Monday, June 17, 2019

Your Monday Morning Ray Of Sunshine

While you were sleeping...

Pay Attention!:

1) This is not confirmed. Just someone with "Ebola-like symptoms." Could turn out to be a nothingburger, like dozens of similar false alarms during past outbreaks. (O please, please, please, please...)

2) Kericho Hospital in Kenya is some 400 miles from the Congo outbreak Hot Zone, clear the other side of Uganda. If, I repeat if, this case is confirmed as Ebola, that's a horrifyingly yuuuuuuuge leap outside all prior containment.

3) Obviously, if confirmed, this result would indicate Ebola is now active in three countries.
Stop me if you've heard this one before...

4) FYI, Kericho, while quite distant from Congo, is only about 80 mi. from Nairobi (pop 3.4M), with an international airport, and direct regular flights on Air Kenya from their airport right to JFK Airport, NYFC. Flights can be had for about US $700-1400, which would challenge people living in mud huts, but if they're flying there, there are people there to pay for the seats, and it's a 15h hop, direct. That's how Duncan got from Liberia to Dallas. Cheers, Big Apple!

5) Just a reminder that the method - the only method - they're currently using to screen for Ebola at airports and ports of entry is elevated temps, and as we've noted, and the WHO confirmed in print, publicly, last October, fever is completely absent in 50% of confirmed Ebola cases in the current outbreak.

6) This shows the impact the mere possibility of this epidemic disease's spread is having on surrounding countries and populations. Kudos to local officials for taking this seriously, and taking due diligence precautions.

If it's just one of 57 other tropical diseases with similar symptoms, and not Ebola, be happy. Be very happy. This time.
If it's confirmed to be Ebola, sphincters will puckering in Nairobi, Geneva, D.C., and pretty much anyplace with a jet airport, not to mention the next 20 closest countries to the outbreak. Good times all around.

Either way, the underlying truth remains: this thing is leaking out, and there's probably going to be a further spread, to a horrible likelihood.

We may know definitively which way this breaks within the day, and certainly within 48-72 hours.

So, how are you doing on your food and water stockpile, sanitary accomodations, concertina rolls, and 12 ga. buckshot supplies?
Just curious.

And if you were interested, there are some great options out there for emergency decon:

Buying three or more gets a volume discount!

Happy Monday.

(And I should mention: when the posts on this start writing themselves again, and I can't swing a dead cat without hitting the next three stories, this outbreak has officially jumped the shark, and it's going to land in a smoking hole on the ground. Like that napalm above.)

UPDATE: NO Ebola. Ducked a bullet there. This time.
Hopefully they will tighten up border checks. But with people there travelling in and out of the DRC Hot Zone all the time, we'll see how long before they get hit.
I doubt this luck today will last.


Anonymous said...

"Bother" exclaimed Pooh, as he shucked another shell in the chamber ...

Ruth said...

Oh because that was what I needed to read today. Ugh. Last time the media went batshit over Ebola the big city hospital nearest me was one of the ones designated as capable of handling Ebola patients too, and I doubt thats changed.

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda short on 12 ga #00. Will 7.62x39 as a substitute?

WHO pdf about Ebota said...

A good, simple, understandable explanation of Ebola from WHO (World Health Organization):
"Introduction to Ebola Disease: Managing Infectious Hazards"

Anonymous said...

Exciting times ahead. As far as prepping, however, there's little you can do with a disease that can spread pre-symptomatic. Hole up and hope for the best.
The western oriental gentlemen seem to be on their way.

Anonymous said...

The results were "due" 2 hours ago. Kenya health officials suspiciously radio silent.

Iron Dan

Anonymous said...

Kenya Ministry of Health says not ebola, do not panic, remain calm, all is well.

Iron Dan

RandyB said...

Shell the ports and crater the runways.

Aesop said...

Nothing on YouTube yet...

Anonymous said...

And the latest update from the MSM is: ZZZ zzz ...

If it were not for your report Aesop we would have zero info about this developing catastrophe, many thanks.

NE Heretic

bobbookworm said...

Looks like they may have dodged the bullet this time...reports are now coming out that it was not ebola...though that was pretty quick on the blood work.
What was interesting this morning was a report that a number of the Congolese down on the border have large sums of cash on them...i.e. rolls of hundred dollar bills. (Drudge Report) Raises questions on how long that trip from DRC really was.

Anonymous said...

...and the WHO is STILL denying that Ebola in the Congo and now Uganda is anything to worry about:


Reltney McFee said...

Been in the sick people biz since 1975. Read your most recent posts yesterday, around 0300 awakened from an "Ebola World" dream.

Or, should I say, nightmare.

I pray it is confined to my dreams.

But I'm buying more bleach, today.

Anonymous said...

Nemo at June 17, 2019 at 9:39 AM,

The WHO reasoning was interesting, they were worried about the economic harm, as if the imports and exports from those regions of the Congo and Uganda amount to anything but a drop in the bucket compared to a functioning economy like Any European Country. International Aid should be used instead.


If anyone doubts Aesop's reasoning about why the epidemic in Africa is such a clusterflop, listen closely to the second African Man in the first video. It starts about 1:40. This is the level of intelligence and reasoning that you are dealing with in Africa.


Anonymous said...

Aesop or someone who commented posted a link showing the planned hospitals to be used in US. I think this was in the last ebola update.

@NE Heretic - there is a bad orange man in the WH dontcha know. That is big news. Ebola not so much. Heck even if they do start covering it in any detail you can be sure the 'news' will be chock full of lies and 'don't panic, all is well' in many different forms. Finally, I see your thanks to Aesop and double it.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Somebody send me some toilet paper.

Hope@ZeroKelvin said...

I lived in Kenya for 1 year 80-81 and returned to visit in the early 2000s. I had malaria (falciparium) in the 80s and ended up in the "flagship" hospital in Nairobi. If it wasn't for the intervention of our Univ of California sponsor, I am sure I would have died.

Upon my return, one of our group injured her foot, requiring stiches and antibiotics. It took lots of screaming and shouting to make sure the doctor OPENED A NEW AND UNUSED SUTURE PACKET AND NEEDLE/SYRINGE. Money changed hands for this to happen.

Kenya is a country with zero natural resources like diamonds, oil, gold. All it has is fantastic scenery and wildlife and a fairly stable political system (in Africa terms). It is in NO WAY equipped to deal with something like Ebola. Their doctors/politicians and other elites used to be educated in Britain (and there was some degree of meritocracy) or were holdovers from colonial days but in the last decade they have eschewed this as being "too European". I can only imagine the level of competence of the current crop.

Also, as I have posted before, Kenya relies #1 on tourism to make their economy run. Same with Uganda.

Any news that would impact the flow of tourists WILL be suppressed.

For even more great news, Nairobi is a hub for intra-African flights as well as to the European continent and to the Indian subcontinent as well. There is a very large Indian population in Nairobi with close ties to India.

Oh, and there is a US Naval base in Mombasa, or there used to be.

Not good.

George True said...

As another commenter has said, there are now reports of the recent groups of invaders from central Africa having lots of money - rolls of $100 bills that they were seen counting and dividing among each other. Also, when questioned, they told vague and conflicting stories of how they got here, and then subsequently became hostile and refused to answer any more questions.

This new invasion by hundreds of Africans, with groups of hundreds more following behind them, is absolutely being orchestrated and funded by someone. Whether it is Soros & Co, or religious so-called charities, or agencies of our own government, SOMEONE is providing the planning and coordination, the funding, and the transport network to bring groups of hundreds of these people here in recent weeks.

Our government seems strangely uninterested in getting any answers, or even asking any questions. Our government does not seem interested at all in why groups of migrants are being brought here just at this particular time from areas of Africa where an active Ebola epidemic is raging.

Don't you think that with the combined intelligence assets of the CIA, FBI, DIA, NSA, and Homeland Security that if our government wanted to get to the bottom of this, that they could develop a pretty f'ing complete and accurate picture of who was behind this pretty damned quickly? You and I know they could. Yet .gov apparently seems to be not interested. Or else or they already know who is behind it and are feigning disinterest. Either way, the fact that .gov is not lifting a finger to interfere in any way, and is allowing these people to scatter throughout the country with essentially no health screening has frightening implications. Those implications being that .gov WANTS this to happen, or at least for whatever reasons of political or economic expediency is willing to completely stand aside and allow this to continue. There is an agenda in play here that is completely hidden from us.

ambiguousfrog said...

Ironically (forget it's in the local mullet wrap):

Which led me to read her wiki, being a survivor is nothing to write home about forever.

Aesop said...


Look up the history of "Bloody Kansas" for answers.
That's what it smells like from here.

TPTB are putting pieces on the board now for 2020.
You're not meant to notice.

"If there's any uncertainty, there's no uncertainty." -Ronin

Anonymous said...

Living near Omaha with children withing blocks of UNMC, where the BL-IV beds are, I am paying close attention. Failure to contain and Nurse Vector are my big fears if the beds get used.

Aesop, in my shoes, when do I close the gate on the farm road? If it comes, it will be in the next county over!

Convincing the rest of the family that a closed gate means no-go is proving difficult.

stormsailor1981 said...

2168+319=2487 AS OF CIDRAP TONIGHT.

Hope@ZeroKelvin said...

@storm- that article states that ring vaccination has started in Uganda with the 43 listed contacts and healthcare workers.

I'm sure there is nothing to worry about. Top Men are on the case, Top Men.

And about those Congolese reported on the Texas border with rolls of $100 bills? I am just sure ICE has vetted them thoroughly before releasing them through out the country. (That is a triple eyeball roll plus a raspberry.)

Just like all the other illegals carrying TB, measles, Chagas disease, polio-like virus, Zika, you name it.

Is it just me or is somebody waging biological warfare against us?

Anonymous said...

This is going to go World War Z.

Aesop said...

All three initial cases in Uganda have died, IIRC. That means they were all wandering around highly infectious for some good period of weeks. probably three or so. TPTB in Uganda won't know who they should have been vaccinating until 21 days from know, when they see who popped up with full-blown Ebola next.

And it's a slam dunk they've already missed a bunch of people they don't even know, already.

Think of how many contacts you have in 21 days.
Now imagine you had to walk everywhere.

They'd have to vaccinate 10,000 people this week to try and stay ahead of this.
(And to bring it home, DRC is already short of WHO/MSF people already, so it's not like they had that kind of manpower on the ground just sitting around. This is why W. Africa went to crap: not enough people to deal with it, for months and months.)

The reality is they're now on the same trajectory as Congo is, just 10 months behind them.

The only up side is that they appear to at least have their own country under control at this point, rather than under the thumb of a hundred armed gangs.

lineman said...

Isn't it sad when that might be the only hope we have of preserving Western Civilization?

Angantyr said...

"We ducked a bullet"

More like an incoming nuke...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Aesop for the updates. The jump of Lake Victoria would be something. That's a big jump, glad it didn't happen this time.

Would you mind doing a summary post on best practices for riding things out behind our concertina and NAPALM paradise?


Anonymous said...

Was thinking of how to prepare to hole up in my AO which is not really conducive to measures such as concertina wire etc. Perhaps if you can't keep em from coming to you the way to go is make them voluntarily leave you alone. I'm thinking biohazard tape and some CDC or state/local health department quarantine signs. Post em up so it looks like your house is an Ebola house. I'm thinking to start downloading some pdf's etc and having them ready to go once I see how they are marking areas if this get real on this side of the pond. On the extra plus side most people have no idea if your signage is legit and those who do will be busy helping the sick or bugging out themselves. This may also buy sometime to add physical barriers. One thought that could work in my AO is fishing line ankle high set to drop someone on some sharpened sticks set in the ground (pits are not a good option here in rock growing country). The only piece I haven't figured out is how to safely flame the corpse(s).

Anonymous said...

Gasoline in a garden sprayer.

Gasoline in an old fashioned fire extinguisher.

Road flare.



Anonymous said...

Looking for more info on this casual mention--

"A suspected case is also under observation in Kenya* and Somalia, and conscious of the potential risk, has put its health facilities on notice while assuring its citizens that all is well."

*the kenyan case is the one in the Aesop update link, but I'm not as sanguine as Aesop, given the official wording from the article -- "

The Rapid Surveillance and Response Team has examined the patient at Kericho who had travelled from Malaba town on the Kenya-Uganda Border who is in stable condition and confirms that she DOES NOT meet the case definition for Ebola @SicilyKariuki @KBCChannel1 @PDUDelivery
— Ministry of Health (@MOH_Kenya) June 17, 2019"

That doesn't sound like a test result to me.


Anonymous said...

Ah, re-reading the article there should be a couple more commas in the text. I think it should read --

"A suspected case is also under observation in Kenya; and Somalia, xxxandxxx conscious of the potential risk, has put its health facilities on notice while assuring its citizens that all is well.

I can't find any other mention of a Somali case. Whew.


Aesop said...

What's most laughable about that last is the notion that Kenya and Somalia have anything we'd refer to as "health facilities", based on comments from people who've BTDT. Think veterinary clinic in BFE, after an earthquake and riot, and you're probably on the right track.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that bit from the Minister in one of the other articles, about "if gloves are available, use gloves...."

Jesu Cristo, let it stay there...


Domo said...

If gloves aren't available, run away, if gloves are available, wear gloves whilst running away