Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Armor Airborne

h/t Kenny

I made this from one of Kenny's blog post pics.
I'ma hafta send it to Baby Brother.
He was a treadhead with Big Green, and his birthday's coming up soon.

And I haven't confirmed it yet, but the rumor is if you do this in combat, and hit what you were aiming at, you get the combat star on your jump wings. ;)


Anonymous said...

Nice "hooah" photograph for the Armor folks.
I can tell ya though those "Yeehaw" photos we got with air under the hull came at what is now a great cost: I'm about half an inch shorter than I used to be as a consequence of bashing all of the discs out of my neck. Ain't no more jelly in those donuts. Bone-on-bone sucks with the attendant nerve impingement.
As my Dad says "if I'd a known I was gonna live this long I'd a taken better care of myself"
Boat Guy

Dave said...

I think that as long as there's been armor, someone's tried to jump it. I've got a photo of what looks to be either an M2 or M3 light tank jumping a bunch of cars back in the late 30's, so it's nothing new. I really would hate to have been in that thing though...

Frogdaddy said...

Reminds me of a guy I knew out of high school, had a tattoo: YATYAS - You Ain't Tracks You Aint Shit

Paul said...

They wanted to give me a bonus if I would enlist and drive tanks. This was around 1973. Hated to tell then I did so well on the maze tests by working them backwards. Not sure they cared all that much.

Pat H. said...

I think that photo is of a German Leopard tank. It's not an Abrahms.

Some fellow soldiers that had served in Germany told me that the German army set great emphasis on firing while moving and nearly always won the tank accuracy competitions. Of course, this was back in the early 1980s.

Aesop said...

It was identified at Knuckledraggin' as a Russian MBT.

Don't care; tank flying through the air and shooting on the fly mid-air is still tres bitchen.