Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Facts Are Stubborn Things Dept.

h/t Borepatch

Feel free to print these as 3"x3" or so stickers, and slap 'em up around your
local supermarkets and malls. Or college or university!
Just don't tell 'em who suggested it.

Source ; Meme: All mine, baby.

So if you used one bag, every day, that'd only be 54 and 3/4 years of daily use.
If you only shopped every other day, or you bought two bags, the break-even on the planet's destruction is 109 years and 6 months.

As if one bag would ever last that long.

So every cotton shopping bag you buy is killing the planet faster!
O Gaia! The horror! The horror!

That's before we consider what biological nasties would be living in those re-used shopping bags between washings (which wears them out even faster, and creates more harm to the planet!).

Geez, it's almost like Leftard tofu-slurping eco-weenies, and the government minions who enact knee-jerk laws beyond all common sense to give them a daily tree-hugging tongue-bath, are just a pack of absolute morons, or something.


MachtNichts said...

Sorry, but can't help to LMFAO. These environmental no do-gooders crying their eyes out about the damage done to nature by using plastic bags deserve a serious blow-back.

Most plastic bags these days are bio-degradable anyways. But, I have been crocheting durable, re-usable plastic bags from store bags for years. Small effort, but they don't need to go into the washer, they just need to be wiped off. And actually it's more about fun making them than saving the environment.

So, go ahead use your cloth bags and ban plastic straws. Way to go, the next flu is on you.

Badger said...

Question: Go back a generation to the "paper or plastic?" question. With the exception of those who use them for years for something past their intended use, what is the return to Mother Earth time in a landfill for a plastic bag vs. a pulp-wood made paper bag? My sense is that MOST plastic bags see 1 additional use, maybe, as a waste-basket liner and then into the rest of the trash. And that takes how long to degrade? (I exempt Walmart bags, as they are like the Emperor's new clothes or Hillary's excuses; any thinner and they wouldn't be there.)

June J said...

The Texas city I live in is no longer accepting the single use plastic bags in our recycling bin. No big deal we’re just accumulating them to return to the supermarket collection point.
Yesterday’s video of the guys rail cycling mentioned seeing the bags blowing around out in the middle of nowhere. I’m no environmentalist whacko, there just has to be a better alternative than these bags. I remember as a kid the paper grocery bags being folded up, stuck in the pantry and being used for other things.

@Badger - re: Walmart bags I agree. Some brilliant MBA came up with the “cost savings idea” of making the bags thinner due to how many bags they were using. The result is now the cashiers double and triple bag everything that weighs more than a few ounces.

Anonymous said...

But the laws will never be repealed, just continually amended and "tweaked"...

Any modern bag in the US will break down in sun and air. Certainly in the saltwater.

As plastics they are primarily made from oil, so you could say they were 'frozen gasoline' if you were of a mind to be poetic. I always hammered that into the "no blood for oil" crowd. Trees grow back, oil does not.

Funny that the 'upscale' market here uses paper bags as a mark of quality and sophistication.


Anonymous said...

The whole 'environmental' thing is a farce. If not then riddle me this: Why are house not built with insulation on hot water pipes from source to point of use? This bag thing and electric cars are another. This is just another case of taking from our pockets. Plastic bags have a tax.. er, fee or are outlawed. Now we can spend more money on bags to take to the store and a cost center for stores disappears. This greenie stuff is about green alright but not the kind that grows on trees.
Thinking I'll show up to the grocery store sans bags and see what they do. Especially when I tell em I can't afford to buy bags. Should be some interesting. How soon before every store looks like Costco et al with stacks of boxes near the register?

Another related question - if it is correct that China isn't taking our 'recylables' anymore and they are being treated like regular trash how long before mandatory recycling is repealed? Yeah.. I know....

Anonymous said...

paper bags: I re use them, I can compost them, I can use them to start the wood stove. standing dead, thin garbage trees that assist with crown fires growth and those BTUs kill vast number of old growth trees. also offers local loggers with new contract and income. it also helps to get rid of the crappy snag patches that like to fall on firefighters. 20yr olds getting crushed by a tree that should have been cut down by a fellerbuncher. but, hey save a tree...the hippie tree huggers were not present to address the deaths.

Domo said...

", there just has to be a better alternative than these bags."

The problem is, your question is foolish, there doesn't need to be an alternative.

The first Earth day, was ruled by "Peakers", literally, predicting that the first "copper war" would break out in 1990 and by 2000 he world would have ran out of copper and modern society would die.

This, led to "recycling", well, technically it led to the 3 R's, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, but whereas reducing the metal in products, a coke can uses /6th of the metal it did in 1970, is just business, and reusing Jam Jars cant really be a business, Recycling is a rent seekers wet dream.

The "Peakers" have rebranded themselves, recycling is just generically "good for the environment", but if you ask anyone to explain how, they'll either go blank or get angry.

The best end result, is to bury them, the UK mines something like 110mn cubic meters per year, and our entire waste output is 90mn,

"Why are house not built with insulation on hot water pipes from source to point of use?"
because the distances are too short for it to matter

The Gray Man said...

The results of leftist causes don’t matter. That’s not the goal. Results don’t matter. Inconveniencing and controlling you is what matters.

Anonymous said...

Earth day is Lenin's birthday.
Just sayin'
Plastic is probably man's greatest invention, with unlimited uses and unlimited manufacturing potential.
The enviro-crazies just want us all living in grass huts, sipping dirt tea and eating straw for subsistence. They will die out because NATURE.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Catch-22s abound in just about every realm

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Just reuse the plastic bags as waste-paper basket liners in the bathroom or bedroom.
Simple as that.

Robert said...

Anyone with an indoor cat has a re-use for plastic grocery bags.
First, the city said "Put the litter in a bag and put it in the trash. Do NOT flush the litter." Then the city said "Do NOT put litter in the trash. Dump it in the toilet." Ugh. I'm waiting for TPTB to tell me to bury it in the yard like an outdoor cat would.