Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Stockholm Syndrome: Denial Is A Marker

h/t Tam

Ammoman wants to try and find some rationale for Fail-Mart's recent publicly anti-gun stance. Lord only knows why, but Stockholm Syndrome is not beyond the realm of possibility here:

The gun industry has been a bit soft lately. There was a significant amount of panic buying leading up to the 2016 Presidential election. I’m not surprised by that. What we were all surprised about was the outcome of that election. The result was a drop in the market. Lots of guns waiting to be bought. That was matched with lots of folks feeling relieved over avoiding a political nightmare. Without political fear motivating consumers to make purchases, retailers saw low prices and slow sales. Many argue that this didn’t happen, but there is a name for it. We are in a “Trump slump.” Is Walmart dumping the Second Amendment for more profitable products? Maybe. 

Roundabout, he eventually comes to the proper conclusion, in so many words:
Fuck Wal-Mart; shop elsewhere.

But FFS, stop trolling the bottom of the outhouse for some rationale beyond "WalMart is run  by elitist anti-gun fucktards who think they're better than you, and want to take both your money, and your rights, and have you pay for the privilege and thank them to boot."

The appropriate response to that ends with "...sideways, with a rusty chainsaw."

Does Wal-Mart have the right to decide what products they'll sell, and who can bring what into their store?

Do they also get to own the backlash that such jackassical moral preening engenders?
O, fuck yeah they do, and will.

(Hey, Fail-Mart, how's that Cunning Plan worked out for the National Felony League, Dicks, and Jillette™?)

Because, rather than trying to find some financial rational for their amoral and anti-freedom kneejerk, let's note that they haven't stopped sales of liquor, auto parts, or gasoline to cut down on DUIs, nor thrown out big-screen TVs to cut down on wife-beating during the Superbowl, nor stopped selling kids' pools to cut back on drownings, nor stopped selling prybars and hammers to cut back on burglaries, nor banned ski masks and knives to help with cutting down on robberies and muggings. The one hallmark of WallyWorld is that when it comes to products, they're quite simply the amoral whores you'd expect them to be, on pretty much everything. And those auto burglaries and robberies frequently happen on their premises, and they have studiously looked the other way, and will continue to, for sheer profit's sake.
Except with guns.

So let's stop crapping around with trying to left-handedly justify this corporate horseshit by looking for some shred of credibility in "unprofitable lines". They will buy a metric fuckton of corn cob holders and happily make 1¢ a ton, and they never stopped making a profit on guns nor ammo (proof being they're selling all remaining stocks at normal price, not dumping the lot out at sea immediately), so this isn't about low profits, or responsible corporate management, it's about low-IQ senior management sucking up to the communists, and letting the people who run Antifa dictate what's right and wrong.
That's delusional mania, not management.

(Word to your mother: when you drag in the dicks at Dick's to explain your theory, you've already driven through the guardrails and off the Cliffs Of Insanity. Just saying.)

This is a business that's electing to tell you all to fuck yourself before they set themselves on fire.

The proper response to that is to hand them a torch, throw gasoline on them, and get a wind machine to fan the flames once they're gloriously alight. They will be missed not a bit, and the engine of capitalism will swallow them under the waters of companies too stupid to succeed, under which tidal flow they'll sink without even a small burp or bubble to mark their passage.

And good riddance.

The last thing they need is someone to float over on a raft and hand them a hanky for their tears, and sing them soft lullabies as they burn, then try to explain afterwards they were turning their lives around before their unfortunate bout of corporate insanity.

That's on a level of delusional people who put up flowers and candles for roadkill.

Wal-Mart didn't do this because guns and bullets weren't making them enough profit.
They did it because their owners are anti-freedom fucktards from Arkansas with a superiority complex in regards to all of America. They think corporate might makes right.

There's a cure for that: poverty.

Dulce et decorum est. Pour encourager les autres.

While they get what's coming to them, put the bong down, and stop trying to rationalize the irrational, and quit assuming no one in business could ever shoot themselves in the foot, with their feet in their mouth.
It's as common as morons on the freeway and chickens laying eggs.

Jeebus crispies, has no one ever heard of Hollywood?!?
Some of the biggest entities in America, and they burn $100 bills by the minute to make a pointless point non-stop every day for fifty years, and no end in sight.
Because they CAN.

Compared to them, Wally-World's owners are exactly the bunch of small-time Ozark inbred Jeds you'd expect them to be, compared to the world-class morons running the biggest media empires on the planet.

In both cases, they are certainly reasons for what they do; but none of them rise to the level of being sufficient excuses for the behavior.

For that, we have to resort to psychiatric diagnoses.

Let's don't, ever, endeavor to be apologists for the insane.
If you're feeling charitable, just put up the orange cones and caution tape, to warn passers-by.

If you're feeling a bit more motivated, fan the flames, and throw more logs on the fire.
If you soaked them in gasoline first, so much the better.
And don't forget to bring marshmallows and sticks.
Never let a crisis of sanity go to waste.


Anonymous said...

It' amazing how many Wallfart goods can be found online for the same if not less dinero from other suppliers. Free shipping too.
Just get off your asses and look.

RandyGC said...

I don't have a problem with large corporations being amoral whores. Their only real moral obligation to maximize profit for their owners/shareholders in ways that do not put the owners/shareholders in jail. The market will sooner or later determine what society will put up with.

I do, however, much prefer that they also be apolitical whores. Leave the politics to the politician whores.

(I apologize to prostitutes for associating them with such disreputable parts of society)

Abe said...

I read at too many places already today to tell which one but the comment was to only buy wally world house products as the profit was razor thin. Also only made in America. Low to no profit eventually kills a business.