Sunday, June 2, 2019

Sunday Music: El Paso

A C/W classic by which to judge the rest.
I taught myself to play drums because I could.
I'll learn guitar just to play this, and get the better part of that deal.


Mike said...

Aw hell, dude, that's an easy one. Nut up and pick something harder. ;)

Aesop said...

Three-pointers, nothing but net, is how I roll.

Badger said...

@Mike Grady Martin - who was the Tommy Tedesco of the Nashville scene at the time - played the legato lines on that track. If our bloghost can learn that then Salud!

Anonymous said...

What I never figured out about this song is how did the folks in El Paso know he was coming back to lay an ambush?
Did he send Felina a postcard telling her that he coming for a visit?

Anonymous said...

"Did he send Felina a postcard telling her that he coming for a visit?"
Did he send Felina a postcard telling her that he was coming for a visit?

Borepatch said...

Good song. Also like "Big Iron"

Aesop said...


He was a wanted murderer and a horse thief.
The posse was out looking for him, including everyone of the dead cowboy's co-workers, who were riding for the brand.

Anonymous said...

He left us way to soon, IMHO. Thankful that we still have his music and the memories. Degree of difficulty doesn't detract from the lyrics or the melody. Rev. Graham is very discerning. When peoples actions far out weigh their mental capacity you get people taking A. Schitt and sending it to DC to create a nationwide mess like Kalifornia.

Eskyman said...

Marty Robbins "Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs" was one of the first albums I ever bought when it came out in 1959. Wore that record out, and its followup "More Gunfighter Ballads" too. Bought them again in Germany when over there with the USAF, cost a huge $1.10ea at the PX.

He's still one of my favorite artists of all time. Funny thing, I always thought his girlfriend's name was "Galina" but apparently it's Feleena; never too old to learn!

Mike said...

I was just joshin' ya there, Aesop. There's actually some pretty nice guitar work in that song. Pretty handsy stuff in spots, and I don't mean in a Biden sort of way. The whole song is as close as we mortals get to perfection, IMNSHO.

Bill in ILL said...

IMHO, one of the best male vocalists to ever pick up a mike.

Don't forget the two other songs in this trilogy; Feelena and El Paso City.

HDR said...

Merle Haggard once said that Marty Robbins was his favorite singer. In fact, Merle did an amazing impersonation of Mr. Robbins.