Friday, September 13, 2019

Just To Make A Point

From nearly a decade ago, just popped up on my YouTube list of random stuff.

Less than 3 minutes long, and better than the last four Disney-fornicated StarWhores movies combined (AKA "$6B Shot To Hell!").

Kudos to whoever was behind this bit of fun.
I doubt they'll read this, but if they added the Darth v. Obi Wan final lightsaber fight, and hit that one out of the park too, they'd be scifi fanfilm gods!

And next, I want the R. Lee Ermey Vader, in this vein.
If I had the skills and equipment, I'd do it myself.



Beans said...

I think the Devil himself is making a brand new level of Hell for all those who fornicated up Star Wars, including Lucas himself.

Han shot first, ya dirtbag! That's what made it such a cool friggin scene.

And there's a side section for directors who screw up their own work, like Spielberg did with 'ET the stupid movie.' (going back and removing guns and other 'war things' and replacing them with radios and such because guns bad or something.)

As to all things Disney, dead to me. DEAD TO ME!!!

SiGraybeard said...

YT offered that to me, too. Of course, I watched and laughed. I thought it might just be one joke several times, but they did better than that.

Old NFO said...

Good one! :-)

Anonymous said...

I always thought if you took Darth Vaders helmet off he'd have a squeaky voice. And a really tiny head.

Mike said...

DUDE. You can't just toss off a link to Ermey-Claus like that without any warning. Now my keyboard and monitor are all soaked.

Anonymous said...

"And next, I want the R. Lee Ermey Vader, in this vein.
If I had the skills and equipment, I'd do it myself."

Like this, mebbe?

(there's more. Bwahaha!)

John Wilder said...

That one just showed up in my YouTube as well.



Anonymous said...

Both of them are a hoot. But the Corps kinda messed with my head as I laugh at all the smack the Gunny runs in FMJ. The man was eloquent!