Tuesday, September 10, 2019

I Have No Idea What Could Be Happening...

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Blog readers, or happy serendipitous coincidence?

Visit WalMart, and vote frequently.

Quod sit circuit, fit circuitu.


John Wilder said...

Wal-Mart thinks they've made themselves indispensable here in Modern Mayberry by running the competition out of business over the past few decades. That doesn't mean I have to purchase as much there as I used to - it might be more inconvenient, it might cost more, but some executive in Arkansas will eventually look up what "BFYTW" on Google. And then maybe they'll get it.

Wonder what would happen if BFYTW was written inside every stall in every Wal-Mart in the nation?

Just wondering.

Glen Filthie said...

The marketing guys are too smart for this Aesop.

I call bullshit - something is going on behind the scenes at corporate that we don’t know about. It’s not unknown, for example, for corporate raiders to devalue their own brands and stocks to make them easier to sell off. I strongly suspect that’s what drove Gillette’s last suicide attempt. Perhaps Wal-Mart is sucking liberal cack by throwing gun owners under the bus in exchange for influence with certain political parties? I am guessing that the gun demographic isn’t particularly valuable to them? Gun owners, contrary to popular stereotypes, tend to be well off and educated and most can probably afford to avoid The People Of Wal-Mart by shopping somewhere else. I doubt they would really feel much of a clout if the gun community rebelled and boycotted. Shitlibs do well with the low information under class as long as they don’t have to get their hands dirty by dealing with them personally. Such a move would play well to single moms, for example - who are responsible as a demographic for producing 75% of all the felons in our prisons. Blaming guns for their poor life decisions and failed liberal social experiments will play well with them.

I’m just spitballing, but something IS going on outside the box. Most of us are stocked up with ammo, high cap mags and sport utility rifles. If you’re not, you need to jump on that NOW... and avoid Wal-Mart, Dicks, and other anti-2A vendors.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Been torn between going to Wally's to score some "extra" 5.56 at hopefully going-out-of-business prices and never going in again. I was a semi-regular when I was trap shooting and changing my own oil; I could blow through there for six quarts of Mobile 1 and 200 rounds of trap loads in about five minutes.
Fuck 'em. I'm good. Won't care if every third person drops a deuce in the cashier's line, cause I won't be there.

Anonymous said...

What if all the nation wide retailers who can afford lawyers to fight lawsuits are forced out of gun and ammo sales by pressure to be "woke" and only mom and pop gun stores and pawn shops are left? How many frivolous lawsuits can a small business owner afford before they go out of business? Laws protecting them now can be changed by democraps. And what if banks won't do business with them or insurance companies? No gun stores no guns and ammo and you still have your constitution that says that you have the right to own a gun. I've heard leftist say that they will go over under and around us and while we try to figure out how to stop what they have done they will have moved on to the next thing that they want to accomplish.

lineman said...

Sent a message your way...