Friday, June 28, 2019

Pin The Tail On The Actual Jackasses Responsible

h/t Phil

Your state's fucked up?
Tough shit.
Wanna blame "Californians"? (That would be, by actual count, about 49 other states).
(I can make that plainer if necessary, for the Common Core grads.)

If actual "Californians" had f**ked up all the states people claimed, the population here would now be zero. Trust me, we're nowhere close.

Your states got f**ked up by the exact same toothless, banjo-playing gypsy liberal kinfolk from 45 other states to the east that screwed Califrutopia up, and their illegal alien gardeners and housekeepers.

And someone who screws things up here for a couple of years, then migrates to your patch is no more "Californian" when they leave here than they were when they got here: i.e., Not A Bit.

Pin the tail on the jackasses where it belongs: you're getting screwed by the same liberal idiots who left Back East after they'd ruined it, to come out here and sh*t on everything they found. They're universally from St. Louis, Chicongo, Detroitistan, NYFC, Bahstun, Foolidelphia, and of course, the Baltimorons. And the 30M illegals they all let in because they didn't see them as a problem until they moved all the way to there (for any value of "there" including anywhere up to and including Portland, Maine) and then started breeding like rabbits and bringing up their 57-person extended families.

And you know this is true because nobody born in a state where it's shorts weather and 72° year around moves away from that to states where it snows in winter, or rains 360 days a year. Only people who were raised on 12' of snowfall annually do something like that.


But I'll tell you what:
I'll pay you a $1 for every actual native Californian who moved to your state, if you pay me a nickel for every transplant from anywhere else, and you'll buy me a Ferrari for cash just on my profits from that deal.

I've met far more liberal idiots down here driving around with OR and NV license tags than I ever heard of people I grew up with who were born here, who then moved to either place. (And to further illustrate the point, license tags don't make them Oregonians or Nevadans either; such people are invariably malcontent gypsies in all cases.)
It's easy to blame CA, but someone who comes here from BFE, tags up, and moves to your patch is no more "Californian", than Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gray Davis, Barbara Boxer, or Nancy Pelosi.

You could look it up. ;)

And at the end of the day, it's simple:
Sooner or later, you're going to have to burn your problem children out.
Nothing less will suffice, and it's the only thing they really understand.
So it's either that, or get used to being screwed over forever.

Meantime, quit blaming the Imaginary Boogiemen from Califrutopia for your problems.
It simply ain't so, it's demographically and mathematically impossible for it to be so, and anyone who got past 4th grade would know that if they looked at it for two minutes. Your problems came from 40+ contiguous states east of you, and twenty countries south of San Diego. Like always.

Sorry if that reality stings where it landed, but that's how it goes. Own your own butthurt.


Anonymous said...

The whole on.

Money Shot-"Sooner or later, you're going to have to burn your problem children out.
Nothing less will suffice, and it's the only thing they really understand."

McChuck said...

California is like Harvard. It attracts all the wrong types to gather together, meet, and polish their Leftist credentials.

Anonymous said...

There is plenty of Stoopid to go around and its certainly not limited to Californai. I think a lot of the blame California gets is from Hollyweird crowd that spout off 'How to Save the Planet !!'. Being celebrities, the media is quick to repeat their dumbassery and so it goes. Why we give a shit about mostly uneducated people who are good at depicting other people is beyond me.

California is a beautiful state with wonderful summer weather but fuck earthquakes and the threat of sliding off the continental shelf. I spent a pair of summers in San Diego in 1979 and 1980. My cousin lived near Fiesta Island and it was an awesome experience. Plenty of good looking women too. Same cousin now living in nearby Ramona, is trying to sell home and move to Idaho. His wife is originally from Alaska and she can't stand living there now - sky high taxes and too many illegal aliens making the place extremely crowded. The kids did well though, and college tuition was very reasonable.

Nice place to visit, but live there - I will leave it for others, have at it.

Anonymous said...

He's on this again. Hide your banjos.

Old Grunt

Aesop said...

No, keep your banjos.

And your ne'er-do-well cousins. ;)

Henry Lee said...

They go to California for advanced training and then disperse to the rest of the country. Actually, in Georgia, I haven't run into anyone "from" California. We have more half-backs from Florida, Northerners, and Mid-Westerners. Not to mention those who voted for Stace Abrams.

William Ashbless said...

Californian by birth an spent an entire career here. I’m writing this from a hotel lobby in Elko NV. I’ll be 55 next spring and cannot put up with the single party democrat agenda.
For the next week my wife and I are scouting the Magic Valley area of Southern ID for a place to call home. In September we’re taking another vacation to scout Southwestern ID and parts of Eastern WA.
I cannot leave this shithole soon enough.

James M Dakin said...

Born and raised in Cali. Left for good after the first big gun ban. Once I got out of Unicorn Land, I realized what a craphole I had left. Inmates running the asylum. And it just takes a few Cali humpers to screw up other places ( with their ill gotten real estate money ) if they were small in population to begin with. I lived in Nevada twenty years apart, and I can see the difference and I don't care if the Cali's were from a Cali family just moved there or were there for several generations. They all have the same attitude. My fathers side of the family were Nevadans, so my blood wasn't pure Cali. That probably saved me. Go back to before the Gold Rush, and there is your Cali culture. Something for nothing, prospectors or Spanish land grant usurpers or merchants. Government welfare for companies from the beginning. Government welfare for farmers. Yes, I miss it for what it SHOULD have been, just as I miss America. PS-Nevada is HORRIBLE! Nobody wants to move here. Vegas is low desert and too hot. The rest is high desert and way too cold. Arizona and Idaho welcome all of you. Elko, especially, is a terrible place to come. The mines are in serious trouble and the economy here will be imploding shortly. And it is a high cost of living here being the middle of nowhere. Best to stay in Cali or join the urban Borg in Utah.

Anonymous said...

"In September we’re taking another vacation to scout Southwestern ID and parts of Eastern WA."

Eastern WA is nice, but WA is in the midst of massive Californication. Stick with ID.
I was born in the DPRK and lived there for 45 years, until it went full-on 1 party Communist state. Now WA is turning into a Commie shit hole and we're too old to pick up and GTFO.

T-Rav said...

I'm more concerned with what the parasites are going to do next, wherever they're from originally. We can't afford another Colorado.

I'd like to see a red state start putting heavy restrictions on residents coming in from blue states like CA. Yes, I know this is a problematic strategy for any number of reasons, and yes, a judge would almost certainly throw it out in a heartbeat, but just putting some pressure on the locusts might help.

Survivormann99 said...

I arrived in California in 1972 when I was in the Marine Corps. Ronald Reagan was governor. It seemed that everyone was born somewhere else in the US, or at least their parents were. Just a dozen years earlier, according to the US Census Bureau, 80% of LA County was White. Orange County was a conservative, White bastion. Santa Ana was still a White city.

Today, few Americans move to California from other states. There's no reason to do so because the jobs that lured so many Americans to California after WWII are no longer here. The aerospace industry is only a mere shadow of its former self.

The number of Californians leaving now exceeds the number of Americans arriving.
With foreign immigration, however, everything has changed. Now, 1/3 of all immigrants, both legal and illegal, move to California. The vast majority become Democrats when they become citizens, which explains the sanctuary city situation. Democrats understand that these immigrants will likely obtain amnesty when immigration reforms ultimately take place, and these immigrants are Democrats-in-the-making.

Now, Orange County does not have one Republican congressman, so things have really changed. There are no statewide Republican officeholders. Santa Ana is the most Hispanic city for its size in the US. With "vote harvesting" now being legal, one person can collect 50 absentee ballots and take them to the Board of Election for counting. The process is ripe for fraud, and Democrats love it this way.

Not all of those who leave take their blue politics with them. I suspect that most who are leaving are the more conservative ones who are fed up. I remember hearing that in the Ted Cruz/Beto O/Rourke race, Cruz had more support from non-native Texans than he did from native Texans. (I suspect that with the Hispanic population in Texas being at the point that it will shortly outnumber Whites, this explains the situation.) Texas is probably on the same path as California, and Los Angeles and Orange Counties, in particular.

A friend lives in Prescott, AZ. He mentioned local resistance to California immigrants. I asked him whether I would be okay if I put a Trump bumper sticker on my pickup. He laughed and said that this would probably make it okay.

I live here and grin and bear it. I hate the politics, the traffic, and the taxes. If my kids moved out of the state I would move in a heartbeat. Still, it is the only place in the US where I can eat outside on almost every day of the year (at least for lunch), so for now, I suppose I will continue to play the frog's part as I sit in the pan of water on the stove.

Anonymous said...

Second-generation Californian. Escaped in my teens when my Dad got transferred.I got the last best years out of the state in my childhood.
Returned several times in the service in the 80's and 90's and continued to observe the train wreck that elected moonbeam the first time. What happened in/ to California has happened in plenty of places; while we worked/served and raised our families, the left was working their plans. We ALL let this happen. The time for finger-pointing and name-calling is OVER.
Get your people and act together and be ready to fight to regain the Republic. Otherwise fuck off
Boat Guy

Eskyman said...

This California native, who is conservative from a conservative family, thanks you from the bottom of my heart for clearly stating the damn truth!

Makes me sick to hear all the red state people blame CA on all their problems; I suggest they look at the Commies in their own school systems & see what's being taught to their own children, and they just might find that CA can't be blamed for the school system teaching their kids crap!

Bill in ILL said...

I have no idea what you are talking about, Aesop. I have never heard anybody say Californians ruined my State of Illinois, it is the communists in office from Chicago and the morons that keep re-electing them. The ones complaining about Californians ruining their State are from Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico and some from Arizona. Nevada is now turning purple due to the influx of retards from California and back east. The ones ruining Florida, Georgia and North Carolina are all from the northeast, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Maryland.

Awakened Saxon said...


Personally, I'm sick and tired of reading all this, shaking my interwebz fist and doing fucking nothing in meatspace besides train, dryfire three gun and cold standards training on all, legal articulation classes on scaling force, tacmed/firstaid/hemmorage control, etc.

When do we get together in a show of strength in meatspace for solidarity against this leftist clown car socialist shit show. Something to start the ball rolling however fucking small. I grow hateful watching my Country "progressively" go to shit with leftists wiping their ass with our Bill o Rights.....

Id appreciate your thots Aesop.

by Rudyard Kipling

It was not part of their blood,
It came to them very late,
With long arrears to make good,
When the Saxon began to hate.

They were not easily moved,
They were icy -- willing to wait
Till every count should be proved,
Ere the Saxon began to hate.

Their voices were even and low.
Their eyes were level and straight.
There was neither sign nor show
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not preached to the crowd.
It was not taught by the state.
No man spoke it aloud
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not suddently bred.
It will not swiftly abate.
Through the chilled years ahead,
When Time shall count from the date
That the Saxon began to hate.

Rich Jordan said...

I grew up in Las Vegas, and the "Don't californicate Nevada" goes back decades. I remember my Dad talking about those brain-dead california tourists who would walk out into traffic, ignore traffic lights and pedestrian Don't Walk signs because, he said, in California pedestrians had right of way over everything. I saw that behavior the two times I was in San Francisco in the '80s. It was (is?) very real.

That and the persistent attempts to get a state income tax passed "just like California!"; several of the repeated proponents of the time were immigrants from california, though I don't know if they were natives or not

And California strong-arming to take the bulk of water and power from Hoover Dam, hamstringing Las Vegas and southern Nevada.

And California reps/senators doing their best to screw Nevada in the late '80s-90s over the Yucca Mountain high level nuclear waster repository, and the Superconducting Supercollider project. I worked for one of the contractors doing licensing support and saw a lot of documentation (not secret, just didn't get much public coverage outside of Nevada media editorials).

Californicating then didn't primarily mean the spreading and imposition of leftist policies and control. It meant 'fuck you, we're bigger than you, we have more reps than you with your one piddly representative, and we'll do and take whatever we want despite you'.

I will grant your current position readily. California is a place where the cancer has metastasized and is spreading, but those cancer cells now flooding out really are _mostly_ the result of the cancers that flooded in. I fondly remember California as a Western state, and I miss that so-American place even if it did abuse the power of its position.

Of course I miss the same of Nevada, which has also been flooded with east coast leftists and illegals.

Phil said...

Aesop, just so ya know, I was born in Oakland.

Raptor 1 said...

Stay away from All Of Washington State. There are no rights here and taxes are going to bury you if you move here. I am leaving as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

Very astute. I was born in Oregon but can't imagine going back. We always blamed the californians for the "stupid" but it is too strong. I am not sure where it comes from but I do not belive it is organic nor from California. Best guess would be the public education system.

Anonymous said...

Just as not every Californian is a Barbara Boxer type so too there are surprising numbers of truly conservative, sane people in surprising places in the U.S. although without public voices or political power. An empty vessel makes the most noise and that is democracy in action in the U.S.

When the U.S. implodes from 75 years of left wing policies bearing fruit the "liberals" will be left helpless and hopeless. They are the least likely people to have the skills to build, repair, jury rig or do anything useful. They are excellent at politics, gender theory, arguing, lawyering, getting useless college degrees and ortherwise being parasites.

People who would be called conservative generally also have various useful skills, preps for bad times and a low profile. When the SHTF the liberals will find their precious government programs have let them down and they are now on their own, good luck. Maybe they can eat their gender studies degrees?

Got preps?

NE Heretic

Eaton Rapids Joe said...

Anonymous said...

People from California have the tendency to leave the state and bring their dumb brainwashed asses with them.
Then they try to get us all to adopt policies the very which they have been fleeing.

Got fuck all to do with banjos.

Anonymous said...

@William Ashbless: Idaho has been home all my 35 years. Sad to see so much farmland replaced with vinyl siding and HOAs. Remember, a 'conservative' from California is still quite liberal by Idaho standards. Hard not to refer to you folks as carpetbaggers. Oh well, I can't do shit about it. God bless, drive safe.

Felix Bellator said...

Good point. The California that elected Ronald Reagan governor is not that long ago. It is amazing how fast things went downhill socially but that the California economy kept rolling, slowing slower than one would have thought. Testimony to the good Californians and what they built.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

The U.S. has always been intranationally migratory as a rule.
That is, "coming from 49 other states" is, essentially, no big deal (at any point in time).

Just about 90% of celebrities (film and music industry) were born elsewhere, not only here in the U.S. but from abroad as well. A lot of ex-Canadians and ex-Europeans and ex-Asians abound in California and just about any other state to some extent. I've even noticed this in places like Atlanta (back in the early '80s, no less).

Bashing this intranational migratory tradition is a bit of a long shot---although you do make a good argument against the general stereotyping of states/regions that permeate the mindset of the general public.

Aesop said...


"People from California" are no more "Californians" than "people who walked out of a garage" are Oldsmobiles.

The people who leave this state, overwhelmingly, didn't come from here, they just used this as a rest stop between the state they fucked up last, having now fucked up this one, before they go to the next state they're going to fuck up.
They're remarkably consistent that way. Ask the people currently in Texas and Florida how that purpling of a red state works out in reality.

The remaining few are generally productive, sane people driven out by the policies (and not least, the taxes) of those elected by the idiot gypsies in question. They're generally to the right of 60% of the country, so they aren't fucking up anyone's state, except this one, by getting the hell out and leaving us to the predations of the once lunatic minority, which has now become the lunatic majority.

When I was born here this state had around 15M people; it's now at 40M. We didn't breed the other 25M in the interim, those 25M are overwhelmingly the exact toothless, banjo-playing kinfolk I'm referring to. As they are merely rootless gypsies with no ties or reason to care for what they screwed up, they won't show the next state any more love nor concern than they did California.

It has everything to do with banjos.
They're inbred retards from anywhere but here.
I can point to my state's legislature as proof.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Texas. As said before my son moved to Austin this year. Have visited twice. All the damn beto bumper stickers just made me sick. They are however concentrated in the hive cities though which gives me sorrow for the rural folk until SHTF. Then I will celebrate as Aesop has said previously he would as well knowing a reduction in that particular IQ range will occur and they will get their state back, damaged but not destroyed. My home state famous for the grapes of wrath movement to Cali means that Aesop is not alone out there as some descendants have not joined the hives completely and still think for themselves. Vote harvesting and Ebola are the only two things that give me great concern as eventually they both might get a lot of people killed for their selfish stupidity.

Roy said...

It still has fuck-all to do with banjo's.

And what does he cite to prove it was banjo pickers who screwed California? A movie! Fiction! A product of - wait for it - Hollywood!

Yes, I know "Deliverance" was filmed mostly on location in Appalachia - North Georgia to be exact - but the film was made in 1972 for heaven sake and was wholly a product of the movie industry in Hollywood. I would also point out that the banjo picker depicted in the movie clip was nowhere near California. The events depicted in that film are more a reflection of the attitudes of Californians toward the folks in Appalachia than the other way around.

I would also be willing to take a bet that there is not a single member of the California state legislature who plays a banjo.

But please don't misunderstand me. I don't necessarily dispute Aesop's central point - except for the banjo-picker bullshit.

RSR said...

I live in central TX, and a disproportionate number of new residents are Californians. In fact, know several folks who came to Texas when they're employer picked up and moved the whole company, and paying relocation fees for their entire staff who was willing to move was cheaper than continuing to stay in CA. Californians increasing the cost of real estate and negatively affecting the political climate are both indisputable facts.

What's also indisputable is that CA's nonsense laws affect Americans nationwide. California Prop 65 Cancer and Warning Labels, TB-117 causing unhealthful flame retardants to be inserted into all sorts of consumer products, the recent internet data privacy law, the prescription drug price transparency law, illegal immigrant drivers licenses, CA dysfunction driving residents to other states, CA dysfunction attracting illegal immigrants, dysfunctional Hollywood/entertainment industry corrupting globally, etc.

There are many other examples, but the primary point is that a state that's ~12% of US population, ~15% of the US GDP, the 5th largest economy in the world (larger than the UK -- only US, China, Japan, and Germany have larger GDPs and Texas' GDP lags by over $1 trillion placing it 10th largest global GDP and narrowly edging out Canada), etc, has an out-sized effect on a myriad of matters in the US, even when it's not intending to do so.

RSR said...

*their, not they're... Dang phone.

Aesop said...

1) Roy, you're still missing the point.
Multiple states, going back to the Dust Bowl, off-loaded their moronic ne'er-do-wells onto California, much as Mexico has done for the last 70 years.
We have been the endless recipient of the most inbred, unsuccessful, stupid class of jackholes, as a safety valve for the rest of the country, and the hemisphere.
"Your toothless banjo-playing kinfolk" is not a musical exposition, it's an apt description of the retard cousins every family exported here for nearly a century, at this point.
If we'd simply put the first ones in chain gangs, pour encourager les autres, we might have achieved something worthwhile.
The Mexicans coming here now and for decades aren't dentists and engineers looking for a better life, it's the illiterate campesino peones who can't do much more than pick fruit, wash cars, bus tables, and sweep floors, and was ever thus. The dentists and engineers stay in Mexico. We get the dregs who couldn't even succeed in a third world sh*thole, and now they've brought the sh*thole here, with the blessing of most other states, as expressed by your representatives to the national government since the 1960s. We are what we are here, now, because of what they did, and failed to do, for all that time.

2) RSR, I repeat my offer: I'll pay you $1 for every one of those people who is an actual Californian, if you'll pay a nickel bounty on every one who hailed from the Other 49, or out of the US entirely, before coming to Texas. This is not soccer nor basketball: they're not "Californian" just because they touched us last, any more than they're cars because they walked out of the garage.
If you don't like California companies moving there, perhaps you might want to have a chat with your last three or more governors, all of whom make regular recruiting visits here to get companies to pick up stakes and move there.
Or, you could simply jack your own taxes to similar CA levels, thus doing to yourselves what the Communists here have done, and taking away the incentive to move, but I don't think you want that either. But you're going to get it, because you can't have the icing without paying for the cake. And Texas, when last I looked, is purpling up nicely, isn't it? At current course and speed, how long before you and Florida can't elect a Republican governor or national representative either? Ten years? Twenty?

And BTW, that's the ball game, nationally.

You're complaining about gravity.
I'm complaining about being used as the nation's tampon, then damning us for doing it for so long and so well, and then laughing about finally wanting to flush us.
"Sideways, with a rusty chainsaw" is my rejoinder to that policy and attitude.

Sending us both Mexico's illiterate douchebags, and secondarily life's losers from within the U.S. (what, you thought all the drug-addicted mentally ill "homeless" on our streets were from Califrutopia to begin with?!?), is exactly what led to the current socialist paradise you decry, and created a haven for them here, from every other state. The California of 2019 is a product of national shortsightedness and malign intent for the last century, when it was convenient for the rest of the country to look the other way.

Aesop said...

(That's before I go into the point that >40% of California, and most of the American West states, are wholly owned federal property, compared to <2% of territory in most states to the east, a situation rapidly seeking a long-overdue redress).

Illegal immigration has been a running sore here for 60 years, while the rest of the country has not only turned a blind eye to the problem, but even exacerbated it, for both fun and profit, not to mention political gain.
For both parties.

Now they suddenly notice that their chickens are coming home to roost.
In short, the nation, and indeed, the world, have been shitting in California like it was their private commode for 100 years.
After that amount of time of dedicated effort, I'm just sick and tired of people bitching about the current smell.
Own it.
Some people think that after they make California into a big enough cesspile, they can just disown responsibility and walk away.

Reality doesn't work like that.
With California, the entire country has been shitting where they eat for 100 years.
The bill for that misbehavior is going to come due, and probably sooner rather than later.
You all aren't going to get what you like, nor like what you get.

But we didn't get all the country's morons, just the most egregious examples.
And that considered and deliberate stupidity, on a national level, is about to leave a mark. And it's going to hurt.

Especially when your cousins' kids come home, and bring Pedro y Maria with them, by the horde.
Mazel tov!

The day I read that Califrutopia is utterly broke, I'm passing out candy to the neighbors, because The Great Exodus Homeward begins the day after that, about a minute after the EBT cards here stop working.

Best of luck with that onslaught.
For anyone dismayed on that day, I can tell you exactly where in the dictionary to find "sympathy"...

When people finally own that, sack up, build a wall, and start shoveling illegals over it with scoop loaders, you'll be on the right track.
Keep it up for 50 years, non-stop, and you might get your country back to give to your grandkids.

Fail, and we're just Europe, about 10 years behind.
And 15 behind Venezuela and Zimbabwe.

Somewhere in that mix, the bloodletting commences.

Call that toss in the air, gents.

That match will not be postponed.

Anonymous said...

Being sentenced to live on the other coast for some time now that there is a lot of die hard progs from this coast 'spending time' on the West coast. No wonder everything between the George Washington bridge and LA is called 'fly over country'. They are not joking. To them the space in between is filled with troglodytes (deplorables if you will) and has zero class. They imagine it is a land filled with trailer parks and toothless people with no intelligence let alone education or class. These coastal so called elites really do think they know better than everyone else. And it ain't just the ones in office/high office. This attitude goes right down to the lowest social strata. The fact that the way they do and think about many things bass ackwards does not even occur to them. How can it when the believe themselves to be 'the smartest people in the room'? I know many here who suffer from TDS and just don't get why Bad Orange Man was elected. They certainly know no one who voted for him. Actually, they do, but because of their typical commie ways Trump voters and conservatives (about 45% in this state actuallly) tend to keep it to and amongst themselves.

Roy said...

Aesop, I *do* get your point. As I said in my post, I don't disagree with your central premise, I just disagree with your "banjo-picking" bullshit.

And nobody "offloaded" or exported or "[shit] in California like it was their private commode". Individuals act individually. Regardless of whether they are a moron or a Phd, if someone wants to leave my state and move to California - or move back - neither I nor you have any say in the matter whatsoever.

And just how far back does this "shitting on California" go? The Okies? The 49ers? How about the Spanish missions? Or the Russians? People of European descent have been migrating into and out of California for over 300 years. Are YOUR California ancestors all as pure as the driven snow? Yeah, I don't think so. (...and how many of them played the banjo?)

However, I will reiterate: I do NOT disagree with your central premise. In fact I agree with most of what you have said here about California - as far as I can tell from a distance. (Except for a short time stationed in San Diego in the 70's, I have never lived in California - though I have visited that beautiful place many times.)

I believe the migration that started CA on the road to ruin was probably the mass migration of the hippie and flower children into California in the 60's and 70's - yeah, from the other 49 states. So we are on the same page there as well. Though I will state again, ad nauseum, that damn few of those flower children came from the "banjo picking" states of Appalachia. The "Beverly Hillbillies" was a fictional television show. It too was a product of California, not Tennessee or Arkansas.) You could probably blame "The Beach Boys" for that particular migration more than you can blame us poor slobs out here in banjo-land.

But what do I know. I'm just a guy living his life with his family out here in flyover country, trying to maintain a decent country in the face of an onslaught of morons from BOTH coasts. ...and NONE of the invaders even knows what a banjo is, much less can play one.

Roy said...

Part 2:

All of that aside, I would like to add that I agree with Aesop in that what ails California - right now - also ails a lot of other states. And that is, a lot of mostly rural, conservative, states are politically controlled by one or two very large, very liberal cities. Examples abound. Illinois - a mostly conservative state - is completely controlled by the city of Chicago. Likewise New York state vs NYC. What would the politics of Georgia be like without Atlanta in the mix. Or Minnesota without the Twin Cities. Or Denver in Colorado. Las Vegas in Nevada. Seattle/Tacoma in Washington.

One of the things we have going for us out here in banjo-picking land is that we do not yet have these huge megalopolises taking over the politics of the entire region. I don't know how long that's going to last, what with all the bluegrass musicians emigrating out of California, but hopefully it will last long enough. Unfortunately, Texas, with Houston, San Antonio, Austin and the DFW metroplex is probably a goner.

Aesop said...

1) Reconsider your premises. Look into the history of the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression, and see how many Okies, Arkies, sharecroppers of all colors, and hillbillies from Appalachia were "encouraged" by local authorities to shuffle off, and keep moving along, all the way to California, where only the Pacific Ocean checked their further progress. There was precious little "voluntary" about it. That was the migration that doomed California. Recall who was president at the time, and who controlled Congress, for all that time. The literary masterpiece The Grapes Of Wrath (written by native Californian author John Steinbeck) was only just barely a work of fiction.

2) Tell me how your reps and senators, or those from 48 other states, voted on shutting down illegal immigration, anytime from about 1960-yesterday, inclusive.
That's shitting on California (and AZ, NM, and Texas) non-stop for 60 years.

3) Texas probably flips blue forever inside of 20 years; FL probably sooner than that. Neither one is likely to be salvageable. That's the electoral ballgame, for anyone's lifetime, absent a catastrophic series of events.
Which will be inevitable, one way or another.

4) I repeat, the phrase refers to inbred Jeds a la Deliverance, not to banjo players per se.
For reference, I direct your attention to a phenomenal banjo-player, from nowhere near flyover country for most all of his life.

When last I checked, the silver-haired gentleman on the far left was born in Waco Texas, but moved to SoCal at a very young age courtesy of his parents, and has resided here continuously for some 70+ of his 73 years. His first job was at Disneyland after it opened, when he would have been 10 years old. He learned and perfected his musical artistry in the famed bluegrass capitol, Garden Grove, California, just down the road from the Happiest Place. He seems to know his way around the frets, and demonstrates no aspects of inbreeding nor freeloading. He's worth any twenty of the leechlike douchebags who landed here alongside him, but he obviously has moved away from his home, and couldn't function in his old neighborhood nowadays, because AFAIK, he's not fluent in Vietnamese.