Sunday, September 29, 2019

That Face When... hear that Speaker Alzheimers and her Clowncarnucopia Of Fail Clowns have decided to go ahead with impeachment inquiries, a year out from the 2020 elections:

Just so we're clear here:

Then-Veep Biden, in a flagrant display of nepotism and outright corruption while in office, extorted Ukraine into firing their prosecutor, when said prosecutor was investigating shenanigans by the company on which his son, Hunter Biden, fresh from being kicked out of the Naval Reserve for being a dope fiend, sat on the board of directors, and was then collecting a salary of $50,000 a month. Doubtless for his sterling business acumen, and not at all because he was the ne'er-do-well son of the sitting VPOTUS.

(And I have a bridge for sale cheap if you believe that one...)

Biden has admitted he did exactly this, and no one's whispering a word about investigating that, charging or prosecuting him for it, or anyone pulling Gropey Dopey Joe aside, and suggesting he take a gun and one bullet, and go seclude himself and do the honorable thing, for the Dumbocrat Party and the country's sake.

Instead, President Trump is being investigated (!), for asking the Ukrainians, in compliance with a treaty signed into law by Bill Clinton, to fulfill their obligations, and investigate said corruption, in pursuit of criminal conduct, including that by a sitting US government official, in exact obedience to the oath of office he took on January 20, 2017, to "take care that the laws be faithfully executed", as he is charged to do in Article II, Section 3 of the United States Constitution.

In short, Demented Nancy & Co. are investigating a sitting president for upholding his oath of office faithfully, and thus seeking to remove him from office for doing his job exactly as intended for every occupant of the White House since 1787.

If they succeed in their fifth  sixth open coup attempt since 2016, or damage Trump to the point that he loses in 2020, and the Dems aren't swept out of control of the House next year by a landslide, you can look forward to one thing above all others.

I think there's almost certainly going to be a shooting war in the streets.

Whether over just this, or the totality of the treason going on non-stop since 11/9/2016.
(We won't even go into what's been going on since 1800 or so.)

Because at that point, there will be no further reason to do our revolutions every four years peacefully at the ballot box, as we've done for 230+ years.

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. " - President John F. Kennedy

And the Dumbocrats are doing this because they think they can win that war.

Which, quite frankly, should scare the hell out of every sane person in the country.
Once that Pandora's Box is open, no one alive has any idea what the results will be before it's closed again.

I could be seeing this all wrong.
But that's not where I'm putting my chips.

And even if it doesn't: The other side is willing to risk that to fundamentally change  undermine and subvert the America you grew up in.

What are YOU prepared to do?



DAN III said...

Hemp & Lead. SAT CONG


No SANE person... not so.

You have to remember, in their fevered imagination they CAN create heaven on earth through Socialism. But they need to tear down what is first.

Seen through the lens that anything that undermines the "old republic" is a good thing, even a shooting war in which millions will die, because out of those ashes the great Utopia will arise - everything they do is logical and consistent.

Murderous. Genocidal. Never mind treasonous. But consistent with that view.

Tactless Wookie said...

@A, that figure is $50K a month. Not week.

Otherwise a spot on analysis and commentary (as usual).

Anonymous said...

Sat Cong indeed.

Expect no mercy.

R said...

@Tactless Wookie
"U.S. banking records show Hunter Biden’s American-based firm, Rosemont Seneca Partners LLC, received regular transfers into one of its accounts — usually more than $166,000 a month.."

Anonymous said...

Prepared to do?
Whatever it takes.

John Wilder said...

The Democrats will end up in a far left purity spiral where they eat themselves. With any luck? This happens before they try to eat what's left of our country.

Anonymous said...

An interesting article at a site I haven't seen before on Lenin's thought process by a former self-described "Pink Diaper baby":

A good quote (there are several):

"The same logic applied to rights. On paper, the Soviet Constitution of 1936 guaranteed more rights than any other state in the world. I recall a Soviet citizen telling me that people in the ussr had absolute freedom of speech—so long as they did not lie. I recalled this curious concept of freedom when a student defended complete freedom of speech except for hate speech—and hate speech included anything he disagreed with. Whatever did not seem hateful was actually a “dog-whistle.”
As far back as 1919, Soviet parlance distinguished between purely formal law and what was called “the material determination of the crime.” A crime was not an action or omission specified in the formal code, because every “socially dangerous” act (or omission) was automatically criminal. Article 1 of the Civil Code of October 31, 1922 laid down that civil rights “are protected by the law unless they are exercised in contradiction to their social and economic purposes.” Like the “material” definition of crime, the concept of “purposefulness” (tselesoobraznost) created a system of Thelemite rights: the state was absolutely prohibited from interfering with your rights unless it wanted to."

(Last emphasis my own).

McChuck said...

The Leftists try to twist us up with rules.
They forget they we own rule 308.

I'm a simple man. When confronted with the Gordian knot, I wouldn't try to untie it. I wouldn't even try to cut the enormous thing apart. I would simply set fire to it, and watch it burn.

Anonymous said...

If it does come to shooting and a United States Second Revolutionary War, it will not be an intramural affair.

Expect "International Brigade" "volunteers" to flock to the Progressive Socialist (Democrat) side, just like the International Socialists (Russian Communists) and the National Socialists (German Nazis) did in the Spanish Civil War. Except this time both these factions will be aiding the same side. They may even be blessed and given cover by that peace loving international organization, the United Nations.


PS: I still think the butcher's bill will be 20-50 million dead, and about 150 million if someone uses nukes.

Ned2 said...

Marxism is coming, either next year or in five.
No one's going to get their ass off the couch and start shooting leftards. As long as regular Joe has his six pack and TV.
But if they crash the economy, that will set the stage for CW II. There will be nothing to lose.

Anonymous said...

Good job on the clean up Aesop. That mutt shit all over WRSA along with another shitbird and basically ruined the place in my opinion. Reason # 1 of why I no longer visit that blog.

Beans said...

Sooo.... Biden's gonna be bit in the ass by a treaty he helped ratify.

Oh... my...

BWAhahahahahhaahahahahahhahhhahahahahah (wheeze, cough, wheeeeze) ahahahahahahahaahhaahahahahahhhahahahahahahahhahaaha

Not tired of winning. Tired of laughing my ass off, not tired of winning at all.

Anonymous said...

"...are investigating a sitting president for upholding his oath of office faithfully,...."

They took the same oath while lying through their teeth doing. They don't seem to get that to many taking an oath incurs responsibility to see it done accordingly. To them an oath is just another means to their ends. I highly suspect that this is what really steams their chestnuts.
In their calculations they forget many have taken an oath to 'uphold and defend from enemies foreign and domestic' and were serious when they took it and still are today.
I don't think they'll get impeachment. I do think they are burning down their own house and will lose many moderates. Those moderates may not vote for Trump but if they don't vote at all that will work with similar effect.

In any event, things will get interesting. Keep your powder dry.

Tactless Wookie said...

Anonymous said: "Good job on the clean up Aesop. That mutt shit all over WRSA along with another shitbird and basically ruined the place in my opinion. Reason # 1 of why I no longer visit that blog"

Dang I must have missed a party...

Did T-Fart vomit on the floor here?

Obama's boyfriend said...

The French Revolution started with the goal of ending the king, it ended up with an emperor.

stakedprimerpocket said...

I don't like being a nitpicker but isn't the phrase, "Those who make peaceful reSolution impossible," and not reVolution?

Aesop said...