization dawns for you.

Charles Martel, Ferdinand of Spain, Vlad The Hero, and the entire interred Knights of Malta are twirling in their graves so hard it should be gyroscopically spinning the planet out of solar orbit.

And we elected an illegal alien jihadist here, who spent most of a decade denying the obvious truth before everyone's lying eyes: we know who the problem is, we know where the problem is, we have the means to solve it, but none dare speak that, or they'll be fact-shamed for their truthiness, and banished from the public square.

When Ann Coulter nailed it on 9/12 or so, the shrieks hit pitches that were heard by dogs in space.
"We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity."

I'm far less missionary-minded: I'd settle for 2 out of 3, and add "kill them all, burn their homes, slaughter their livestock, salt their fields, and throw the corpses in their wells, after we crap in them." If they have spiritual aspirations, that's just fine. And the sooner we arrange that meeting for them with God to be face-to-face, the better for all concerned.

But I'm sentimental like that.

Remember 9/11??
You must be joking.

The half-assed, half-witted, half-stepping pseudo-response to 9/11 has ensured that every day is 9/11.

Ask a thousand English girls enslaved for sex in their own country, and passed around like so much white meat. For a decade, while Britistani officialdom watched.
(Dear British pussies: you should be hunting down like Adolph Eichmann, and beheading, on YouTube and LiveLeak, with dull rusty saws, every public official who did that, and putting their freshly-severed heads on London Bridge, but you're all women now, the best part of your DNA ran down the legs of French ladies of your grandfathers' era in the countryside outside Verdun, and you deserve the butt-raping you'll be getting in your own towns until you fix that. If ever. If you're too squeamish, maybe you can hire it out to the Gurkhas, but it still needs getting done. Sorry about the shoe fitting and all.)
Ask numbers beyond account stabbed, shot, or run over in France.
Ask the women of Germany and Sweden and Norway, gang-raped in 100% of cases by the very same swarthy "Asian" hordes of rapefugees they foolishly welcomed into their homelands.

So far, outside of a few divisions of veterans of places like Samar, Mogadishu, Fallujah, Anbar province and the like, and a handful of Americans armed with rolled up newspapers and butter knives on a flight over Shanksville PA until it ended as a smoking hole in the ground, we haven't done nearly enough, and until we do, we're going to keep remembering, and re-living, the unspeakable agony of that day, until either there's no one left who cares, given that they're all bowing five times a day facing Mecca; or until there's no one left to do it to humanity again, ever, for all time.

When someone tells you they're coming for you, take them at their word.
If it's going to come down to that, it's always better to be the one twisting the bayonet, rather than the one impaled on the end.

Sooner or later, you're going to figure that out.
Hopefully, the light will dawn while you still have the means to make a choice in the matter.

Mo doesn't like Western civilization? Wants to bring about global sharia?
I'm your Huckleberry.
I'll see your jihad, and raise you the Last Crusade. I'm all in, in fact.
So quit dicking around, and flop that last card.

"Let's roll."


Anonymous said...

This guy also gets it,


Anonymous said...

This guy too.


James M Dakin said...

I've of the mind 9/11 was a false flag. And instead of overthrowing our government ( if no-when else, after The Patriot Act suspended the Bill Of Rights ), we went along with blaming the ragheads. That said, they did nothing here or in Europe to convince me we shouldn't go ahead and blame them for the bombings and level their civilization to a smoldering ruin, anyway. Hell, the oil is almost all pumped out. Time to glass over that craphole. Oh, well. That's why I'll never be king of the world.

John Wilder said...

Well said. The only way to end a war is to deprive your enemy of the moral will to fight. Targeted surgical strikes don't tell the populace that the war is not worth fighting, they tell the populace that the war doesn't impact them in any way.

You don't end a fight when you're done. You end a fight when the enemy can no longer muster the will to fight. I think VonC put that in On War 200 years ago, but I think it's also written in our DNA. War isn't a game. War is war, and second place isn't a set of steak knives, second place results in your family being enslaved or slaughtered and your culture destroyed and vilified in history books for the rest of time.

Anonymous said...

a well written and witty commentary, and pretty well on target. Ragheads, yes, but they're just well deserved patsies. Planes, yes, but that's just the cover story.

The target is bigger. The coincidences of conspiracy and manipulation from some entities in some govts and deep state types are far to many to make the plain story fully believable alone.

But then again, JFK was shot by a long gunman..... uh yea...

Anonymous said...

I learned in the U. S. Navy that the direct approach is most often the best and longest remembered solution to problem children. I agree with all of your solutions, but I would add one step. As a Christian, it behooves me to see that everyone dying is baptized in the name of the Father before they expire. I would baptize every one of them before they died.

MMinLamesa said...


And really, WTF DID happen to GB? A 100 years ago, the sun never set and all that.

Anonymous said...

I'ma prescribe the nano/millisecond Punic War; coupla cells from one of our boomers and we're done at time-of-flight.
Save time and labor while expending some ordnance that needs expending.
Shoulda been TOT eighteen years ago tomorrow.
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

And to top it all off - the U.S. accepting the peoples of countries we sent our military to fight. They tell us they are refugees from the violence - how easy would it be for the enemy to slip in and do damage inside our country. How stupid are the people who thought that up.

Anonymous said...

Another masterpiece Aesop. You've eloquently stated what I've been voicing since 12-SEP-2001, There's only one kind of good muslim, a dead one.


McChuck said...

Before Gulf War One, we had a quarter million Muslims. Before Gulf War Two, we had one million. Now, we have 4 million. We're doing this exactly backwards.

Our own State Department hates America. Did you know that in Ohio, the driving code is available in English, Spanish, and Somali?

We know the location of every water plant and electric generator in the entire Middle East. A week of sorties would take care of 90% of our problems. After we take out all the airports, of course. And the Navy might finally have to do something useful by sinking all the ships.

SiGraybeard said...

I linked back to the original yesterday.

Middle easterners famously don't respect the "kinder gentler" precision strike. They consider that as a weak measure and they only respect strength so weak measures tell them they're winning. As Miguel points out in that "Translate into Savage" piece, our cultures are incompatible and things we hold as fundamental, like freedom of religion or not killing someone except in self-defense, just don't exist in their world.

So given two cultures, one which authorizes lying to and killing the infidel, versus the one that spares the life of anyone that's not an immediate threat, which is going to win the long game?

Anonymous said...

Until we have the moral fortitude to indiscriminately kill muslims wherever we find them, we're moving backwards.
When I saw the muslim fucks in NYC, on the news, on 9/11/2001, celebrating in the streets, I was expecting some immediate reaction from the public down there, but nothing happened. That was the point at which I knew we had lost the war.
And, we should have turned Afghanistan into a fucking sheet of glass.

Y. said...

9/11 wasn't a false flag. It was carried out by genuine Al-Qaeda fuckwits, except everyone barring the Feds knew.
Or they knew, but let it go on, to get carte-blanche and their desired 'Pearl Harbor' event. Got what they wanted.

French, Israelis and even a Taliban honcho worried about possible blowback told the US government there was a high risk of an attack against skyscrapers using planes.

@Ned2. There's no footage whatsoever of Muslims in the US celebrating that I know of. Palestinians and Muslims in shithole countries, which is almost all of them, sure.

John said...

You had me at Third Punic War level of ...

Anonymous said...


There's plenty of footage showing the ingrates celebrating.

Some accounts may stretch the truth a little, but it did happen.

Don't take my word for it; look it up.

Anonymous said...

As my Christian Saudi neighbors say – “a moderate Muslim is the one holding your feet while the Fanatic Muslim cuts your head off”. They will never be assimilated into our culture! Any attempts are futile at best.

Anonymous said...

"Because the murdering, semi-literate goat-humpers who perpetrated the act we remember are still out there.

Something has given me pause. The goat-humpers may be illiterate, but certainly not stupid. Can we agree on that? They certainly are not dilettantes...they are serious about their issues. Who would disagree?

The biggest bang for the buck to destroy the Great Satan would be to infect martyrs, any number of them, with Ebola and disperse them via rat lines, into the roiling shit-holes that are our inner cities. Cheap, effective, and no pat-down will detect the weapon.

Sooo...why not? Why have they not used this very available, cheap, and of certain impact, example of asymmetrical warfare at its best?

Well, why not?
Maybe too difficult to obtain Ebola ravaged bodies? Probably not.
Martyrs unwilling to become unclean? Naaah.
Cost too much? Nigga please....

Maybe, just maybe, they are not the threat they are made up to be? To agree with your assessment...yes, they are still out there, but maybe not as motivated with US drawdown a possibility?

I don't really know the answer as to why they have not done the obvious.


At the risk of shameless self-promotion, I have three cartoons I think you'll like. (Well, all three have the same image, just three different captionings…)

Anonymous said...

Anon at September 12, 2019 at 11:04 AM

Maybe it is because bio terror warfare like that will result in a like response? Especially if it is effective?

The US. does not have bio weapons, or chemical weapons. We do have lots and lots of nuclear weapons. If we are so busy treating sick and dying Americans, we may not be able to respond conventionally. Worse, we may not believe we are capable of SUSTAINING a conventional response that takes months and years. We will respond. Russia, China, Pakistan, France, and all the others will not say a thing, other than they hope this is not a change in the United States' Nuclear Weapons Policy.

Aesop said...

@Anon 11:04

1) I didn't say they were stupid. Arguing against that straw man is your game, not mine.

2) Enemies have only intentions, and capabilities.
If their desire is assured, they lack the ability. Nothing more nor less.
They haven't done what you outlined, because they don't have the ability, and/or they don't want the response that would fly in from somewhere in North Dakota at Mach 9. Any nothing less.

3) From 9/11/01 to date, they've never even tried the "fly planes into skyscrapers" gag. Why d'ya suppose that is? If you think it's because of the crack investigative skills of the Feebs, or the laser-like security focus of the fat bastards loafing at airports for the TSA, I've got a bridge to sell you too.

They haven't done it, for the same reason they only went after four airplanes on 9/11.
They shot their whole wad.
They couldn't do five airliners then, and they don't have the depth for another go, any time since.

People don't throw that kind of game. They don't score more touchdowns, because they can't. Not least of which because the 50,000 batshit craziest jihadi bastards are currently agricultural supplements in Iraq and Afghanistan.

4) My job, and quiet hobby, going back some decades, was to wargame what ifs like that for my employer, a municipal agency, and help plan a potential response from our end.

I've spun out some possible and not-very-difficult scenarios, most of them both easier and orders of magnitude less complicated than 9/11, all of them more lethal, some of them even on the pages of this blog, but none of which has happened.

It isn't because they lack the will.
If they could, they would.
Ergo, they can't.
The best way to capitalize on that is to reset them to where they were circa 1683, in every sense.

If not erase them entirely.
For my chips in the game, they've forfeited all claim to human treatment, and ought to be wiped off the face of the planet.
Like Carthage, let them stand for all time hence as a monument to how a people ought not to behave.

Eventually, we'll have no choice in that regard.
The only question is whether we'll have the will, whether sooner, or ultimately.

Based on the attitudes and actions of our so-called leaders, I'd say you're in for quite a bumpy ride, and not just the lightning-strike probability of random terrorism. They're at the point now where even as few as 1% of those we've welcomed with open arms could become a permanent thorn in our side here, short of rounding them all up and putting them in camps like it was 1942.

They can't and won't get along with anyone, any where, any time.
Take a look at a globe, and nearly every trouble spot, and it's nearly universally Team Mo vs. _______, over and over again. Spot the problem in that trend.
The solution to that, as with all cancers, is to excise them utterly and permanently.
Anything less just prolongs the suffering all around.

We turned the attitude of the Japanese around after just two bombs.
But they were marginally more civilized than Islam, and as a side benefit, their deity at the time was able to tell them on the radio to knock their shit off, and they complied. We can't do that this time, so it will be far messier to get a handle on things.
Islam is liable to be a bit more resilient than that, but I'm open to experimentation to see how much it takes to get their attention, and get them to consider the benefits of peaceful co-existence.
Do something like a bomb a day, until they plead with us on their knees for us to stop, and renounce violence absolutely and unequivocally.

If they can't wrap their tiny minds around that idea, and make it work for themselves, when their very existence is at stake, then good riddance to them.
The planet could use the enema, and their lands, almost without exception, are the very definition of the asshole of the earth.

A.B. Prosper said...

The responsibility for pretty much all the mayhem we've faced at the at the hands of hostile Muslims falls on our so called leaders.

Not allowing foreigners into one's nation much less moving them in wholesale prevents nearly all these problems from happening in the first place and is cheaper and far less bloodthirsty than nukes.

If you'll forgive a rhyme, it's not to late to repatriate.

Raider99 said...

Great article and commentary!

@Aesop How long until the USA starts looking like Europe with acid attacks, raping in the streets, etc? And do you think that would be enough to ignite the powder keg?

P.S. Is impaling your enemies frowned on in the Geneva convention? We should have brought that back on 09/12/01!

Welcome Black Carter said...

"which is going to win the long game?"

There is a video of b-52s making the flight to Japan on bombing runs. If the objective had been reached and there were still planes loaded up, the pilots had to pick a target. No bombs flew back. The narrator went something like: "harbors, fishing boats and fruit stands, there're all the enemy..." To your point, We don't win the long game until we get back to those rules of engagement. So, no. We will not win the long game.

Welcome Black Carter said...

"Maybe, just maybe, they are not the threat they are made up to be?"
Everyone should have a bookmark of where they think we might be in Prophesy. But I understand that not everyone has a Book. So where are we at now?
As predicted 2000 years ago, the empire that defeats Rome (5-29-1453) will acquire all of it's territory, and Israel and more. It will go on for a while and suffer a head wound (Caliph severed 3-3-1924) and the empire will lose power and territory, but not die. That empire returns, it is the Final beast empire of the world. The 8th king.
This is where my mark was before 9/11. After 9/11, I moved it forward just a bit to :"And the whole world was amazed and followed after the beast".
So by my read, the threat level is now 11 on a scale of 1 to 10.



While an EMP over a few selected sites would do that much more efficiently - and provide excellent feedback about EMP in the modern age - the spillover (because it's non-targeted) would be hard to isolate. On top of that, other EMP-capable actors would see what can happen and refine their ongoing plans about us. In general though you are completely correct. We have the ability to reduce the entirety of the Arab entities back to the 7th century. We don't have the will.

@SiGreybeard: Very good point.

You - and others here - might like this excellent piece from a psychologist whose blog went dark when Barackus got re-elected. Great piece. And the second link is about the Democrats and their culture. Note the Islam - Left similarities?

@Y. Let's assume the Mossad had advance notice and warned Washington (which, quite frankly, I'd suspect they did). The idea that they'd deliberately set up to have searches say "Israelis knew / celebrated" seems like the grand prize for "Let's do something really stupid, Alex". And in general, the Mossad's not stupid; the consequences from such an op are easily foreseeable.

@Aesop: I suspect they're not as concerned about Mach 9 reprisals as you think. Remember, dying for Allah is their highest objective. If they could sow enormous chaos through Ebola (or some other agent) and thus weaken America... a few glowing cities would be worth the price to the fanatics.

@Raider99: In some areas, not long at all.

Short story. My wife is an immigrant. She and I traveled to Dearborn Michigan in the late 00's to see some former co-workers. Driving down the streets looking for the restaurant (it was central for everyone) except us visiting, we saw signs in Arabic, men and women in Arabic clothing. She looked at me and asked "Are we still in America"? That was a decade ago. I can't imagine what it's like now. Related: A friend of mine from Maine, good man, says that some areas of larger Maine towns loke - and behave - like Somali-land because of the immigration.

@A.B. Prosper: Repatriate. I agree. BAMN.

Anonymous said...

It was a globally visible announcement that the war that stopped 11/09/1683 is back on.
It was a global note stating intention. The infrastructure and manpower was not organised or in sufficient numbers or in strategic position. But it was underway
Then, Summer 2010 saw the release of Inspire magazine. A declaration of subversive warfare (p48) sanctioned by Al Q and muslim brotherhood IN ENGLISH. For the western 'brotherhood'.
Now look at the numbers of fighting age immigrants and the number of attacks by 'too eager' youngsters.

You never start a fight you haven't already won.
Read ANY of the Inspire magazines. Then read Qutb's 'Milestones' book.
Tell me again about this religion of peace.
Christians are not peaceful. But at least they are going against their prophets teachings. The other 2 aren't
As YouTube- Stephen Coughlin correctly states

I don't need you to believe this information, I only need to show that they believe it before they execute their actions.

Mentally unstable & Lone wolf attacks are our labels hiding the truth of individual Jihad.
But they all claim to be affiliated to AQ. In Inspire magazine, they quote the exact koranic scriptures to validate these holy acts. The affiliation is reading, and acting, on the information in the AQ supplied magazines. But only once they have completed, in their minds, all the steps in the milestones process.

Coughlin gives a very good breakdown of why things have been done, why muslims condemn terrorism, ( sharia version of terrorism is VERY different to yours), and the micromanagement of how to politically deconstruct democracy.
By the way, NOW.... offending muslims is racist. Muslim isn't a race, but now the 16/17 states in the UN have observer status, they have have laws passed that ensure that they are legally protected and offended.

Look at the different contexts for sharia and western law and constructs. Now, when muslims agree with you, are you sure you both have the same vision


Anonymous said...

"How long until the USA starts looking like Europe with acid attacks, raping in the streets, etc? And do you think that would be enough to ignite the powder keg?"

I know the question was directed at our host, but I feel compelled to answer.

Americans are a notably can-do people who take a dim view to having our womenfolk raped. If the official powers-that-be refuse to deal with a problem, it'll be dealt with by individuals. So if/when the acid attacks or rapes that no one bothers to investigate start happening, Little Somalia will find they wake up some morning to a goodly number of young men missing (except perhaps for their wedding tackle found nailed to the trees, as a warning to the others). It might all be discovered by the light of the burning Mosque.

Not all Moslems are like that? Undoubtedly (I've personally known several very nice Moslems, one was a former manager and the other my doctor). So clean your own house, or we'll be forced to clean it for you. So while YOU may be able to clean house with a broom and vacuum cleaner, we'll tend more toward bulldozers and cleansing fire, which is hard on the china.

Because you know what? You want to bow toward Mecca and pray umpteen times a day, abstain from pork and alcohol, and have a month-long daytime fast once a year? Knock yourself out, freedom of religion and all that. You want to try to convert me? Even warn that I'll go to Hell otherwise? No problem at all (Hell, I'm a Christian, we had that gig nailed down LONG before the Moslems). Want to offer me the Sophie's Choice between conversion, death or enslavement? I'm your huckleberry, we'll see who ends up in the morgue.

Mark D



Two highlights from your post:

* wake up some morning to a goodly number of young men missing (except perhaps for their wedding tackle found nailed to the trees, as a warning to the others

* So while YOU may be able to clean house with a broom and vacuum cleaner, we'll tend more toward bulldozers and cleansing fire, which is hard on the china.

I like your style. :)

If I might add a modifier to the first one though...

Wedding tackle nailed to the trees, wrapped in bacon.

Raider99 said...

Thanks, Mark! I agree 100%. I live in Texas, so you know how we are about things down here. I believe in the movie, Silver Bullet, they referred to it as "private justice".

I appreciate your response. I'm sure the Boomers and Gen-Xers are up to the challenge. Not sure about the millenials.

Only time will tell, but I have a feeling if Trump doesn't win, they will turn the Islamicization of America Know to 11. Time to go the range!

Raider99 said...


Anonymous said...

How many of us are willing to round up muslims in our immediate area and execute them?

Too extreme? Distasteful? Too bad, because until that happens, we will continue to careen towards the situation in Western Europistan.

Mark said...

Raider99: The thing people (including most Americans) forget is that we Americans are VERY nice, patient people. We're helpful, we'll go out of our way to help people in need, look how much money pours OUT of America, from private citizens, whenever there's a natural disaster anywhere in the world.

We'll do everything we can to be accommodating. Until we're pushed a step too far, then we'll go all Hiroshima with a side of Nagasaki on you. If you read the Declaration of Independence it's clear that the colonists did everything they could to reach an agreement with the crown, and that Independence was a last resort. Which is as it should be, violence ALWAYS ought to be a last resort, but it NEEDS to always be on the table. While a fight may be the LAST thing I want, it's STILL on the list.

As my Dad used to put it "If you really feel the need to shove an umbrella up my ass, I'll do what I can to accommodate you. When you try to open it I get pissed off."

It's a mistake to take our patience and forbearance for cowardice or lack-of-will. Because once we flip that switch, we're the only ones who will flip it back and we won't do THAT until the job is done. As I noted above, if our "leaders" won't do their job we'll do them for them, and if that means depopulating a few neighborhoods to protect our families so be it.

Mark D

Anonymous said...

May I suggest a rolling barrage of thermobaric bombs? No lingering radiation to prevent out subsequent use of the now-cleansed property.

Anonymous said...

"It isn't because they lack the will.
If they could, they would.
Ergo, they can't."

I respectfully disagree. You or I, with a few thousands of dollars, could do this. Easily, and without a cadre of support. We, however, lack the will, not the means. Their well-funded organization certainly has the means...ergo they lack the will.


Aesop said...

To the extent they lack the will, it is precisely due to the biblical retribution that would follow.

In absolute terms, 9/11 was a burp.
It was a soft-target attack, the easiest to mount, and even then was extremely limited, and only 75% effective. Once.
Apparently suicide killers, even among the Religion Of Death, aren't as easy to come by as you'd think.
And it was thwarted in about 90 minutes by businessmen and tourists with butter knives and rolled up magazines.
They killed with jet airplanes.
Our guys - everyday Joes - were willing to kill them with butter knives!

Think about that.

And the reason there were no more subsequent events by and large was because they couldn't pull it off again.
Money is not equivalent to reach, nor the whole of the means required.
Their low-IQ cadre is mainly fertilizing whole provinces in the Middle East.
(And if you don't think Dubbya made a couple of quiet phone calls to the heads of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, etc. NLT 9/15/01, outlining the hair-trigger criteria for glassing over Mecca and Medina within about 30 minutes should there be a 9/11 v2.0, I have a bridge to sell you.)

Their lack of an Act II has not been due to the diligence, bravery, and perspicacity of the Feebs and the CIA.

They simply can't move here and blend in, any more than Bubba from Alabama could move to Trashcanistan and pass for an Arab.

It's also due to the fact that the first time some swarthy "Asian" jackhole so much as grabbed his underpants afterwards, he was gang-tackled and smothered in the aisle of the airplane by the passengers, died of asphyxiation from crush weight, and no charges filed against anyone.

They are indolent bastards, unable to prevail in stand-up fights (true going back centuries), and currently, they're conquering Eurabia bloodlessly, without much significant opposition. The Brits, French, Germans, etc. are all rolling over and playing dead, instead of going all Vlad the Hero on them.

Why fight, when you can win by simply moving into the neighborhood?

Exactly like they're doing here.

We're going to figure that out when they pull an American antifada here, and we have to clean them out everywhere as an existential threat. It's going to make Antietam look like a church picnic.

The sooner we recognize them for the Borg they are, the better for them and for us.

Don't mistake assymetrical warfare for lack of will.
Like water, they're finding a way in through all the cracks.

Like all weeds, they require a pruning.
And they want to destroy us.
We should accept that challenge, and open the ball.

Anonymous said...

Yep. When I heard old GW was going to send our young'uns off to fight again on foreign soil, I knew then it was going to be a CF and not change one damn thing. I was wrong, it changed a lot, for the worse. Instead of invading, should have turned Damascus, Tehran, Mecca, Medina, and Kabul into glass within 48 hours. Then said if any terrorist attack happens in our country again, your whole damn region will be toast. Saddam didn't support terrorists, he killed em. Then we killed him. Stupid. For these reasons, if there was justice in the universe, GW would be stood up against a wall once each day and kicked right in the balls. Every-single-day for the rest of his life. Never know when it would be coming, just let's go it's time. But there ain't justice, so here we are. Gonna be a fight. I'll be in it. My sons will be in it. We won't all make it but at least we'll try and maybe what comes after will be better. Won't be around to see it but can hope and pray.

The Gray Man said...

Some of them knew. Some didn’t. Some of them sort of knew but not really. The Fed is tens of thousands of people. Maybe hundreds of thousands. It’s not one entity. It’s a gigantic jumbled mess of people who know various levels of nothing, and most of them are idiots, and a lot of them are also idiots who love third world shitters more than me or you.

So they didn’t HAVE TO “allow” 9/11 to happen. They didn’t have the ability, the mental ability I mean, to prevent it, and a lot of them didn’t have the intent to stop it either. Hell, I’m sure a bunch of them couldn’t even imagine it happening at all, so how could they stop it?

It was the Saudis, btw. Like, their government is what I mean. I’ve seen those IIRs myself.

Anonymous said...

"Don't mistake asymmetrical warfare for lack of will."

From this perspective, we are in agreement....

Unknown said...

I'm in love with you, and want to have your baby.
Sorry, sounds dumb, but then I find testosterone laced truth to be the sexiest thing a man can say. Too bad men no longer have the balls to say it.

lineman said...

Not stupid at all just very evil...

lineman said...

We aren't even willing to band together to even think about taking the fight to them...Sad That...

lineman said...

He just might take you up on your offer😉