Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Corporate Invertebrate Hermaphrodites

NASCAR rejects gun ads.

Fuck them, and the horse they rode into town on. They're over.
Next season might as well be broadcast on Lifetime and Bravo for all the viewers and attendees they're going to lose.

WalMart drops ARs, ammunition for them and pistols

Fuck them too. Sideways, with a rusty chainsaw.

So, corporate geniusii, how's that plan worked out for the NFL, Dick's, and the pussies at P&G's pussyhat soybois hawking Jilette:Razors For Little Bitches??
Haven't been reading the newspaper much, have you?
Not even the financial pages, evidently.

Only world-class fools piss off the people who buy their product and fill their coffers, to court favor from folks who'll never do either.

Your shareholders should sue you all for fraud and malfeasance. Be funny to watch you try to defend that.

But hey, TrailerParkTrashMart, thanks for opening the market up for every other brick-and-mortar firearms retailer in the country, and eliminating your loss-leader negotiating position to sell firearms below cost just to drive littler guys out of business. Firearms makers can now tell you to kiss their ass when you want their product cheaper year-over-year. That just ended too, whether you figured it out or not. Sam is probably spinning in his grave, and his half-wit kinfolk heirs clearly haven't the wits to run a roadside chicken stand. If he were alive, he'd kick their asses, then disown them all.

We notice that you still don't have a problem with selling alcohol, even though drunk driving kills more people than rifles every year since Sam opened your entire sorry-ass chain of fail.

Hypocritical fuckwad bullshit merchants.

I'll still visit your stores though.
Just to use the bathroom.
80-20 my turds land in the middle of the floor though, or in the sink bowl, every time.
Have fun with that. I sure will.
Be a real shame if something that simple caught on nationwide.

Remember, guys, the enemy always gets a vote. ;)
And I'll be eating a lot more ethnic foods, and voting often.
Got a hankerin' for some Panda Express broccoli beef today...

"Cleanup on Aisle 2..."


Felix Bellator said...

I have plenty of options besides Wal-Mart. They are somewhat convenient, but not so convenient that I would cost myself much time or money to shop elsewhere.

Your suggestion that Wal-Mart shareholders should sure is a good one. I hope this idiocy costs them.

Oh, loading a basket full of shooting supplies and leaving it somewhere on the other end of the store could be fun.

Felix Bellator said...

And randomly placing said shooting supplies around the store might be more fun. Like on the clearance isle.

Maybe start a blue vest movement and literally move merchandise around the store and misdirect customers to where stuff is not.

Anonymous said...

Good analogy on the selling alcohol. Add in cigarettes for cancer and gasoline for vehicular accidents, each one causing more fatalities then firearms. I don't know why these folks decided pissing off gun owners was a good idea, but I did notice they waited until Fall Hunting Sales were already done to do this. They may take notice that hunters buy a lot more than ammunition at Wal-Mart. That will go away too.

June J said...

Decisions made by the same geniuses that decided toilet paper thin plastic bags is way to go, resulting in cashiers double or triple bagging instead of using one. And now cities’ recycling programs are banning those thin bags. Idiots with MBA’s.

Ned2 said...

The BB had the main story this morning....

Anonymous said...

I don't think wally world is going to lose anything. I think that people will still keep going there because nobody much cares anymore, until its too late to do anything about it. As for me, I quit shopping there almost 30 years ago.

The Freeholder said...

I've not been a big Walmart shopper in years. Our local one is next to some public housing, so it's a little to festive for my tastes. I have shopped at other locations on occasion, but that stopped yesterday. There is nothing I get at Walmart that I can get elsewhere, usually for the same price and free shipping.

A lot of people have been saying for a while that Walmart was getting too large and too powerful. I hope this is the beginning of their decline to a smaller company. Maybe real small if we're lucky.

Borepatch said...

"Cleanup on Aisle 2..."

Damn it, I *liked* that keyboard ...

Anonymous said...

Taking a dump in the sink only hurts the peon who has to deal with it.

Other than that, yeah Phuque ChinaMart.

Ned2 said...

Nothing quite beats the Saturday morning Walmart cultural experience.
Maybe now they'll open their bathrooms to the homeless junkies, just to round out the SJW trifecta.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of Nascar and Walmart? I'm okay with this.

Tim said...

From a Friend; Walmart has never shown much morale courage at the Corporate level, and this is just another act of stupidity. Most of the leftists that Walmart is trying to placate wouldn't be caught dead within a city block of a Walmart store. I see these birds in town, in their BMW, or Jag, or Mercedes, and I hear them talk in the cafes. They think Walmart is for the "rednecks" that live here, not for "decent" people like themselves. On the other hand, the working class people who make up the bulk of Walmart customers are going to be mortally offended by this.

James M Dakin said...

Don't just cut back on visits-also contact them and politely tell them what retards they are. Then get all your friends to do the same. If they are so clueless to do this, they might not add up two and two and get four. They might start saying stupid crap like "Amazon Effect" to each other. Make it plain that virtual signalling is going to cost them more money.

Anonymous said...

The former chairman of the Walton Foundation (1992 - 2015) goes by the name S. Robson Walton.
‘Nuff said.


The Gray Man said...

So what if they’re going to lose money?

I agree with you philosophically for sure. Screw them, and their horses and their horses’ future offspring. But did the big wigs at Dick’s have to sell their Mercedes and Jaguars? Did the CEO of Gillette have to downsize from a mansion to something smaller? Did any of them lose their spots on the board of directors for their companies? Something has changed and while I’m not sure exactly what it is, it does appear that these companies, while they lose money for crapping in the mouths of at least 30%-40% of the US population, have found a way to absorb those losses and shield themselves from any actual consequences while still advancing their anti-gun and anti-sanity messages, to includ donating heaps of cash to these left wing causes.

Either way, this is what happens when “our side”, whatever we choose to call ourselves this week, abdicates leadership roles in government, academia, media and business. We own nothing. Control nothing. Run nothing. Manage nothing. Unless you count Chick fil A...

Or at least, we have nothing that we are willing or able to leverage to get this clown show to stop.

Anonymous said...

I do believe Kaepernick and his Ilk tought businesses where American Priorities are, "It's ALL about ME" there's enough people to pay 200+ Dollars a game to make a profit.. that is what it's all about, NO?



A.B. Prosper said...

Gray Man, our side abdicated nothing.

Our own side stabbed us in the back repeatedly when we tried to fix things and once a critical mass of ideologues willing to prevent outsiders get in power, its game over

This comes from the fact that much of so called Right is "liberty" based and if a company wants to not carry something, they shouldn't be made too?

laissez faire rules the roost

If you want this clown show to stop, you have to give orders and put a State boot up peoples backside

If you aren't willing to do this, much less able to, you get run over

There is no magic go back to morality option since the other side is by their standard already behaving morally. You can't wait around for the pews to fill and people to wake up. They are already woke.

You takle power, take away the freedom people are misusing and be done with it.

This means no running off to Monticello. no playing Cincinnatus . It means ruling men mostly cities for a few decades till obeying your moral order is second nature

A pro tip though. If your moral order is inconsistent or ineffective, you get a counter revolution . This means you have to do a better job morally, financially and systematically than Clown world does,

This is far from as easy as you think

Anonymous said...

A society and/or culture has zero intellectual consistency when it appoints second and third-level presuppositions while discarding first-level presuppositions.

We are constantly told that this, that or the other thing or speech or behavior is wrong (and it might just be), but very few challenge the accusers by requiring the source of their moral authority: "By What Standard".

U.S. culture has, to paraphrase Robert Bork, slouched towards Gomorrah, and is now galloping to Sodom.

If something is wrong (or right), it is incumbent that the "why is that wrong?" question be both required and answered.

A.B. Prosper said...

Good post 2:05

There is a saying in the computer industry "The problem with standards is there are so many of them." and this applies to societies as well.

Its good and fine to say "By What Standard?" but when other people reject your core premise you have a problem

Now the original founders adhered mostly to a Protestant moral core, to paraphrase our constitution being made for a "moral and religious people and not suitable to any other."

This is not the case with the current peoples and as such its harder to set a uniform moral standard.

A nation with so many standards can't set a single one, currently the elite force Leftist standard on people but these clearly won't work especially with the rise of intersectionality as a prime philosophy .

In the end there must be a fairly uniform moral standard for any nation to sustain itself and for that to happen will require removal of dissident elements by one side or another or maybe a moral great awakening to one idea or another , something I find less likely

This means conflict is nigh inevitable and how folks prepare for that is going to determine a lot of outcomes

nickt1y said...

Waiting for the Monthly Ebola update from the only place I can get the real picture.

lineman said...

Well that's because everyone is going gray and withdrawing from society...So their values and what they believe will be lost and what the Commies believe will win the day...Sad That...
PS People get real butthurt when you call them on it...

A.B. Prosper said...

People are going gray because they can't figure out an alternative to what we have now and worse most of the alternatives proposed are inadequate to the task at hand unacceptable.

Too many factions out there with views that don't mesh. On top of that many of our so called allies are focused on Liberty which just makes them another form of Leftist

Someone unwilling to regulate, control and give orders can't have power and has no use for it anyway

In essence we as the Right require an ideology and a willingness to take away freedom from people. If we don't want drugs in the US free trade must end , if we don't want cheap labor, immigration must end. If we don't want porn, people must go to jail . If we want to have stable families, easy divorce must end and adulterers must get time and so on.

In the end we end up making people sacrifice a lot of personal options in order to have a stable society

Not only is this tough to sell, what do you mean no weed and no porn and hard divorce but half our guys would turn on us immediately thereafter which makes an actual Right takeover unworkable

The only real option is for a war of reduction against the Left. That might happen with a gun grab, mandatory buyback or whatever but again it may not. If people are willing to die and to kill on a massive scale , it will measuring work as "megadeaths" if not, it won't

Even after, there won't be order in all of CONUS, too many areas will be controlled by gangs, ex cop gangs, ex military gangs and worse

Given there is not agreed upon goals and the results of widespread unrest means the end of our country and worse, it's little wonder people would rather wait it out . The useless society will end one way or another. Why hunt trouble for no gain.

Pat H. said...

Who buys ammo and guns at Wally World?

Support your local gun and fishing store, or Cabella's, or Bass Pro.

The Gray Man said...

Some are withdrawing, others are being pushed out.

The Gray Man said...

If our own side stabbed us in the back, then they weren’t on our side.

As far as a state boot, unfortunately we don’t control any part of the state. Or academia, media or business.

So who are you giving orders to?

Aesop said...


"Taking a dump in the sink only hurts the peon who has to deal with it."

Au contraire, mon ami.

It means they have to clean it more thoroughly, and more frequently, which costs them money, because when said peon is cleaning it, he's not doing anything else.
And he's not liking it one bit.
Maybe he quits.
Now HR has to interview again, and maybe pay the peons more money.
Bummer, huh?

And it pisses all their other customers off every time they use the facilities.

And it triggers calls to the health department, because they're running an open-air shitatarium.

Now they've got BigGov up their butt 24/7/365.
Which is always way more fun for them than for their victims.

And they can't just mop, now they've got to do a full hazmat bleach decon.
Every time.

And then there's the Copycat Effect.

Go read (or re-read) Flight Of The Intruder.
The relevant sections are in reference to The Phantom Shitter.

Then recall that there are only 4,769 WalMarts in the USA.
Times 20+ aisles and a bathroom.
Times 7 days a week.

And if you think some folks wouldn't tote a coffee mug with a humanure loaf inside it into a store, and drop off that cargo in the Clearance aisle, or over by the craft section, or next to the Barbie dolls, you don't know people.

So now they're paying for five more guys to watch for turd bombs every waking minute.
More money they're spending.
So then folks nugget-plop the one down the road.

Or they get creative, and start hiding little scent mines behind the linen and such, and allow it to ferment.
That'll remind half their customer base remaining and a major percentage of their employees of being back home on the block in exotic Trashcanistan or Shitholia.

WallyWorld wants to be shits?
Fair enough.
Lets all give a shit.
To them.

"Dear WalTards,
We give a shit about what you did.
So it's only proper and fitting that we give it to you.

Rude, crude, and disgusting?
Definitely. Someone gets caught, they'll be jammed by The Man.

We live in a high trust society.
What happens when people decide to switch from turds to mice?
Or dumping a bait bucket full of crickets?
Or cockroaches?
Or they take their doggie carrier in, but somehow, while they aren't paying close enough attention, their entire family of service possums or therapy skunks escapes.
Into the store. Like they will, clever buggers that they are.
On a weekend.
Oh Noes!!!

Because sometimes, a strongly worded letter isn't enough.

"You can get farther with a kind word and some diaper spackle, than you can with a kind word alone." - Al Capone, Untouchables

And just maybe, WalMart has an epiphany, and they realize their business is selling products to their customers, and not moralizing, virtue signaling, and making political statements.

They injected politics into their business, not us.
Let them see what that looks like taken to the end of the line, and they own it.
I suspect they'll discover it ain't nearly as neat-o bitchin' as they thunk, when they first thunk it.

"A good tactic is one your people like." - Saul Alinsky, Rules For Radicals

Challenge accepted.
"Saul, you magnificent bastard, I read your book!" - Gen Geo. S. Patton

Anonymous said...

Deep in my part of redneck country I can say that since NASCAR has been busily pissing all over their core fan base for quite some time now and its popularity is a shadow of its former self. People still flock to other races and it's jam packed every weekend at the local dirt circle jerk track. NASCAR? Aside from a few holdouts no one really gives a fuck any more. Just try unloading NASCAR memorabilia and "collector" trinkets. Oh sure it's supposedly worth thousands but it doesn't sell. Local resale shop can barely give the stuff away.

We rarely shop at Wal-Mart any more. Wife won't set foot in a target. At one time we made the 2 hour round trip to our nearest Wal-Mart for groceries once a month but we find ourselves shopping at the local independent food store 10 miles away and the local Dollar General. Also buying cheap bulk supplies at the various Mennonite run discount food stores that dot the area.

About the only thing I get at Wal-Mart are occasional tires and batteries. The consumer items not available locally that we'd buy from Wal-Mart such as a toaster, TV, computer paraphernalia etc we buy online from Amazon (I know they're evil too) or other internet sources. Shows up at my doorstep in the sticks in a couple of days and I don't blow half a day driving to and from Wal-Mart and slogging thru that behemoth superstore.

Wal-Mart can crawl off and die with Woolworths and Sears idgaf.

Jim Scrummy said...

Never have really shopped at WallyWorld. I have 5 WallyWorlds within a 15 mile radius of Casa de Scrummy, and haven't been to one of them in 4 years. I did go to a WallyWorld on a out of state camping trip a few months ago, since it was the closest grocery store to where we were camping. The prices were roughly the same as to what I pay at Wegmans for groceries. Other than groceries for that trip, I really have no use for useless cheap chinese crap they sell. Same with Dicklesses, I buy all of my fitness equipment from Rogue, direct. Quality ain't cheap, and Dicklesses reminds of Sports Authority on their long downward spiral to bankruptcy.

The only people hurt in this virtue signaling by WallyWorld, are people from small towns where small businesses couldn't compete with the cheap chinese crap WallyWorld was slinging. So WallyWorld became the only game in town, for everything. Saw it happen to the small town I grew up in for part of my life. WallyWorld destroyed the small businesses.

Beans said...

I am very careful with food shopping, and I buy meats at bulk either at Wallyworld or at Sams (gee, people are willing to pay $5.00 a pound for 'boneless pork chops' but completely ignore the boneless porkloin being sold at $1.69 a pound, stuff like that.)

Some food items are cheaper at Wallyworld (their canned goods are good and usually 1/2 price of national brands, and you can get a 10# sack of taters for less than 5 bucks) so once a month I stock up there, but do most of my grocery shopping at Publix (where shopping is a pleasure (it's their slogan, and for once, it's true.))

Wallmart and Sams both give me headaches. Big, booming warehouses with no sound abatement measures, so the places are terrible to my tinnitus. And, well, dirty. Not filthy, just not clean.

Publix, on the other hand, has the same style warehouse inner roof, but does have sound abatement in there. My head doesn't hurt from the noise. The place is clean, and usually you don't smell the fish counter until you're right on it even when they're doing a crab boil. And the staff are friendly and helpful (even the stock-boys have store-provided smart phones with links to the store's inventory so they can find you what you're looking for, or not, as the case may be.) Price is a little more than Wallyworld, but the fruit and meat aren't pawed over, you don't ever find a full diaper just lying on the floor, and well, it's worth it.

As to the gun section of Wallyworld, everytime I go by the local one, there's no workers there, the selection is hard to read, and it's mostly FMJ in pistol calibers anyways. As good or better prices in local gun stores or on-line.

I am a cheap bastige and may just have to find an alternate to Wallyworld now.

Anyone ever shopped at Aldi?

A.B. Prosper said...

Gray Man, if you have or take general power you have control if you are willing to use that power.

Even so in the longer term we are moving to a post mass culture era and the power the media has is in decline

Academia is another issue but school debt will kill that too in time.

This complicates things a bit of course but it is what it is.

To repeat if you are too take power, you have to use that power.

The Left gets this far better than the run home Right does.

None of this playing nice, If you have someone corrupting youth or was playing coverup king for murderous pedophiles or something else that is all caps NOT ACCEPTABLE it's your job as the revolutionary to make examples of people as needed.

I'm slightly opposed to the death penalty largely because US juris is shit but if that is on the table well I agree with our host, use it, publically and often.

The current Right is so terrified of the Left or maybe just being a little like them they want to run home to a libertarian society leaving the country to be run by Grifters, Communist leftovers, Multinationals and Globalists

This is a level of stupid beyond measure,

You want clean water, safe streets and safe food, you have to run the agencies that make it happen and do it better.

Otherwise don't bother taking power and hold out for that gas station fort since you aren't fit to be dig catcher

Not only is power truth but its the ability to set real truth against falsehood. That's your job, not restoring Muh Constitution to a nation filled to the rim with amoral idiots and lunatics

Oh and Beans, Aldi is lite on variety and requires a bit of care when shopping but its pleasant and cheap with a decent amount of tasty European food

Its not awesome on fruit and vegetables though at least in my part of So Cal . I quite like it and suggest you give it a try.

Aesop said...

The Right terrified of the Left?
On what planet??

AFAIK, most people I know on the right are just waiting for the clear sign that it's okay to start shooting the bastards in job lots. The number who think there's any way to fix things short of that remedy is becoming about the same size as those who believe in Bigfoot and the Tooth Fairy.

No one wants to literally jump the gun there, but that's not fear of the left, it's fear of the prizes and penalties for being offsides before the snap.

Such an eventuality only ever goes well for the Left when they helpfully establish an unarmed herd of rabbits as prey, beforehand.
Anything less than that, and they can never win, and True Believers are to useful idiots about 20:1 at that point.

And neither media nor academia are in decline per se, as an idea. Just the leftist purveyors of same. Both fields of endeavor are about to see what being on the bubble when it bursts looks like. The same is true for those branches of organized religion that have sold their birthright for PC acceptability. Branches of all stripes that have hewn to orthodoxy are the only ones experiencing real growth. The ones that have substituted a mirror for their Deity, OTOH, and going the way of the dodo.

You are living in interesting times, in a Chinese curse way.

James M Dakin said...

Well, I received my expected form letter from Wal-Mart. It was actually worse than I thought possible. They actually support the Second Amendment-who knew? But of course, that is because they think it means the right to hunt. I would have been happy with "we are carefully considering all our customers needs and concerns" kind of letter, but they just doubled down on Virtue Signalling and went Full Retard. I deleted Vudu from my streaming service, and I will NOT be stepping foot back in one of their stores. I was just going to limit those visits, but not now. I can get most items cheaper online, and those I cannot are not too much more elsewhere ( net effect, I still save money ). The food is no more expensive at Kroger. I normally think little about the effectiveness of fighting Big Corporate, but Gillette gave me hope once again.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Robson is Mrs. Sam Waltons maiden name. Sam set the Robsons up with all the realestate of the Walmart and related stores to own and or manage. They own a lot of land as well, and are running those damn wild horses on some of it at tax payer expense about $1.18 per day per head, to all the wild horse owners in the USA do the math for that one. How long before the Robson ranch sign between Dallas and Ft. Worth disappears. The walton family are billionaires on paper worth more than nearly half the USA will be fun if the report on the future loss of wealth in the press but we probably won't hear a word.

Anonymous said...

Aldi is pretty good but selection is more limited by design and you must shop carefully. Some of their house brand stuff is as good or better than national brand. Some of it is crap. They aren't as cheap as they once were. The gap between Aldi and your regular grocery store isn't as great as it was when they made their first entry into the US market. Their meat and produce is marginal imo. You get some product from Europe which are really good. Sometimes they have special deals on national brands at really low prices and then they disappear-stock like that comes and goes. You just have to shop carefully at Aldi and it can save you money and get you some high quality products for cheap. Having to bring your own or buy bags and bag your own groceries is a turn off to some as is having to use a quarter deposit to access a cart. I kinda got spoiled because our small local store employees take your groceries to your vehicle and load them for you.

A.B. Prosper said...

Aesop I slightly disagree with you on the "fear" issue though certainly I agree the militant ends of Dissident Right are unafraid, the establishment reeks with fear.

It's understandable , the risks of a a civil war are beyond our imagination and most of the establishment are greedy and unprincipled disinterested in the common good if not opposed to it on principle .

My guess is the end result of such a war won't be reconstruction, it will be an Rwanda X Bosnia for decades followed by a collapse into a place with a trust level lower than an unregulated Chinese market followed by some kind of despotism or despotisms, many smaller nations at each other's throat while the Four Horseman enjoy a holiday

And sure the the vast bulk of people want none of this, they don't get a vote.

Aesop said...

The establishment isn't "the Right".

Anonymous said...

For all intents and purposes, NASCAR died on February 18, 2001, the same way that Peak United States happened on April 17, 1970, the day that Apollo 13 made it home.

While it stumbled along for years thereafter, introducing new and safer vehicles, I think attendance was probably at or near the peak of the curve at that point.

These days if you watch, you're watching on cable, meaning pay-per-view since you're not getting it over the air. You also won't see many shots that show full grandstands, because none of them are. On numerous tracks, they've either papered over the grandstands on the backstretch with giant ads, or pulled out whole sections of bleachers altogether. It's still declining in attendance, and tickets are getting cheaper along the way. They made a deal with Comcast to force viewers into cable mode to watch races, and gutted over-the-air broadcasts. Well shit boys, I don't have cable in the garage or the shop, never will, and so my viewership and give-a-shit has plummeted accordingly. I don't sit on my ass to watch a sporting event unless I happen to be there, which is unbelievably rare in any case.

They've made numerous errors, in my opinion. The cars are all the same except for the stickers that are intended to resemble the 'Camaro' or 'Mustang' or 'Toyota'. So, who gives a fuck which one wins? Although when I did watch, I often bet on how long it would be before a Toyota decided to expose internal engine parts to daylight, which was often entertaining.

They aligned themselves against their heritage as Southerners, rapidly condemning the Confederate flag, which had been a staple of the sport since forever.

Their drivers used to be heroes (occasionally) or assholes (often) or tragic sons (Dale Jr.). These days they're stamped out of a vanilla mold, clad in a firesuit with nondescript logos and talk about nothing and are completely forgettable. The commentators are caricatures and painful to listen to (Darrell Waltrip, who earns a 'mute' button if I ever hear him). Where the fuck are the Chris Economakie's of the day who actually know their shit?

The champion is the guy who wins the most races, guys, not the guy who wins the most points in the last third of the season.

Heats are for the Saturday night dirt track, and mean something. You win the heat, you move on. You lose, you don't. Three or four heats per NASCAR race just bunches up the field and gives the cars that aren't worth a shit the opportunity to wreck those that are.

A comment above mentioned NASCAR memorabilia. Like every other sport, changing colors, logos, uniforms every year destroys the brand, while extracting the most money possible from idiots who need to have the latest. Every team in every sport does this, and to them all I say, "fuck you with a rusty chainsaw."

Brass said...

With Kroger following in Walmart's footsteps, I now have nowhere to shop for food within 60 miles if I decide not to darken their doors.

Marty said...

The only reason I go to Walmart is for Ammo, and that is if I need it to go to the range in a day or so, otherwise I wait until MidwayUSA has its monthly free shipping sale and shop from then, and no sales tax, so I generally get it cheaper that at Walmart. Not having a reason to go to Walmart is actually a blessing, I hate that place

Hedge said...

I love it when Aesop comes down to my level of talking.

Bilejones said...

The first time I shopped at Aldi I was blown away by the speed and the staff. Limited supply, 5,000 items versus 50,000 at a big store chain, take your own bag (or buy a reusable for 15 cents)
Cheap beyond belief for 50% and competitive for the rest.
I went home and started researching the stock to buy, to my horror but not surprise it's privately owned by the Albrecht Bros (inherited Mutter's single store back in 60's)
ALbrecht DIskount. Also own Trader Joes. The three richest men in Germany all made their money in the discount food business.