Saturday, June 29, 2019

Have A Caturday

Learn from the wisdom of Whiskers.
Seriously, turn the computer off. Have a Saturday.
Sleep in. Have a nice leisurely breakfast. Watch cartoons and good old movies on the tube. Go outside and play in the sunshine. Take somebody to the shooting range. Play with your kids. Take a lazy nap in the shade. Go enjoy the lake, river, or beach. Just GO.

It's summer.
Five days a week is enough doom and gloom.
It'll be right where you left it come Monday morning.
Trust me on that.
I swear, if you skip it until then, you'll never miss any of it.


RHT447 said...

+1. I call my trips to the range mental health days. After I post this comment, I'm outta here.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

>Be independently wealthy
>Live out in the country somewhere
>Aside from having to go into town to shop, make appointments, and the like---live freely and independently
>Make your own schedule
>Have everything on hand---food and drink, washers and dryers, and the like
>Watch whatever you want (DVDs or choice television shows), listen to only your choice in music
>Don't envy the urbanites who still have to suffer the perils of "sharing", due to close proximity and having to use the same facilities and do business with the same establishments as everyone else (a.k.a.: where everyone else's crap is constantly forced on them, giving them even more to deal with in addition to their own personal issues)

Nuclear War Advice said...

Yes good advice.

On a gloomy note, would you have any interest in writing a post about the odds of a nuclear war. You do a wonderful job with your ebola updates. What about monthly nuclear war updates...

Mike said...

I had two cats (males) born in 1997 (Clinton-era), one passed in 2010, the second in 2015 (Obama-era). They had great, fulfilling lives and never knew the Politics of Man. For that I'm thankful.

Please continue with the Ebola Updates, nobody else is doing it AFAIK.

The Gray Man said...

“No rest for the wicked”

Anonymous said...

Another report,

I wonder if the CDC will be honest with the public this time?

Marina said...

Everytime I see a new post I have to drop everything to read it. It's a great addiction to have. Whatever the subject you write about there'll always be some bits of wonderful creative sarcasm I really enjoy. Your Ebola updates are so thorough and my only source. The Sunday music post is also something I look forward to. As for old movies tonight will be the Thin Man, first of the series.

Aesop said...

@Nuclear War Advice:

Global Thermonuclear War:
Pretty slim odds, since all but one (possibly two) known nuclear-capable nation is run by people with a grasp on sanity, and no desire to be obliterated into glass.

A random act of nuclear unpleasantness:
For any value of anything from a "dirty" conventional bomb wih radioactive waste flung hither and yon, up to a missing Russian "suitcase nuke" (or equivalent), the odds are pretty slim, by even at a million to one, that's 1,000 bad days per billion tries. As Nicole Kidman said in The Peacemaker: "I'm not afraid of the guy who wants 1000 nuclear weapons; I'm scared to death of the guy who only wants one."

The timeless advice of Remus kicks in: Avoid crowds.

There's your nuclear briefing for the next 20 years, inclusive.

Anonymous said...

did you get the memo? (office space)


Tactless Wookie said...


I did just that on Saturday and most of Sunday.

Saturday was a graduation party for the eldest son of a close friend. We spent the day drinking cold beer and eating nice hot smoked meats.

Sunday was another fuck-off day. More beers more friends.

Crew said...

New York City starting to get serious, but probably just window dressing: